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  1. I think you are exactly right, meant to ask yesterday if you had datalogged fuel pressures (rail and injectors) I have seen some issues caused by both high pressure fuel pumps getting weak at high load situations. Also if the system has a low pressure or lift pump that supplies the HPFP, if it's going (or none functional) the HPFP isnt seeing a steady supply.
  2. When I tried to class my car it was tough I had a cold air intake which bumped me to ST and since its a buick regal it fell into a catch all in ST, now I could have argued or removed the cold air intake but instead I added a few other items that were legal in the class and hopefully once I get some more experience I'll be competitive in the class. I get were your coming from but my cold air intake probably adds the same or less horse power as your engine change, maybe make a couple appropriate changes for the class (within whatever the budget is) and just keep having fun regardless!
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