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  1. Toyo Race Tires

    Nice, that sounds great. i had a quick look and they don't make them in my size. kinda crappy, but old RWD cars are definitely not the market for these tires - heck, if Toyo didn't sponsor the NASA AI class, they probably wouldn't make the size I have. Oddly enough, i went to have a look at the TW number on my RR's and there wasn't one.
  2. Transponders

    I'm going to try and buy mine back...should have NEVER sold it
  3. Toyo Race Tires

    Hello - as the season rapidly approaches (despite this terrible weather) I thought I'd share a little tire shopping info. I spoke with West End Tire and they confirmed they are a Toyo Motorsport Dealer. To purchase R compound tires from them, they require you to provide your WSCC/WCMA membership number and Comp Drivers Licence. For anyone that is interested, you can join the Toyo Motorsport Program as well (I did). They posted their Motorsport Info including a tire list with pricing here: https://www.toyotires.ca/team-toyo/motorsports ...the Motorsports Program discount is pretty good but you have to call to get the "good guy" price for your tire, but take it with a grain of salt as these tires are not exactly a bargain, nor are they meant to be. For my tire, it worked out to be about 24% off the list price. I compared this to Tire Rack and was pleased when the conversion, shipping and associated charges are added in using the Tire Racks online estimator at the check out. To buy my tire (Proxes RR) from Tire Rack was a scant $11/tire cheaper than buying from the Toyo Motorsport program at West End Tire. For $44, I'll stay local and spend my money with local business every time. If you are keen on driving to a border parcel service, you will save a bit more - but that's personal choice, and for me time is money, plus if i can avoid dealing with international border crossings, I will. West End charges a bit more to mount these tires, as they are considered "Ultra High Performance". I would take them to CAPS International whom i had mount my tires last year and the price and service was first rate. Matt Cheap, Fast, Reliable - Choose 2.
  4. Helmet

    Last time i got mine from Classic Motorworks, no problems, great price...and a WSCC contributor, can't lose.
  5. my car is available, running and ready to go. -matt ...and i will of course help with set up and tear down, and i will bring my older sons to help as well.
  6. Been doing some holiday research. Found a good bit of info on brake fluids. The chart compares every brake fluid on the market and then below the chart is some explanation that even i can understand.. https://www.lelandwest.com/brake-fluid-comparison-chart.cfm
  7. 2018 Time Attack Changes

    Glad you guys are able to take over. looking forward to the new season...i like the proposed updates to the current system.
  8. 2017 Time Attack Championship Points

    Congrats to Martin! I love the design of Stuttgart's finest, maybe I'll get to see more than the back end one day! Grateful to those who make this happen, organizers, volunteers and competitors alike - it was a great season. I have some fantastic memories and will be trying to get to all the events next season.
  9. Car Wash

    I should have given my lucky seat cover to somebody else^^^ LMAO!!
  10. Car Wash

    2 for 1 deal, turn 1 only...
  11. Triple Track Showdown

    That's what I was thinking. They allotted a short period of time for the drag race portion - it doesn't take long, they run their event til 8pm - we could run drag race as the last event of the day, coordinate with AX running at the "dog leg" parking lot beside the entrance gate where the drag racers pit so there is nothing in the shut-down area of the drag strip. (That's where the kart track used to be). marketing-wise this is also an interesting proposal as WSCC could look at getting the drag-race specific local vendors to sponsor that portion of the event, and invite other automotive oriented business to sponsor the other events - if thats something the club is interested in pursuing.
  12. Central Wisconsin Sports Car Club holds meetings at Brainerd, part of their agenda is something called the Triple Track Showdown (AKA Triple Tuner Showdown). This is Auto-X, Road Course and Drag racing all during the same event weekend. they class your car and assign points to each discipline (see 'schedule' link below) We may have the capabilities to run such an event at Gimli. This kind of cross-discipline motorsports event would expose more people to different aspects of motorsports, potentially drawing in new participants to AX, TA, RR and drag racing - growing the club in the process. from Motorsportsreg: "Triple Track Showdown (TTS)- This is a combination of Drag Racing, Parking lot AutoX, and Road Course. Prove that you have the skill and car that can do it all. A combined score from all three events will determine the winner of each class. No 2 driver in same car allowed, Sorry.TTS Schedule:Drivers Meeting/Tech 10am (Saturday) Drag Racing: 11am – Noon (Saturday)Autocross: 3pm – 7pm (Saturday)Road-Course: 10am – 5pm (Sunday) if you choose this, you will be running with Sunday HPDE, so be sure you are at the HPDE Sunday Drivers meeting." https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/proving-grounds-2017-2-road-course-tts-autox-brainerd-intl-raceway-850927?utm_source=msr-calendar&utm_medium=email&utm_content=reglink|3|12&utm_campaign=Sep17 TTS typical Schedule. explains the 4 car classes and points distribution. http://www.cwscc.com/2017/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/TTS-Schedule.pdf Results from their last TTS event, lots of participants - some fast cars! http://cwscc.com/pg/TTS Final.pdf It sounds like a great time, this might not be possible due to the layout of GMP - I don't know - but I thought it looked like a great event and I would "put it out there" for discussion. -Matt
  13. Registration Time!

    done. see you there!
  14. just to confirm, Time attack is Saturday only?