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  1. McDonald 1967.mp4

    Another McDonald race meet from 1967. Sorry, did not support .mpg file or .wmv so there is a watermark on the converter I used for the .mp4 attachment
  2. Not sure

    test image for Jim. Didn't work. Mike Adams
  3. Attempt to upload photo to the forum ... testing only ... I found the driver's name to the photo I put in the gallery. Still can't Upload Images in the forum threads. Mike Adams
  4. FormulaFord1974Gimli.JPG

    Run-offs at Gimli, 1974, Oct 4, 5th. My history group came through with the driver names. Archive photo credit to John Porter. Car 6 - Bob Beyea Left car 112? - Graham Cameron Right car 66 - Roddy Bremmer
  5. This might be a long shot, and not sure anyone can help, but I am trying to find the results of the 1974 October 4,5 National Run-offs held at Gimli. I am also having trouble uploading the picture of a FFord group I am researching. If anyone has a pile of old racing results and could use some help getting them scanned, I can likely help. Mike Adams
  6. 1972 Gimli Runway race

    Grid shot
  7. 1972 Gimli Runway

    Car 6 Dave Morris NASCC - Hawke DL9
  8. 1967 McDonald race

    Car 141 Louis Donolo - Elva MK8s
  9. 1966 McDonald race

    Car 45 H. Fairbanks - Elva MK6
  10. 1966 McDonald race

    Car 17 John Gilbert - Calliope
  11. 1966 McDonald race

    Car 57 John Cordt - McLaren Elva Chev
  12. 1972 Gimli Municipal Airport Runway race - Players Manitoba results