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  1. Promoting autocross

    That's an idea i'm sure we could either find someone, or have someone volunteer from each run group to cook someone from group B to start and someone from A to take over or help to allow the driver from B to prep?
  2. Promoting autocross

    I understand there were many events with lower numbers, but with the number events we had it does give more "chances" for new people to come out rather than giving them the excuse of having to fit it into their busy schedule. It's a bit of a catch 22, less events means less opportunities to come out but more events means we are spread thin on course work and it can be less entertaining/exciting (but more time for fun runs ).
  3. Event #14, Sep 9

    Simple yet fun and challenging, if your eyes weren't looking ahead it was easy to get into trouble. The Regal has been a fun car to get into the hobby gaining a ton of experience!
  4. Event #10

    I'm participating tomorrow so I will be there, I can hang around a bit it a no problem at all.
  5. Thanks for the heads up! I'm registered can't wait for some extra seat time.
  6. Event #10

    I will be available the Friday evening before the next event and work just down the road, more then willing to help setup and offer my vehicle as a test mule.
  7. Car has 255 tires so STX it is thanks for the help!
  8. Looking for some clarification/opinions, I drive a 2015 Regal GS and with the modifications it fits into the street touring class now being a Regal I'm looking at the catch alls and I'm not sure if STX OR STU are the right one. I think STX makes the most sense in STU it says sedans and coupes 2.0-3.1L forced induction and STX says up to 2.0L forced induction. The car has a 2.0L 4 cyl turbo, genesis and holds with 2.0L turbo are considered STX I'm pretty sure the Regal is a good amount heavier than both those cars......
  9. 2017 Co-drive(s)?

    Yeah definitely not your grandpa's Buick, since gimli I've tweaked the alignment and a few other things I was having some excessive understeer issues that seem to be resolved now.
  10. 2017 Co-drive(s)?

    Sorry, missed this thread and only saw the other one about co-drives I will be at the event Sunday if your interested in a co-drive always open to some pointers/tips from more experienced drivers.
  11. You might even be able to ask for a seniors discount for driving a Buick.......
  12. I'm in novice but the car would be classed STU
  13. If you want to play in a FWD auto........I've got a 2015 Regal GS is be open to a co drive and some instruction, continue the learning after the level 2 school Saturday.
  14. Course setup

    I'm available as well I'll check back here
  15. Mazda 3 Making Metal

    When I tried to class my car it was tough I had a cold air intake which bumped me to ST and since its a buick regal it fell into a catch all in ST, now I could have argued or removed the cold air intake but instead I added a few other items that were legal in the class and hopefully once I get some more experience I'll be competitive in the class. I get were your coming from but my cold air intake probably adds the same or less horse power as your engine change, maybe make a couple appropriate changes for the class (within whatever the budget is) and just keep having fun regardless!