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  1. DKemp

    Broken bleeder screw

    Sorry @Shawn gonna give you a bit of a head start this year. Won’t be making it out this weekend
  2. DKemp

    Broken bleeder screw

    and just like that Thanks Al!
  3. DKemp

    Broken bleeder screw

    Thanks for all the tips. A very generous forum member has offered to get this out for me. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good news
  4. So this happened a while ago and now it's time to fix it. I took it to one shop and they tried to weld a nut to the left over stuck piece but they didn't have any luck. I did some online searching and this seems to happen a fair amount with these Brembo's. Anyone have any tips of getting this out? Anyone know any shops that would be skilled enough to get this out without destroying the caliper? I found a place that would sell me one caliper but it was close to $400! Don't really want to go down that road. And it's a passenger side rear from a 2005 ish sti if anyone has one lying around that they aren't using
  5. DKemp

    Custom alignment shop thread?

    I'm so conflicted, this thread says it's good but I've had two IM's saying to steer clear. Are there any other options out there?
  6. There was a thread from last season somewhere about a shop that did custom alignments in the west end. Everyone seemed happy with the job they were doing. The thread seems to have disappeared? Does anyone remember the name of the shop or have a recommendation for a good shop to use? thanks
  7. Dale Kemp - 6582 renewing 15 please
  8. DKemp

    Promoting autocross

    Hey beau I’ll need your address as well thanks
  9. DKemp

    Promoting autocross

    I think I can make any time work on Sunday
  10. DKemp

    Event #18, Oct 1

    What a way to end my season. Great course for the two runs I got to do. I didn't even have my camera on for my spin. Thanks to everyone who helped push me around. It's really appreciated. The Forester made it home alright. Parked in the garage. The best part is this morning it works perfectly fine after sitting all night. No battery charger on it or anything. I can turn the key on without starting it and I can put both seat heaters on full and roll down all four windows at the same time and dash lights won't even dim. Cars are terrible things It was a great season. I had so much fun and learned a ton. Can't wait for next year!
  11. DKemp

    Promoting autocross

    I'm down for a meeting if it's at a time when I can get away from the kids
  12. DKemp

    Promoting autocross

    I agree with Corey. Let everyone fend for themselves. At least until attendance picks back up and it doesn't cost money to have a vendor on site
  13. DKemp

    Event #16 Sept 17

    Really fun course yesterday. That sweeper at the end was great! Here is my fastest run. Hid my emotions a little better than Shawn. I was really proud of this run until I heard Shawn's time.....
  14. When I take my kids for walks around the neighbourhood or go to a mall I see all sorts of cars that would be fun at autocross but these cars are never at our events. What are the chances of getting some business type cards made up that we could carry a few in our pockets? Then when we see these cars we could stick one under the wiper. The card would just need the website and promote a fun and friendly environment to learn about your car. I know I didn't come to an event for a long time because I assumed it would have a "car show" "clicky" mentality. Boy was I wrong! Everyone has been great and I couldn't be happier. Anyway just a thought I had to get more drivers out to the events.