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  1. Shoot me a PM and I can email you an early version.
  2. Nope I started from scratch on this project.
  3. Been busy for the last week on the computer making a real life model of gmp for asetto corsa. The track was overlayed onto an image from Google maps so it is a perfect 1-1 scale. From there all it took was some tweaking of the track elevations for dropoffs and camber in turns and it feels great. Even added different track grip textures for the new pavement. Paired with vr it feels dam near as good as the real thing. Track times so far are within 0.5 seconds vs real life with the frs in the game. The handling characteristics of cars are exactly as expected when racing in real life. Over the next couple weeks I plan on working on some models of gmp buildings to complete the look(instead of having a giant porta potty for a control tower haha). Check out the video on YouTube of a lap around.
  4. I'm curious if asn will also adapt these rules in. So far nothing has been released for the rulebook for 2019 and the next asn meeting isn't until sometime in April.
  5. The r888 and r88rs are exempt from points in ota because toyo is a sponsor of the series. In the asn rulebook it just says this 5.1.2. TIRES I. Installation of Street legal tires with a treadwear rating (UTQG) of 140 or higher 0 PIP
  6. I bet you were only able to do it that quickly because you watched this
  7. For newcomers to the sport it is a very confusing and long process. I've helped about a handful of people last year with the process as qell as made a guide on how to correctly class a car. That's just the website. If people had to class cars from just the rulebook alone it would be a gongshow.
  8. Just to be clear the track will be closed to volunteers(including instructors) until 5pm?
  9. The only hurdle with timed competition on the racetrack is our insurance requires anyone who competes in timed racing needs an applicable lisence to do so. 1.6.1. To be eligible to compete as a driver, a driver must: I. Hold a competition licence issued by ASN Canada FIA or an ASN Region that grants eligibility for Time Attack events; II. Have signed the ASN Canada FIA General Waiver.
  10. It sounds like you have an issue with it tho Haha I just don't see the need of bringing in the ota to deal with wscc specific problems. If time attack competitors are given a collective say for decision making then I have full trust that the right choices will be made.
  11. Toyo r888r tires and as wide as you can get them is probably the best solution to winning haha. To bad they are so costly
  12. Classing sheets will be requested this year along with track inspections. This is something that hasn't been done consistently in the past unlike the roadracing side of things. Looking into something similar without bringing in the ota Car weighing is always encouraged. Scales are at the track on race weekends and free to use for competitors. Dyno sheets are a bit harder to get but deffinately a way better option for classing calculations. This is something that will probably happen for all items related to time attack not just classing where ALL competitors get a fair vote on changes being made within the program.
  13. Hey everyone. I think it's an understatement to say we have received a lot of feedback on our supplimentrary rules both positive and negative. We cannot ignore tho that the majority are against the supplimentrary rules. With the feedback given we have decided to scrap the 2019 supplimentrary rulebook written and continue running under the asn national scoring classing system. While we received many different views and had very healthy discussions about the pros and cons of both classing types it would be irresponsible of Brooke and I to force in a rulebook that is not in favor of the majority of time attack. However the last thing wewant to do is stop the discussion. Time attack is the fastest growing form of motorsports and is still very young compared to all the other disciplines. With the brand new formation of the North American Time Attack council reprisenting all levels of timeattack its will be very interesting what the future holds. We are all participating in a very import period for time attack and should all be proud of being a part of such a new and amazing discipline. Thank you all for your feedback and discussion. See you all in 2019. Ian and Brooke
  14. The issue is catering rules that are specific to the wscc. We have to look at out current group and find a way to evenly split the group up. I read thru pretty much every time attack rulebook around the globe and took what seemed like the fairest rules and tweaked them to evenly split our time attack group into 3 classes that are all easily obtainable.
  15. The pax classes are only listed as requirements for national championships. If the wscc ever decides to hold the national championship then pax clasess would have to be used. I specifically wrote these supplements to not cross over an rules but to clarify additonal requirements I felt were lacking from our time attack program. Check out the solo sport general requirements for classing. 6.1 Classification of vehicles For all competitions, vehicles may be classified by engine cylinder capacity, by modifications or as delineated by applicable rule sets
  16. Ive opened up a poll and open discussion on the time attack forums for the new rules. We need to see the overall view of opinions and have a civil and respectable discussion on views and changes people feel need to be made. I ask that further discussions on the rules happen on that thread.
  17. Our fastest pax car last year was a stock corvette zl1 which dominated by a couple seconds. Pax could have easily been a biggest pockets competition if anyone exploited it. On the other note. Having big pockets doesn't equal being a good driver.
  18. Since this is all new the executive layers have been making the decisions with feedback from other disciplines and racers.
  19. Thats a very slick setup for a rulebook! There's no denying that time attack is currently the fastest growing motorsport.
  20. Hey Miguel, I thought the same thing as you about the limited class getting bloated, so we increased tire size in both classes to try to even them out. Right now in global time attack, the fastest car is the PZ tuning FWD honda civic. From what ive been following the difference Between FWD, RWD, and AWD in nelegible as each has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses.
  21. Updated rules in the following: Increased maximum tire sizes in Enthusiast and Limited classes to equal out classes Added Novice scoring to promote newcomers to the sport Added clarification between roll cage and rollover protection *I'm a miner not an english teacher, please overlook any spelling mistakes!
  22. We understand that with the new regulations change comes learning and adapting to the evergrowing sport of time attack. Our new regulations are based off of the 4 main time attack groups in the world(Global Time Attack, World time attack, Gridlife, and SCCA). None of these groups use any sort of pax system. While i would love to have 4-5-6 different classes for competitors our numbers cannot support this while allowing a fun and competitive championship. Thus we settled on 3 classes with what we feel to be an equal step in performance between each class while being able to provide competitors a fun and fair class to compete within. We do see the need to encourage newcomers into the club and the sport and to provide a fair challenge to unexperienced drivers as such we will be looking for a fair way to incorporate rookies into a fair classing. With that being said safety is our number one priority and i feel as our requirements for safety are a fair and understandable update to the asn regulations. We do understand these regulations are brand new and we expect tweaks to be made to show strengths and weaknesses between the classes. Ian and Brooke
  23. The pax system only worked for stock cars. As soon as you started taking points you were put at a massive disadvantage. It was a flawed system and a big reason why none of the other bigger time attack sanctions used it. The rules are written to a minimum standard, not a "if it doesn't say you can, you cant".They were written to allow a great deal of freedom to modify in each class. If something is oem then it's not considered a modification. Grammar..?
  24. The lightweight body materials would still fall into enthusiast if they are OEM. What is a hater pipe? Haha
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