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  1. I’ve been using these for a couple years, never had a problem. i try to never secure a car being transported by the chassis, only by the axle or wheels for a variety of reasons. Safety and damage prevention being priority 1. http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/smartstraps-tire-bonnet-with-ratchet-10-000-lbs-0403059p.html -Matt
  2. 2.8 hp motor with low hours (maybe 5), has clutch and is set up with jack-shaft for easy install into whatever you want - it has a motor mount installed as well. $100 for WSCC members, will include remote tank and exhaust system (not a 'box' muffler). i'm never going to get this project off the ground...time to clean up thanks, Matt https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1360116527&siteLocale=en_CA
  3. a couple stills from in the car: As i was entering the straight, i thought i saw the red flag and backed off, the hood suddenly disagreed with my decision and lodged a formal protest... Sorry to the drivers that were on the track as i shut the session down in error. Thank you to the corner workers and officials for limiting the potential of this situation to a safe outcome. Matt
  4. mcorrie

    Towing Info

    I came across this and thought it was a fantastic initiative by the Police Service in Halton, ON. It would be great if the Winnipeg Police could do this. It says "commercial motor vehicle and trailer" but it does apply to anybody that tows a trailer and race car trailers count! Does anybody know a Winnipeg Police employee or if there is a way to ask them??
  5. Dyrk (classic motorworks) is away til 20th of June...are you competing this summer?
  6. mcorrie

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    Re: Toluene; good stuff. fun fact; F1 Turbo era cars used 98% Toluene and 2% Methyl Alcohol for fuel. you will need to mix in 10-15% to see anything... Re: Shell vs Husky: 94 Husky is still Methanol blended. methanol is hygroscopic and 94 Octane fuel does not sell as often, it will have water in it. Shell is better but i have noticed different results from shell stations. the best Shell Premium i have used is from Best street/Portage ave (westwood shell). there could be others but this is my experience regarding consistency of the fuel. Unleaded race fuel can be had at Autoparts Center on Notre Dame, bring your own jerry can. call ahead. failing that Walls Performance used to carry it as well but i haven't spoken with them in a while. how are the injectors? i used to run an duty cycle meter on mine (Haltech), that was good but not good for detecting a bad injector - EGT is useful for that as well. Can you monitor fuel pressure at WOT/Load? how far does it drop? whats the FP over boost - could be the regulator? always a good idea to start with a "known". Weak fuel system components can sometimes be fixed with better fuel, but fuel is not always the problem. Hope you get this fixed!
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    Gimli in the 70’s

  8. mcorrie

    Uploading multiple pictures

    Thanks! I put up a few more in Time Attack, but a couple should be in road race. Thanks again!
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