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  1. So it’s a GT2 car? EDIT: FRS in stock form is a GT4 car. cion FRS 2013 2016 2747.00 200.00 50 RWD 13.74 66.43 63.4 GT4 Sorry if my comment was mis-interpreted. Being “on the edge of GT1” creates a different image, certainly not a mere 4hp from stock, and at stock weight - this reminds us all that pax only works if the vehicle declarations are completely transparent, and the car has jumped 3 classes already. When I went through the classification process of my car, I submitted my classification to the OTA committee (even though WSCC does not require this) and I can tell you that the “self declaration” system we employ in WSCC to classify cars is not exactly how it’s really supposed to work. I had to take points for mods I didn’t know were affected, and the OTA committee took pics of all around my car and it took 2 more re-classification attempts to get my car exactly as they wanted it. If we want it all to work as intended, we should use the system as intended. Perhaps WSCC should form its own classification committee like the OTA does to help people through this complicated process? I would be running in a different class unfairly if i just filled out my own form with nobody checking it, I would not have been able to understand how pax works otherwise.
  2. Oh ok that makes more sense, that little tidbit of info would have helped at the initial explanation.
  3. Speaking specifically with power to weight, something seems amiss, but I don’t think tires alone will fix this: FRS 200 hp 2800lbs = 14:1 STI 305 hp 3385lbs = 11:1 SS Camaro 455hp 3684lbs = 8.09:1 Civic type R 335 hp (OTA corrected) 3150lbs= 9.4:1
  4. thread hi-jack alert! there will always be a corner or section at every track that just doesn't work for your car, and when you change the car to fix that, it will find a new part of the track it doesn't like. there are 2 schools of thought on this 1) gear the car for the fastest straight 2) gear the car for the slowest corner. its personal preference and there will be support for both arguments. One thing i can say is that from my limited experience, i tend to concentrate on the corners i spend the most time in, as there is usually more room for improvement because you spend more time there. ....ok, back to rules banter...lol!
  5. My motor is torquey and I have 3.42 gears - I shift 2 times per lap, most times I don’t wanna hang it up over 6 and coast through 7-8. But I’m in 3rd gear from turn 3 to turn 9, then I pull 4th at the start/finish line, letting off at 3 1/2 cones and 5100 rpm. As I get into the power 5200 up to 6000 my car is pulling well, at 5500 in 3rd, you start pulling away, at a fairly consistent rate, if your car is nosing over, I can’t tell from my video. I have gained on you in turn 2 a couple times but it’s not consistent so maybe you were shifting to 5th at that point?
  6. i completely understand your point, but beside driver skill being a factor...so is math. 1 second is a BIG deal - ask any of the road race guys, they'd be quite happy to see that, and then they'd get a visit from the officials to see what happened! Drag increases by the square of the speed, while it may take 100hp to go 100mph, as a very basic example, it would take 400hp to go 200 mph (again, not accurate, just an example). Drag itself is cubed, but the power requirement to accelerate through that drag increases exponentially... a video i have from in my car is good example - when i was following you (before you added the wing) you would come on the straight about the same speed as i did, we both have it floored, its a drag race now - we are very close until mid straight, then you start to pull away at about 5-7 mph. i have 300hp at the wheels. 5-7 mph faster makes you think maybe 50 or 60 hp difference? but its significantly more, especially from 60-65 kmh through to 190-195 kmh - i'd wager minimum of 150hp, maybe 200hp more than me...and don't forget you only get to use that hp on 2 straights, maybe 15 seconds combined (guessing), on a 1.04 lap, so 23% of your lap you get to use that power advantage. I have no idea what either of you guys are running power-wise other than what you stated, but while one second seems like a slim margin, there is a stark contrast between having power and being able to use it.
  7. Yes Igor, you are correct. The current discussion revolves around the expansion of the sport where other rules sets in other countries are being used where tires and aero are the primary limiters instead of the index factor based on modifications, and then trying to integrate that type of system here. The discrepancies are noted (and stated on the board here) that the more modified cars are penalized hardest and newer sports cars are very fast, turning lap times better than cars in higher, faster classes, thus creating an unfair advantage of sorts...but the reality of this discussion is, as Ian stated, "what fits what WSCC does"...we have a mix of everything here and no dominant class - *please correct me if i'm wrong*, and while a tire or aero rule might equalize one segment of participants, another segment is deprived of the fairness of PAX. We all want a happy medium, what that is has yet to be determined. All i know is i'm going to be up there on race day trying to beat my best time from last year, where the administrators put my car is secondary, i just want to improve on a personal level....but i want the sport to grow and prosper.
  8. Friday is good for me. my car is also available.
  9. This is my point exactly. I'm not trying to create negative dialogue, but flush out the potential concerns prior to hitting the track. As its written, the deliberate ambiguity that policy makers live by is rearing its ugly head. We can be forced to run both systems, as its written - and i don't think anybody wants that, present company included. Adopting an existing system that caters to the needs of a growing sport just might be the way to proceed.
  10. thanks for the clarification Jim. Even if this is considered "Additional" it appears to be contradictory to existing regulations, meaning we aren't going to run both systems - and this is the point i'm trying to make.
  11. i am for a change, but not in 100% agreement with the proposed rules.
  12. Do you mean the Blue Z06 Corvette? its not stock...awesome car - I'm totally in love with it, but its not stock...and the owner can drive - quite well i might add! Same as Gary's Camaro - awesome car - and it's stock, but Gary can straight-up drive. But this goes back to the fact that both of those cars are not cheap - 60, 70, 80K. Both guys know what they are doing and have been around for a while... I've been around motorsports all my life. Anybody who has will tell you the same thing: the guys with deep pockets and CAN'T drive, don't stick around for long. We can't make a rule set for the exception, we must make it for the whole. While i agree there are gaps in the current PAX system, its the only rules set accepted by the WCMA and OTA, and possibly the FIA in Canada. If you were to propose a "Supplemental" rule change, then by definition that would have to be in the form of an amendment to existing rules - and this is not what is proposed. We can all see that T/A is growing around the world, there will be adaptations and growing pains with that. Everything evolves and changes - look at our Road Racing right now for example. I posted the SCCA rules as an example of a rule set that appears to have a modern take on the current evolution of Time Attack, or Time Trials as the SCCA calls it. If you have no experience with the SCCA, it is a very traditional and conservative organisation. So for them to create the Time Trials Nationals is adding a level of validity to our chosen discipline, which is a good sign. With that in mind, they have produced an extensive rules set that is probably something to consider before we try to install a rules set that will require a few seasons to refine to the point we know where EVERYBODY fits. EDIT: Sorry Ian, i was typing this while you were posting as well... EDIT 2: strike through 'change'
  13. does the executive make the decision? do the incumbent class competitors vote? a combination of both? - how does this get approved?
  14. mcorrie

    2016-up Camaro SS front rotors

    Still for sale. will work for gen 6 camaro, 2016 and up. these have a different offset than the 2010-2015 camaro. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-auto-parts-and-accessories/winnipeg/6th-gen-camaro-ss-14-front-rotors/1412086974?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true