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  1. Thank you everybody for the kind words! We some how missed this thread! Huge thank you to WSCC for allowing us to share a weekend with you all, and to every body who came to share and celebrate in our very special day. It wouldn't have been nearly as great without the love and support of our second home and family ❤
  2. Good evening all! With the last race event of the year done, we have finished calculating all the points. I would like to make note of a couple things: - Our annual banquet and awards night is coming up next month, please visit http://forums.wscc.mb.ca/index.php?/topic/11158-2018-banquet-save-the-date/ to let the organizers know if you are coming to ensure there is enough delicious food for all! Tickets will be sold at the door for $40 each. This is a great event and even better if you are one of our trophy winners this year! - There are two "points totals" PDF's that are uploaded for this post, one is named "Total Points" which shows everybody in order from most to least points for the entire season and for all 5 events, the other one titled "Championship Points" is the one we will be going off of for trophy awards. Championship points are awarded for the best 4 out of 5 events, you will notice that some people who attended all 5 events will only show points for 4 of them on this PDF, we have removed the event with the least amount of points for those that attended all 5 and totaled the best 4 of them. (I hope this makes sense..) We would like to give a huge thank you to EVERYBODY who came out to participate this year. Everything has run extremely smoothly and no major incidents have occurred in our time attack group. The more people that come out, the better our club will be, including many more upgrades that we look forward to making in the years to come! A huge thank you to all our sponsors, including Echelon Wealth Partners Inc., our main club sponsor, Fortune Auto, our time attack contingency sponsor, Classic Motor Works, Speed Factor Racing, S.A.R., CJ 107, St. Andrews Airport, Blatz Landscaping, Dr. Cory S. Fogel, and all those that helped us make many, many upgrades to the facilities, as well as maintain them this year such as Interlake Yardcare, Armatas Painting and Decorating (our bathrooms and showers look GREAT!) and Superior Asphalt Paving Co. (How about those newly resurfaced corners!?) Another major thank you must be given to all of those who come out to make these events happen, our volunteers. Without them, we wouldn't be able to race. Our volunteers endure some pretty harsh weather in order to allow us to participate, including heat from the sun, wind, rain, and our last event which involved freezing cold +2 degree weather WITH wind and rain. Please stay tuned to our forums as we have some big things in store for next year! Hope to see you all again soon!! Championship Points.pdf Total Points.pdf Event #5 Points.pdf
  3. Ian and I will be there, Gary Cummins also said to mark him down for two! Looking forward to it!
  4. August points are up! Sorry about the delay! totals.pdf event 4 points.pdf
  5. Good evening all! As event #4 rolls around (now less than 2 weeks away), we would like to encourage you to register as soon as possible. Vintage is the WSCC's biggest event of the year, it brings out tons of racers and spectators from all over Canada and sometimes from the US. We have programs that get printed for the event that list all racers for all disciplines. Currently, we will only have 5 time attackers listed. We need to know ASAP who will be racing so we can get these programs printed. There is a banquet dinner on Saturday night which is included in your registration fee for the event, please stay and enjoy a delicious meal with everybody. We ask that all time attack cars park passed the concession towards corner 9 for this event to keep the pits tidy and organized. Please don't hesitate to message me or email me with any questions at stecykracing@gmail.com Thanks to all of you, and see you soon!
  6. Hello once again everybody! Another SOLD OUT event!!! I have once again attached both PDF's for the updated season points and event #3 points. Just a quick note that our championship points are based on total points accumulated for the season, however, the cash prizes for this event were awarded based on fastest PAX time, which is why the placements won't match in the other thread. Please let us know if there are any questions or concerns by messaging me or Ian on here or emailing us at stecykracing@gmail.com Another quick note that August weekend is vintage weekend, the busiest weekend of the year. If you know you are coming, please register as soon as possible as we need to know who is coming for the programs which obviously need to be printed pre-event. Purchase your guest's their dinner tickets and name your guests on the registration so we have a head count for supper. Parking for time attack will be down past concession towards corner 9. Thank you all for coming out and making this yet another successful weekend! Hope to see you all again next event! Championship Totals.pdf Event #3 Points.pdf
  7. Good day everybody! Thank you all who came out and made this event great. There are so many people to be thankful for, including but but limited to: Mathieu Leveille, our roadrace director, Cheryl Leveille, the registrar, all the volunteers, and our racers. Extremely large thank you to our main sponsor, Echelon Wealth Partners for allowing us to offer cash prizes this event. The winners of the cash prizes are as follows: 1st $250 - Gary Cummins 2nd $150 - Phil Duaduadua 3rd $100 - Dan Gagnon 4th $75 - Jim Antosko 5th $50 - Ian Stecyk 6th $25 - Martin Wasik 7th $25 - Andy Jordan 8th $25 - Andrea Revet 9th $25 - Carl Doell 10th $25 - David Cummins If you didn't collect your prize at the event, you can pick it up next event from Chris Boettcher or he will mail them out. Thank you everybody again, and we can't wait to see you out next event!!
  8. Good evening everybody! I have attached two documents once again. One with the totals and best times for event #2, as well as an updated championship totals sheet. If anybody has any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to message Ian or me, or email us at stecykracing@gmail.com Thank you again to everybody that came out and participated. It was great to see so many people taking up Sunday time attack, it appears to be growing with each event. Let's keep this rolling!! See you all next month, don't forget to register ASAP as spots will fill up for the time attack shoot-out, especially with CA$H prizes on the line!!! Championship Totals.pdf Event #2 Points.pdf
  9. Good evening everybody! Some exciting news is in the air. For our July 21-22 event, there is going to be CASH prizes! Up to $750 total cash to be given out! Make sure you get yourself registered to secure a spot. You need to be registered for both Saturday AND Sunday to qualify. Prizes will be awarded for the top 10 fastest PAX times for the weekend. Long track will be run Saturday and short track on Sunday. Cash prises for TA event #3 as follows: 1st $250 2nd $150 3rd $100 4th $75 5th $50 6th $25 7th $25 8th $25 9th $25 10th $25 Register here: https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.dashboard/uidEvent/20D48A2F-B1AA-299A-8BA9F32B440FA30A/uidMember/356036C4-93A8-7E91-09C51A9358AFE68F Also, don't forget that you can have an extra day of fun on Friday for only $50! Select Friday Hotlaps as an extra when registering for the event. See you all soon!
  10. Thanks a bunch! It's great to see everybody coming out!
  11. Good evening all! I have attached two PDF's, one which will be updated after each event to show the annual total points for the season championship, and one for the first event which will be completed at the end of each race weekend. The second one will show how many points were awarded for the event which will be reflected in the total points PDF. I want to quickly note that there were 2 Josh's listed on the timing sheets, neither of which were on the registration. If you don't see yourself on the spreadsheets, please contact one of us and we will try to figure out who is who (hopefully you remember your transponder #!) Thanks again to everybody for coming out and making the first event a big one, see you all soon! Time Attack Totals.pdf Time Attack Event 1.pdf
  12. Hello everybody! We would like to note how great of a turn out we had last weekend. We sold out on Saturday and still had a great turn out for Sunday. I am aware there were some issues with the registration on Motorsportsreg which are sorted out for this next event, you may now register for Saturday OR Sunday OR both. We are working on getting the times and points from last weekend sorted. We ran into some issues with the spreadsheet which are being addressed. I am hoping to have the PDF's posted tomorrow night. One thing we will note is to ensure you have properly classed your car as this can greatly affect the points system. There are a couple cars that were majorly under-classed resulting in higher points. We have reassessed these vehicles and will talk with anyone that we have manually classed at the next event. If you have any questiins or concerns, please send us a message or email at stecykracing@gmail.com Thank you all for coming out, we will see you all in June!
  13. Hey everybody! If you haven't had time to read our long post on starting out in time attack, this is part of it. In order to enter the WSCC Time Attack series, you are required to have attended an HPDE school in order to obtain your TA license. For those interested, this is the first step to feeding your need for speed. Head over to this link to register: https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-wscc-hpde-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-sports-car-club-229884 Hope to see lots of you out there!
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