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  1. Hey y'all! I got my SCCA license and plan on doing Hillclimb racing in Pen State, USA. Seems they are tighter on their gear rules than here, so what i need is locations, in Winnipeg (if they exist), for some of the following: Snell helmet - SA2015 rating (for auto racing). Open or full face. Shoes need not be full racing ones, but have to be all leather (including soles) or fire proof materials. Nomex socks. nomex head sock/balaclava. Gloves - (.leather/nomex or military pilots gloves) Much of this, if not all, I'd use for our local events too of course, but on that topic still trying to get my dang car running... again...
  2. Well DANG! Looks like I missed this by Months! Cheers. These vids were ok. The first (being my 2nd time out) was much better... the interior racing shots just didn't work at all. I took vids of the Drivers Schools this summer, I just haven't compiled the data just yet. Will try n post here when it is up! Be good to see more Fords out there for sure
  3. Add some pics, that'd be great (y)
  4. Not entirely sure where to have post this, but this is the GoPro video I spliced together from just this past Saturday (August 27th, 2016). I had a great time (despite being at the bottom of the pole) I was happy to breach into the "70s" This was my second time out and it has been absolutely so encouraging with people commenting (positively) and asking questions! This has been so far a great crowd to meet and race with - so cheers everyone for that! And this vid is from my first time out on July 24th, 2016: (the video of the actual racing is not good at all, I had the cam inside the car and thought it would work out - alas...)
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