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  1. geastwood@highspeedcrow.ca

    Gimli Motorsports Park Road Race Track Resurfacing

    Great work Ken, thanks for all your input.
  2. geastwood@highspeedcrow.ca

    2002 BMW Z3 Coupe- 3.0L six cylinder

    Yes, Coupe has been sold. Thanks for looking Greg
  3. geastwood@highspeedcrow.ca

    2002 BMW Z3 Coupe- 3.0L six cylinder

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1369871843 Posting for a friend, great car, drives like new, all original paperwork. Only 600 built over 4 year span by BMW, you will have the only one. You can call/text me too at 204-792-4226. Thanks Greg Eastwood
  4. I can't think of anyone more deserving of the honour, congratulations Dino, very happy for you and Judy. Greg Eastwood
  5. geastwood@highspeedcrow.ca

    2017 Banquet Attendee List

    Greg and Karen Eastwood Thanks Pete
  6. geastwood@highspeedcrow.ca

    16" Akita Aluminum Wheel Set

    Been away, lower price for spring.
  7. geastwood@highspeedcrow.ca

    16" Akita Aluminum Wheel Set

    4 only, like new, Akita aluminum wheels and lug nuts with lock wrench in original boxes. Wheels are model AK7, 16" X 7", 5 bolt-110/115 pattern in Hyper Silver. Used previously on a 2010 Ford Escape. Winnipeg Wheel say can be used on any 114.3 mm bolt circle plus 110 mm to 115 mm 5 bolt, 12mm stud hubs. Wheels have 72.62mm center bore with hub adaptor bushings included if you need another dimension. New valve stems in rims. Any questions, call anytime at 204-792-4226. $300.00 OBO for the complete set. Make us an offer. Thanks Greg.
  8. geastwood@highspeedcrow.ca

    Safety Harness

    Don't forget to try Cathy Meheden @ Elite Belts in Calgary. Her email is elitebelts@gmail.com or 403-453-2822. Used her SFI belts for years, $69.00 for 3 year certification or she can sell you new ones.