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  1. sciontist__

    2018 Championship Points

    Good evening everybody! I have attached two documents once again. One with the totals and best times for event #2, as well as an updated championship totals sheet. If anybody has any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to message Ian or me, or email us at stecykracing@gmail.com Thank you again to everybody that came out and participated. It was great to see so many people taking up Sunday time attack, it appears to be growing with each event. Let's keep this rolling!! See you all next month, don't forget to register ASAP as spots will fill up for the time attack shoot-out, especially with CA$H prizes on the line!!! Championship Totals.pdf Event #2 Points.pdf
  2. sciontist__

    Time Attack Shoot-out

    Good evening everybody! Some exciting news is in the air. For our July 21-22 event, there is going to be CASH prizes! Up to $750 total cash to be given out! Make sure you get yourself registered to secure a spot. You need to be registered for both Saturday AND Sunday to qualify. Prizes will be awarded for the top 10 fastest PAX times for the weekend. Long track will be run Saturday and short track on Sunday. Cash prises for TA event #3 as follows: 1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $100 4th $75 5th $50 6th $25 7th $25 8th $25 9th $25 10th $25 Register here: https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.dashboard/uidEvent/20D48A2F-B1AA-299A-8BA9F32B440FA30A/uidMember/356036C4-93A8-7E91-09C51A9358AFE68F Also, don't forget that you can have an extra day of fun on Friday for only $50! Select Friday Hotlaps as an extra when registering for the event. See you all soon!
  3. sciontist__

    The Almighty list of Time Attack links

    Event #3 link added to the list! Make sure you register for this one, you don't want to miss it! More Information in seperate thread.
  4. sciontist__

    2018 Championship Points

    Thanks a bunch! It's great to see everybody coming out!
  5. sciontist__

    2018 Championship Points

    Good evening all! I have attached two PDF's, one which will be updated after each event to show the annual total points for the season championship, and one for the first event which will be completed at the end of each race weekend. The second one will show how many points were awarded for the event which will be reflected in the total points PDF. I want to quickly note that there were 2 Josh's listed on the timing sheets, neither of which were on the registration. If you don't see yourself on the spreadsheets, please contact one of us and we will try to figure out who is who (hopefully you remember your transponder #!) Thanks again to everybody for coming out and making the first event a big one, see you all soon! Time Attack Totals.pdf Time Attack Event 1.pdf
  6. sciontist__

    2018 Championship Points

    Thanks for adding that Mat!
  7. sciontist__

    2018 Championship Points

    Hello everybody! We would like to note how great of a turn out we had last weekend. We sold out on Saturday and still had a great turn out for Sunday. I am aware there were some issues with the registration on Motorsportsreg which are sorted out for this next event, you may now register for Saturday OR Sunday OR both. We are working on getting the times and points from last weekend sorted. We ran into some issues with the spreadsheet which are being addressed. I am hoping to have the PDF's posted tomorrow night. One thing we will note is to ensure you have properly classed your car as this can greatly affect the points system. There are a couple cars that were majorly under-classed resulting in higher points. We have reassessed these vehicles and will talk with anyone that we have manually classed at the next event. If you have any questiins or concerns, please send us a message or email at stecykracing@gmail.com Thank you all for coming out, we will see you all in June!
  8. sciontist__

    The Almighty list of Time Attack links

    Event # 2 link added! Get registered for the June event.
  9. Also, if anybody has the space to put up two Saskatchewan hooligans from Thursday to Monday, it would be much appreciated, before we book hotels. Jim has offered space to leave our trailer already. Thank you!
  10. Hey everybody! If you haven't had time to read our long post on starting out in time attack, this is part of it. In order to enter the WSCC Time Attack series, you are required to have attended an HPDE school in order to obtain your TA license. For those interested, this is the first step to feeding your need for speed. Head over to this link to register: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-wscc-hpde-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-sports-car-club-229884 Hope to see lots of you out there!
  11. sciontist__

    The beginners guide to Time Attack

    I know this is a lot to read, but if you are new, it's really worth it and gives an insight to being prepared for Time Attack.
  12. Do we know where it will be this year so out of towers can book a hotel room?
  13. sciontist__


    Further to Ian's comment, yes, I will bring Oreos, I will also make perogies!
  14. I will bring home made oreos and perogies. 2 people (including Ian above)