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  1. Well DANG! Looks like I missed this by Months! Cheers. These vids were ok. The first (being my 2nd time out) was much better... the interior racing shots just didn't work at all. I took vids of the Drivers Schools this summer, I just haven't compiled the data just yet. Will try n post here when it is up! Be good to see more Fords out there for sure
  2. '81 Mazda race car for sale

    Add some pics, that'd be great (y)
  3. Event #6

    You'll even leave it in first then!?
  4. Event #6

    Nice. Just left it in 2nd? I find I had to get to 3rd and worked on figuring that out during the runs... I have 4:10s in the back sooo 2nd can be pretty screaming on the straights.
  5. Course setup

    Which ever one is more thorough
  6. Course setup

  7. Out of Focus

    Awesome - best of luck! Cable is scheduled to show up *sometime* tomorrow! Fingers crossed!
  8. Novice Taxi

    Myself, I think a note was hit that a person has to WANT to come back, like yourself did Helix and do the driving school (which, helped indeed). I think in all honesty, DNFs are an important thing to get. Last year I cam out to 2 events and of my 8 runs I got 3 DNFs. The first DNF I got I had no idea (as well) where it happened. I did have a Instructor with me for the first two runs of the first event. The second event Rob came with me 3/4 runs, the 3rd run, where Rob wasn't available is when I got my DNF lol. I really do think there is a good number of seasoned people willing to come for a ride and help out. The group is one of the friendliest groups of people I have ever ran into - which by the way is awesome! The driving school, (sadly primarily just the morning for me) was indeed very helpful. It was good to see 2 events prior to the Schools and have a grasp of the basics before moving forward. For paid ride-alongs, again alot of people are more than happy (I would think) to hop along for free and have some fun and show / talk some tips. Driving schools is something that I think people are (and do, of course) pay for.
  9. Course setup

    I am interested in helping out too of course. "Maybe use this thread to let people know when you are going to be at the track and setting up." - perfect idea indeed
  10. Out of Focus

    Whew! Rough go on dem tires Brian man! My tires on the Fox are horrid, especially the fronts. If I am not rolling out a new set this year, expect for certain come the following season. With that said, I am only all too hopeful that UPS delivers (as scheduled) my new clutch cable this Friday so I can get it install (double wrapping in heat shield) but I am always knocking on wood as to what the heck is going to break down next... I otherwise, would let you take a spin at it... but between it's break downs and my tires are actually maybe on par to yours (conditions wise)... mmmm, maybe not the best idea. Off topic, your car (I googled it as well) is 3400 lbs!? Hot damn, I am amazed it is that heavy! Factory Fox is ~ 3200...
  11. I ordered a whole new Clutch Cable and Firewall adjuster - eta was the upcoming Monday. Fingers crossed they are a bit more speedy - we'll see. Sunday I know I have to bow out, but there is a chance for Saturday
  12. Awesome! To note otherwise, the Stang got towed late on Sunday... 4th clutch cable incoming...
  13. Sorry 'bout that; Matthew Vosper Membership #6619 Number 76 please