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  1. Needed to set up 1965 Daytona Shelby Coupe with IRS. Not an easy job and not cheap but very pleased with work at Speedfactor from Jaimie and Danny. Recommend them for any suspension you are trying to set up.
  2. Registration now open. Let's have a great early showing, register now.
  3. Registration at wscc.motorsportreg.com should be open shortly. Get in early and lets ensure a great grid.2019 CMW Vintage race brochure final.pdf
  4. Many thanks to all who commented, good points for and against, will let my friend know the opinions.
  5. A friend has a fairly new fast car, runs faster than 11.50 in the quarter mile drag strip plus he wants added safety to Time Attack. He had a professionally engineered roll bar/cage installed, swing bars on doors, etc. The car is registered with MPI in Manitoba and he has driven it for several years. He went to renew his MPI the other day and when updating file, mentioned roll bar/cage install. Agent told him that MPI could not insure for road use, phoned MPI offices, they say the same thing. Anyone ever heard of such a ruling? He can go to another agent and just renew insurance but if he is involved in a road accident, would these undisclosed mods void his insurance? Appreciate any input. Thanks, Greg.
  6. I could not agree more Jim. As a 20+ year member, I find the club has never been in better hands. From schools to race events , the coordination , professionalism and enthusiasm displayed by all those involved is excellent. Very proud to be a member.
  7. I can't think of anyone more deserving of the honour, congratulations Dino, very happy for you and Judy. Greg Eastwood
  8. Don't forget to try Cathy Meheden @ Elite Belts in Calgary. Her email is elitebelts@gmail.com or 403-453-2822. Used her SFI belts for years, $69.00 for 3 year certification or she can sell you new ones.
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