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  1. Just so you're aware, I ended up with the Nitto's more because of lack of options at the time.... lol. Pretty much all the tires I wanted to get were out of stock. I did notice that the Nitto's don't quite have the turn-in compared to my previous Bridgestone RE-11s. But they were suprisingly well behaved in the rain. My next set would most likely end up being the Bridgestone's.
  2. I'm currently running the Nitto NT05s on my Subaru since 2017 and they seem to be holding up. But then I've always managed to make my tires last longer than they should... haha.
  3. Not sure what pads he has on there now, I just assumed OEMs... lol. I didn't really notice the noise when I took a short drive in it. He's looking at the Hawks HPS pads, but I'll mention the EBC ones. Thanks for the info guys.
  4. Hey guys, Just putting this out there for a friend who just bought a 2016 Nissan GT-R Black Edition. He's looking at replacing his stock pads with an aftermarket set that has minimal dust / noise. He's had enough of the noise the brakes make already... haha. So anyone who has owned or knows someone who owns one, *cough* Nish *cough*, can chime in. Peter
  5. Can I join in also? I'll be the moving pylon for everyone... haha. Peter
  6. So I've gotten permission to convert the track to different games. I've done rFactor 2 and will attempt Assetto Corsa next. If that works out fine, then I might try Project Cars.
  7. I'm curious on the wheel and mini lcd setup that you guys were using in the youtube video.
  8. So I've been in SE Asia for the last 3 months and finally got my racing fix by visiting an indoor go-kart track. I had a few friends from Canada visit, one of them is an ice racer. Suffice to say, I don't think the staff there was expecting our rather close racing... haha. I thought for sure they were going to kill our karts when I was a finger width apart from Brett. I'm definitely going to have to visit their bigger outdoor track since we clocked laps in the low 27s.
  9. I believe it's a theme issue and not a operating system issue. Since I had the same issue on Linux, Android, Windows 10, and Windows 7. The issue stems from a php call that the mini-calendar on the side is trying to perform.
  10. Odd... I switched it to the skin I had already and it loads now on my computer. But if I switch it to anything other than "modern", everything breaks... haha.
  11. Not sure when it started. I thought it was a Windows 10 thing but does the same thing on my Linux machine. I can browse the forums if I don't log in... Haha. But if I wanted to post anything, I have to use my phone.
  12. Anyone else getting a "Fatal error: Call to a member function miniCalendarWrapper"? I've try all 3 browsers with the same result. So far, only way I can get on the forums is via my Nexus phone.
  13. I would hate to be the guy doing the tires... seems like he does the most work.
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