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  1. Pure gold! For those with a keen eye, you will notice the white lines painted across turn 9 - those are drag racing staging lanes from when the drag strip was at the south end of the runway and the kart track was at the North end....I raced on that many moons ago... thanks for getting that film converted! matt
  2. Re: Brainerd school. its a proper bargain, you spend the morning in the classroom and the rest of the day on track with and without the instructor.. if you do end up going down, note that the schools are on Mondays and they open up the Donnybrooke track for school events once a year (sometimes twice). If you have a big GT car thats the day you want to be there.
  3. No problem - DM me when you want meet up?
  4. Corey - no problem, i talked to Ken - emailed you back. Run Away - no problem, pick up in St James or? just DM me i think i have 15 left lol! Matt
  5. No problem Greg!! Jim has you covered!
  6. no, just 5S’d old stuff - was perfectly good but no traceability so it can’t be used on aircraft. If you want to pick up, I’ll DM you my address
  7. I have a few aviation cockpit wiring kits - this is a DIY set up probably useful for re-wiring your ice car or race car or motorbike or what have you. There are no terminals and all wires are different thickness and very high quality, nothing you can buy over the counter, Silver/copper/SS low resistance. Wires are different gauges but all kits are the same, useful for everything except proper battery cables. First come first serve, they are free. Approx 15ft long
  8. $2700 2 day school and you provide the Camaro...$4000 if you use their’s. It almost seems like we already offer this program http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/10/area-27-motorsports-park-sees-success-with-camaro-driving-academy/
  9. LeClerc’s first win was somber and respectful. The kids a class act.
  10. Hey Roland - thanks for background, great info from you as usual! I have to admit that I’m not a big “brake fluid changing” guy and don’t touch the system until it’s telling me there’s a problem! In the spirit of PM I have devised a scheme for my car...I will change brake fluid at the start of the season, exactly the same time I change my oil...and leave them both until there is a problem or the start of the next season! Obviously this is based on usage (and atmospheric exposure wrt brake fluid) and with the 3 T/A events I get to per year that’s roughly 20 timed laps per event...so I am not pushing the limits of serviceability in any way. Oddly enough, I had a problem with both oil and brake fluid this year and both have been changed after 1 event! ...but I have a ‘track only’ car. Not the same deal if you DD your race car. So let’s put things in perspective. Change the brake fluid before the first race next year, change the oil when you normally do. It should all be good. That being said - whats this normal schedule for changing manual transmission fluid??? I’ve still not changed mine in 3 seasons, starting to feel guilty!!
  11. So a bit more back on topic: I ended up using DOT 4 600 brake fluid made by Total. If you’ve never heard of Total Lubricants no worries. They have been around for a long time and their racing fuel brand, Elf Fuels, is pretty popular. In any case it’s more than likely the brake fluid is made and packaged by the same giant corporate entity that makes a vast majority of brake fluid on the market today... What was interesting is the the Total 600 was very similar to MOTUL 600. Wet temp was 420 for Motul (if memory serves me correctly) and 414 for Total. The track test was as successful as could be had, I got the brakes as hot as I could and the pedal started to feel slightly off at the end of a session, but I’m being super picky - some people might not notice anything. It was a lot better than the hi-temp stuff from can tire. The best part: I paid $10.99/500ml from an online store called fortnine.ca - it was $16 to ship 2 bottles or free shipping for $49 or over...so I got 5 bottles and free shipping - that was a deal - this is Canadian funds and shipped within Canada.
  12. Being able to relax in the belts allows you to manipulate the controls with more sensitive inputs....but you will need belts first. EDIT: its getting slightly off topic but worthy of mention as @Weebly brings up a good point with what he is using his feet for and how/where he is able to relax on a timed lap - this is a VERY important part of high performance driving; driving with a proper harness allows the driver to use both feet and both hands independently (as demonstrated in the clip), while the driver trusts his/her harness to keep his or her torso located, that presents slightly more personal freedom with the controls, freedom for increased awareness (yes, its a paradox...). Mario Andretti once said "i'm not going to share my driving secrets...but i will say too many people think the brakes are just for slowing the car down". -matt
  13. if you are going to do this, consider installing braided hoses before hand. I know this bumps you up a class in AX, but it would seem like a good thing to do to ensure reliability while on track. Cheap, Fast, Reliable - Choose 2. -Matt
  14. @Jim Eh. a good representation of the technique @donrolandofurioso is talking about re snubbing the brakes. In this clip from the 1990 IROC series, Bobby Unser describes 'pumping up the brakes before the corner' as the in-car camera is focused on leader Martin Brundle's feet. Martin Brundle, F1 Driver, Lemans Winner, IROC race winner - current F1 commentator needs no introduction...The clip should start at 31:00 in case it doesn't start there in its own. This is the full race (some 44 minutes) but the only relevant info is from 31.05 to 32:30 inclusive. You can see how much he pumps the brakes in preparation for turn entry. https://youtu.be/YcKaAHN40YY?t=1858
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