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  1. We should look into having the schedules approved. I think we (WCMA or WSCC) can do this ourselves with access granted from ASN/OTA CCC.
  2. sorry, i couldn't get through the video....but Its best for F1 because its been working. It creates something to watch after the first lap, there have been way too many pass-less races in the past. Due to the disparity between 1st and last place, F1 can be boring to watch and has been no more than a procession on more times than i can mention. The DRS allows a marginally faster car to pass in a safer manor. This can be drawn out and disputed all day - and i wont do that, but the fact of the matter is that we have all watched a driver stuck behind a car and ultimately the DRS helps. The technical passing still takes place in the corners and/or by drivers who know how to set up a pass - IE Daniel Ricciardo. At the end of the day, the fast guys are the fast guys and the back-markers are Williams the back-markers - DRS doesn't change much, it adds to the entertainment value.
  3. Bomex did my numbers as well - and some other stuff, good products from them. I use adhesive backed vinyl, i'd be leary of static panels - i've had a couple before and they don't stay on. Magnetic panels can work but typically you're going to have to tape down the leading edge at minimum...then you're going to have be ultra careful with them because they scratch paint. taping them down minimize the paint scratching but does not eliminate it.
  4. Hi Ron - Welcome! As far as your question regarding roll over protection, a roll bar is your only option, there are no recommended substitutes in the rule book. Time Attack Rule book 2019 https://time-attack.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/DRAFT-2019-OTA-Rulebook-144dpi.pdf 1.3 ROLL OVER PROTECTION – ROLL BARS AND CAGES .1 A roll bar’s purpose is to help protect a driver if the vehicle rolls over. A roll bar is required for: i) vehicles with fold down or completely removable tops (e.g., convertibles) That being said, a non-intrusive roll bar is not out of the question. A 4 or 6 point bar is all you would need and that shouldn't have an impact on the cars intended purpose off the track - similar to the Hard Dog Miata bars. I'd refer you to the Chief Scrutineer or Head of the Tech committee but I'm afraid i don't know who that is at the moment.
  5. Brian's abuse of perfectly good tires is becoming the lore of an Icelandic saga... ..That being said, while currently inconclusive, it appears that the new surface on the track is proving to be a money saver for me. The Toyo RR's are known to "wear like Iron" (for a true R compound tire) but I would get a very low number of timed laps from them - the Gimli track surface living up to its reputation of being very hard on tires. After running the partially re-paved circuit, i did not notice any wear. Now, for Auto-X, you're on your own! i don't know if the new Toyo R888R is available in your size, but its supposed to wear quite well, how that compares to your current magazine of vulcanized hell, i don't know. At the end of the day, maybe get another set of rims and track tires? Many moons past, i would do "double duty" with tires, drive to the track and race the same tires i drove there on. I found that it took at least a solid session (and a few passes when drag racing) to get the "road grime" out of the rubber and start to use the tires properly. As you drive around on the street, the oils, salts, dirt and dust, all that contamination embeds itself into the soft rubber - and you know more than anybody the harshness of the city street environment - it takes time to clean them up, and that makes it longer for you as driver to 'get back to were you were last time'. Personally, i will not use street driven tires on the race track, it takes too long to get up to speed as a driver. i have a jack and an impact at the track, they are yours as well so you don't have to bring more stuff...heck, i will assign one of my kids to change them lol!
  6. i remember reading something about a Gimli model before, wondered if he has done some of the work you are doing or if this platform is not related to what you are doing? Either way its amazing how these simulators work today. definitely a cool project.
  7. the event is JUNE 7-9, 2019 https://www.brainerdraceway.com/event/map-proving-grounds/
  8. Yes, ASN will be updating the rule book, there may be more minor changes, nothing has been posted yet.
  9. can somebody "in the know" find out about a Dyno Day at Speedfactor? this would be nice for the schedules and classing. They have offered this previously at a discount to WSCC members but I don't know how that worked. matt
  10. LOL - had i only known... Toyo is a series sponsor, in Dave's post that is not related to the ruling. Even if it was, i don't know if it really has an effect on performance in the big picture They have stated the break is now UP from 140 at 180TW... Note the Fuel requirement change.
  11. Yes. Off seasons will do that... im posting for the sake of showing the process. I will make more changes and check the classification again before the 1st race. Maybe drop a class if I end up running 888’s, but as it sits the RR’s are a 10 point hit
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