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  1. Same as me David - I have a garage but it’s skinny, can’t work on suspension or brakes in there. But that’s cool. With the nice weather it’s good to be outside! Scott - I have been contemplating a gearing change for that same reason.... I have 3.42 right now. So 3.73 is logical. With the double-overdriven T56 i could run 4.11 with no problems. But changing the headers to alter the power band Is a new challenge for me, I have no experience with this and am looking forward to the results. As it sits, I’m in 3rd gear from turn 3 until the start-finish line where I pull 4th and keep it there til T3 again...kinda boring, but as a rule I don’t take the motor past 5800 and learning to carry momentum through the corners is a great exercise in physics, specifically Newton’s 1st law of motion. I dunno, maybe I should re-visit the gearing... that being said, the rear of my car was exhibiting an uncomfortable lack of control despite my best efforts to put it where I’d like it to be. in preparation for the season finale in sept 2019, I got a new sway bar for the rear (never had one before) and also clamped a coil down in an effort to follow the manufacturers recommended settings when using Hoosier tires - they said minimum is to run 10% more spring with their tires. well, due to weather I didn’t get to the track in September, so it’s going to be a new deal for the first track day of 2020 - whenever that will be. Either way, I’ll be ready!
  2. Dason - good on you. You’re right, this is a great opportunity to keep up with our automotive connections the only way we really can in these highly unusual times. ...and I’m not on any social media either - just not my bag. But I’d like to know what everyone is working on. I kept blowing the tires off in turns 3-4-5 so I’m putting a different set of headers on my car in an effort to move the torque peak up a bit and free up a bit more hp. I went from 1 5/8” shorty’s to 1 3/4” full length headers. As soon as the weather is good enough I will bolt them on. If the dollar gets better I might get stiffer springs but exchange is just too high right now. Dason - any plans for your car?? anybody else trying something new??
  3. This is fantastic. I’d like a couple of these bullet points on their own T-Shirt
  4. I know this looks all new to most, but Doc’s been working on that car since 85 - it’s getting better, but the Flux Capacitor didn’t work and I don’t think it even got to 88mph
  5. Pure gold! For those with a keen eye, you will notice the white lines painted across turn 9 - those are drag racing staging lanes from when the drag strip was at the south end of the runway and the kart track was at the North end....I raced on that many moons ago... thanks for getting that film converted! matt
  6. Re: Brainerd school. its a proper bargain, you spend the morning in the classroom and the rest of the day on track with and without the instructor.. if you do end up going down, note that the schools are on Mondays and they open up the Donnybrooke track for school events once a year (sometimes twice). If you have a big GT car thats the day you want to be there.
  7. No problem - DM me when you want meet up?
  8. Corey - no problem, i talked to Ken - emailed you back. Run Away - no problem, pick up in St James or? just DM me i think i have 15 left lol! Matt
  9. No problem Greg!! Jim has you covered!
  10. no, just 5S’d old stuff - was perfectly good but no traceability so it can’t be used on aircraft. If you want to pick up, I’ll DM you my address
  11. I have a few aviation cockpit wiring kits - this is a DIY set up probably useful for re-wiring your ice car or race car or motorbike or what have you. There are no terminals and all wires are different thickness and very high quality, nothing you can buy over the counter, Silver/copper/SS low resistance. Wires are different gauges but all kits are the same, useful for everything except proper battery cables. First come first serve, they are free. Approx 15ft long
  12. $2700 2 day school and you provide the Camaro...$4000 if you use their’s. It almost seems like we already offer this program http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/10/area-27-motorsports-park-sees-success-with-camaro-driving-academy/
  13. LeClerc’s first win was somber and respectful. The kids a class act.
  14. Hey Roland - thanks for background, great info from you as usual! I have to admit that I’m not a big “brake fluid changing” guy and don’t touch the system until it’s telling me there’s a problem! In the spirit of PM I have devised a scheme for my car...I will change brake fluid at the start of the season, exactly the same time I change my oil...and leave them both until there is a problem or the start of the next season! Obviously this is based on usage (and atmospheric exposure wrt brake fluid) and with the 3 T/A events I get to per year that’s roughly 20 timed laps per event...so I am not pushing the limits of serviceability in any way. Oddly enough, I had a problem with both oil and brake fluid this year and both have been changed after 1 event! ...but I have a ‘track only’ car. Not the same deal if you DD your race car. So let’s put things in perspective. Change the brake fluid before the first race next year, change the oil when you normally do. It should all be good. That being said - whats this normal schedule for changing manual transmission fluid??? I’ve still not changed mine in 3 seasons, starting to feel guilty!!
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