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  1. Thanks Matt I call you sometime this week. Sorry for the slow reply been a busy weekend.
  2. This is a long shot but does any one know or have a Toyota T50 Transmission. RWD Corolla. Any condition considered.
  3. Who’s going to take Chris on for a sub second time with this....
  4. I’ll have to see how work plans out nearer the time I’ll let you know.
  5. Mr and Mrs Horhey...yes she’s is real lol. She has a wheat allergy, if some think can be done about that please. thanks pete
  6. Ok so I'm doing smoked crispy pork.
  7. I'll be there not sure what I'm bringing.. maybe some smoked frogs for Ian S. haha it it will be meat and it will be smoked.
  8. Does Vintage not show up in the points?
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