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  1. Man... I seriously need to come out to an event sooner than later. Especially now that my car is on the road again.
  2. Hopefully slower than me...
  3. Peter Muangxong Member #1700 Car #95 Thanks.
  4. Just so you're aware, I ended up with the Nitto's more because of lack of options at the time.... lol. Pretty much all the tires I wanted to get were out of stock. I did notice that the Nitto's don't quite have the turn-in compared to my previous Bridgestone RE-11s. But they were suprisingly well behaved in the rain. My next set would most likely end up being the Bridgestone's.
  5. I'm currently running the Nitto NT05s on my Subaru since 2017 and they seem to be holding up. But then I've always managed to make my tires last longer than they should... haha.
  6. Had a great time doing laps on the ice track. Thanks to all the volunteers and especially Mat for always boosting my car... haha. I was pretty rusty out there and didn't get into much of a groove. It got pretty slick at the end, so I was on half throttle for most of it.
  7. Will there be loaner helmets for passengers?
  8. Well that's too bad. I was actually looking forward to this weekend. It's been awhile since I've had the WRX on the ice. Hopefully next weekend won't be super cold... haha.
  9. Jordan, you can maybe play the "help the local community" angle... lol.
  10. Haha... the problem is I can't get into the Subaru unless I dig it out.
  11. Sweet! I guess I'm digging my car out from under all the snow.
  12. Just curious if there will be ice lapping for regular cars in between races. Trying to determine whether I'm digging my WRX out from under all the snow... lol.
  13. Looks like I may have to bail on this event. Forgot that I have to possibly show up for a wedding on that day... lol.
  14. Ok, sounds good. I can do lapping in the morning and then help you guys out in the afternoon, if that works.
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