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  1. LeClerc’s first win was somber and respectful. The kids a class act.
  2. Hey Roland - thanks for background, great info from you as usual! I have to admit that I’m not a big “brake fluid changing” guy and don’t touch the system until it’s telling me there’s a problem! In the spirit of PM I have devised a scheme for my car...I will change brake fluid at the start of the season, exactly the same time I change my oil...and leave them both until there is a problem or the start of the next season! Obviously this is based on usage (and atmospheric exposure wrt brake fluid) and with the 3 T/A events I get to per year that’s roughly 20 timed laps per event...so I am not pushing the limits of serviceability in any way. Oddly enough, I had a problem with both oil and brake fluid this year and both have been changed after 1 event! ...but I have a ‘track only’ car. Not the same deal if you DD your race car. So let’s put things in perspective. Change the brake fluid before the first race next year, change the oil when you normally do. It should all be good. That being said - whats this normal schedule for changing manual transmission fluid??? I’ve still not changed mine in 3 seasons, starting to feel guilty!!
  3. So a bit more back on topic: I ended up using DOT 4 600 brake fluid made by Total. If you’ve never heard of Total Lubricants no worries. They have been around for a long time and their racing fuel brand, Elf Fuels, is pretty popular. In any case it’s more than likely the brake fluid is made and packaged by the same giant corporate entity that makes a vast majority of brake fluid on the market today... What was interesting is the the Total 600 was very similar to MOTUL 600. Wet temp was 420 for Motul (if memory serves me correctly) and 414 for Total. The track test was as successful as could be had, I got the brakes as hot as I could and the pedal started to feel slightly off at the end of a session, but I’m being super picky - some people might not notice anything. It was a lot better than the hi-temp stuff from can tire. The best part: I paid $10.99/500ml from an online store called fortnine.ca - it was $16 to ship 2 bottles or free shipping for $49 or over...so I got 5 bottles and free shipping - that was a deal - this is Canadian funds and shipped within Canada.
  4. Being able to relax in the belts allows you to manipulate the controls with more sensitive inputs....but you will need belts first. EDIT: its getting slightly off topic but worthy of mention as @Weebly brings up a good point with what he is using his feet for and how/where he is able to relax on a timed lap - this is a VERY important part of high performance driving; driving with a proper harness allows the driver to use both feet and both hands independently (as demonstrated in the clip), while the driver trusts his/her harness to keep his or her torso located, that presents slightly more personal freedom with the controls, freedom for increased awareness (yes, its a paradox...). Mario Andretti once said "i'm not going to share my driving secrets...but i will say too many people think the brakes are just for slowing the car down". -matt
  5. if you are going to do this, consider installing braided hoses before hand. I know this bumps you up a class in AX, but it would seem like a good thing to do to ensure reliability while on track. Cheap, Fast, Reliable - Choose 2. -Matt
  6. @Jim Eh. a good representation of the technique @donrolandofurioso is talking about re snubbing the brakes. In this clip from the 1990 IROC series, Bobby Unser describes 'pumping up the brakes before the corner' as the in-car camera is focused on leader Martin Brundle's feet. Martin Brundle, F1 Driver, Lemans Winner, IROC race winner - current F1 commentator needs no introduction...The clip should start at 31:00 in case it doesn't start there in its own. This is the full race (some 44 minutes) but the only relevant info is from 31.05 to 32:30 inclusive. You can see how much he pumps the brakes in preparation for turn entry. https://youtu.be/YcKaAHN40YY?t=1858
  7. Brian did you bed the pads in? No/improper/botched bedding will cause irregular pedal. motul 600/660 is $35/500ml locally now. I’ll use over 1 liter for a fluid change. I used Castrol SRF previously, it’s the best but pricing of HP brake fluid for some strange reason has gone up recently (I bought 1L of SRF for $89 CDN 2 yrs ago, now it’s $160), Motul used to be cheap as well. Not sure what’s going on there but either way - keep it simple, make decisions based on results. If you still want a fluid option not listed here, I am using Stoptech 600 this time around. Characteristics are same at Motul but price is better. I’ll let you know how it works. There was a distinct pedal improvement with SRF - but I thought I was nuts for spending $90, I’d have to be completely crackers to buy it at $160 now. So Stoptech 600 fluid was $24/500ml... Matt
  8. For a dual purpose car, you can use a dual purpose pad. Hawk HPS is a decent one. But keep in mind this type of pad is meant for mostly street use and occasional track use. I only have experience with Hawk pads so I can’t speak to Pagid, Carbotech, or Porterfield. Hawk Blues are golden, but do tend to be hard on rotors. The DTC-70 pads are less aggressive on the rotors and wear longer. I know a guy that uses them on the street no problem. I will probably use the DTC-70 next. If your car is more track use than street use, consider more a race pad. The advantages are consistency and confidence. I’ve over-baked pads and lost pedal during a race, that is less likely with a proper race pad. I get mine at Classic Motorworks. Dyrk can get you the right parts. For what it’s worth, the DTC-60 is a good rear pad when used with the 70 up front, but that’s for 3000lb cars.
  9. Hawk 9012 Blue; HB111 E .610 FRONT Only ran 2 track days on them, 1 of them was in the wet, so they have lots of life in them. Bedded in to the letter of Hawks procedure. They are significantly better than the best parts store pads for track use - car is not street driven. Paid $325 all-in. $150. D412. Fits: 1988-96 Corvette (including 1990-95 ZR-1) 1994-2004 Mustang Cobra / Bullit 1996-97 Aston Martin Vantage / DB7 The 1LE caliper was also optional equipment on 1989-92 Camaro and Firebird. Also fits Baer A-Sedan, "Serious Street," "Sport," and "Track" brake kits. Ferro-Carbon is a unique, high-tech family of friction materials developed and manufactured by Hawk Brake for the racing community. Hawk Pads do not require an extensive "bedding-in" procedure. Keep in mind however, that all disc brake pads require a short period of bedding-in before being used to the maximum of their potential.
  10. mcorrie

    Dry sump pump

  11. Thomas Holland (Throttle House) tested one. He’s a good channel.
  12. He was one of the greats. He held back nothing, on the track and off. Tough as nails, legend.
  13. sorry, i couldn't get through the video....but Its best for F1 because its been working. It creates something to watch after the first lap, there have been way too many pass-less races in the past. Due to the disparity between 1st and last place, F1 can be boring to watch and has been no more than a procession on more times than i can mention. The DRS allows a marginally faster car to pass in a safer manor. This can be drawn out and disputed all day - and i wont do that, but the fact of the matter is that we have all watched a driver stuck behind a car and ultimately the DRS helps. The technical passing still takes place in the corners and/or by drivers who know how to set up a pass - IE Daniel Ricciardo. At the end of the day, the fast guys are the fast guys and the back-markers are Williams the back-markers - DRS doesn't change much, it adds to the entertainment value.
  14. Brian's abuse of perfectly good tires is becoming the lore of an Icelandic saga... ..That being said, while currently inconclusive, it appears that the new surface on the track is proving to be a money saver for me. The Toyo RR's are known to "wear like Iron" (for a true R compound tire) but I would get a very low number of timed laps from them - the Gimli track surface living up to its reputation of being very hard on tires. After running the partially re-paved circuit, i did not notice any wear. Now, for Auto-X, you're on your own! i don't know if the new Toyo R888R is available in your size, but its supposed to wear quite well, how that compares to your current magazine of vulcanized hell, i don't know. At the end of the day, maybe get another set of rims and track tires? Many moons past, i would do "double duty" with tires, drive to the track and race the same tires i drove there on. I found that it took at least a solid session (and a few passes when drag racing) to get the "road grime" out of the rubber and start to use the tires properly. As you drive around on the street, the oils, salts, dirt and dust, all that contamination embeds itself into the soft rubber - and you know more than anybody the harshness of the city street environment - it takes time to clean them up, and that makes it longer for you as driver to 'get back to were you were last time'. Personally, i will not use street driven tires on the race track, it takes too long to get up to speed as a driver. i have a jack and an impact at the track, they are yours as well so you don't have to bring more stuff...heck, i will assign one of my kids to change them lol!
  15. i remember reading something about a Gimli model before, wondered if he has done some of the work you are doing or if this platform is not related to what you are doing? Either way its amazing how these simulators work today. definitely a cool project.
  16. the event is JUNE 7-9, 2019 https://www.brainerdraceway.com/event/map-proving-grounds/
  17. As far as running an event like this ourselves, we would have to clear the hurdle of insurance and potentially allowing non-licensed drivers on the road coarse (unless we limit entries to Licensed drivers only...also limiting the appeal and potential entrants)...amongst other concerns as they will present themselves, they always do. I tabled doing something like this last year, and it was brought up quite correctly that we need to advertise our own disciplines better. If we did this right, it might be a good fundraising event for the track resurfacing project. As Dason mentioned - this type of event attracts a diverse group, hot rodders, drag racers, etc. So the attendance numbers would be great...gate fees alone would make a dent in the project...maybe this would also be advertising for our own club sports? But for this year, i just think it'd be a cracking good time to enter the event at Brainerd, a great experience for sure. If by entering it we can see what it takes to run something like this, we would have a better idea of what it takes to host this type of event. Executive Road Trip anybody?
  18. That’s a good idea...we can run on a test Saturday that the drag racers always have. If we can find a date they run that’s only 1 week prior to our race weekend, it would be cool. Alternatively, We can always ask them if they’d come out and operate the track for a couple hours so our entrants can make 3 passes each we can probably look into running a standing start single lap regardless- it would be a fun addition to the weekend if we can find time to do it.
  19. I'm thinking about going this year. if there are any other WSCC members that want to go, lets see what we can do. The Standing Start single lap is similar to the old Top Gear feature "star in a reasonably priced car" and with Auto X and Drag Racing all on the schedule it makes for a busy weekend of tire annihilation! I haven't been to Brainerd in a long time, this sounds like fun for sure http://www.cwscc.com/MAPerformance.php Classing Info: http://www.cwscc.com/map_pdfs/PG_Classing.pdf What is TTS? Triple Track Showdown. This is a combination of Drag Racing, Parking lot AutoX, and Road Course. Prove that you have the skill and car that can do it all. A combined score from all three events will determine the winner of each class. Drag- Saturday morning Spend Saturday morning trying to get your best quarter mile time. Each driver will be given 3 drag passes. AutoX- Saturday evening AutoX is a timed competition where the driver will navigate through a course designated by traffic cones. Each driver will race against the clock (not wheel-to-wheel) for the quickest time. This requires quick thinking and fast action driving. Essentially it's a miniature road course outlined with cones. TTS AutoX will start on Saturday at 3pm. Road Course- (Sunday) This is the real deal, high speed, road course driving. Similar to the Auto-X, this is a race against the clock (not wheel-to-wheel). You will be given one 20minute practice session to learn the track along with two attempts at the Standing-Start Shootout. There will be a mandatory drivers meeting before you are allowed on track. All TTS Entries are automatically entered into the MN Time Attack. Your best standing start lap time will go towards the TTS competition as well as the Time Attack. Matt
  20. Still for sale. will work for gen 6 camaro, 2016 and up. these have a different offset than the 2010-2015 camaro. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-auto-parts-and-accessories/winnipeg/6th-gen-camaro-ss-14-front-rotors/1412086974?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true
  21. Great stuff, thanks for posting!
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