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      World of Wheels volunteers needed   02/08/2018

      Go here to sign up on the sheet if you can spare some time to help in the booth. Help is also needed and appreciated for setup and tear down. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ULmhhNo7nK2dEgrvcdFmSPx0uMUPMl4WxbUcwfXz-Is/edit?usp=sharing


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  1. Gents, I am a bit confused with Classing Guide (( Could somebody help me PLEASE to define in which class should I register my car? My first 8 events in this season I`ll go in Novice class, nevertheless I would like to know what should I put in PAX field during my registration. My car: 2006 Acura RSX Type S https://dk1xgl0d43mu1.cloudfront.net/user_files/scca/downloads/000/020/866/2017-04-04-appendix-A-automobile-classes.pdf That document shows me H Street Class (HS) But I do have some modifications on my car and I need to know how that impacts on my class as well. SO, here is the list of not stock parts\components: 1. Tires 225/45 R17 (stock 215/45 R17) 2. Cold Air Intake 3. Rear sway bar 4. Coilovers Thanks in advance. Max.
  2. Hey cowboys, As I promised there are some photos from Nik Rave ! Feel free to view them here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Ravephoto/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1696367137332915 And thanks again to all for organization that awesome event!
  3. Will be added some pictures from event later.
  4. Sorry, wasn`t attentive ) Maxim Ialivciuc (Max) new member #2017 27 Please
  5. Maxim Ialivciuc (Max) new member #2017 30 Please
  6. Maxim Ialivciuc (Max) new member #2017 5 Please
  7. Registered and paid! Thanks! Max.
  8. Hi there, 1. Which licence should I but to participate in Time Attack? 2. Snell SA2010 helmet will suit your requirements\rules to participate in Time Attack? Thanks in advance. Max.