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  1. My runs weren't nearly as fun as everybody else's here, but I'll post two camera angles to change things a bit Amazing track layout. Just wished we did some fun runs! @helix any chance you could create an album with all the pictures you were taking?
  2. Pretty fun runs yesterday in the rain
  3. Happy to see a track day on the weekend and hoping we can have more of those next year. I will be out of town unfortunately , but I'm sure the turnout will be huge! Let's promote as much as we can
  4. Great post and well put words. As somebody who's fairly new to the racing community in Canada, but extremely in love with anything in Motorsports, I do my best to promote our AutoX and WSCC as much as I can. The car community is huge in MB but. unfortunately, it looks to me like most people are more interested in building their track-monster cars to display on car meets than to actually drive them fast. Rob does a huge job in social media and I'm promoting our events through the Winnipeg Free Press Autos Instagram page which I manage (@freepressautos). We have great guys in this group that are passionate with this sport. Let's all put our heads together and think on ways to attract new people. My suggestion is thinking on how we can attract "car meet people" to start racing. Why do they not go? Do they think it's expensive? Do they think it's too harsh on their cars? Do they know we even exist? I'm sure some (if not most) are just building cars to show off and are actually too scared to push what they drive, but I'm sure we could scoop lots of people from that "world".
  5. I'm happy to hear that a compressed schedule would allow more fun runs time. I love autocross and the more runs we can get in a day the better I think. Another option I see is reducing 15 minutes from the time between registration is closed and drivers meeting. There's a lot of down time in my opinion.
  6. Definitely appreciate the input. I have it somewhere in my mind that I should be looking ahead more, but in the two events I went after switching cars I couldn't really practice it. Always good to have someone spotting it from the outside. And great footage from the vette, being inside that car in autox seems to be a blast!
  7. Being in B street certainly doesn't help, but there's still A LOT of room for improvement behind the wheel, especially learning the car and how it behaves. Good idea on the wives, it will definitely be an improvement on my side as well lol
  8. Not the best run of the day, but the only one I recorder from inside.
  9. Number 2 is already being used in open lapping, so I will change it to 27 please.
  10. Thank you. Any recommendation of a shop to make a magnetic number for the car?
  11. Can’t help much with the tires choice, but just came here to say that I almost freaked out with that title. Will be great to see that focus popping and banging again this year!
  12. Woah this is awesome! Lets us know once a link is available, I’d love to try it out. Thanks for your work
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