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  1. Thanks Roland for the excellent write up as always!!! I'm just finalizing up the 2020 sup regs. new to this year is penalties for not being able to provide a classing sheet(digital or paper)/ or entering your car in a lower class. Just an fyi if you look in the beginners guide to time attack forum I have a walkthrough video on how to correctly class a car.
  2. If your interested in watching as a spectator check out the link below! https://www.twitch.tv/lost0ne1
  3. Hey all! Were doing civics at GMP tonight at 8pm!!!! Server name:WSCC Password:wscc Just an fyi we are requesting that everyone uses their real name for racing. No more gamer names. We will be handing out warnings tonight but after that it will be a requirement. As always we have a ZERO tolerance for harrassment. Any questions or concerns please contact me. Ian, Peter, and Spencer.
  4. The wscc esports is in early stage development/testing thru club directors / volunteers to weigh in on whether it's in the clubs best interest to invest in a esports faction. I do appreciate your tremendous work on getting another server setup and running in such short notice. Would you be able to send me a pm and we can get in contact so we could bring you in on the director side of things? Ian
  5. Hey all. Were dealing with some stuff and as such this Saturday's race will be postponed/cancelled. I'll let you all know when were back up and running. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll reach back out when I get updates. Much love Ian
  6. Yes as long as the toyo r88r are exempt so will ar1s. The tires test pretty much identical and last time I checked toyo isnt giving us any money. The western championship is held with our supplimentrary rules so anyone who competes will be required to do so under our rulebook.
  7. Great job Peter! That last race was a blast
  8. All the issues I had were self caused hahahaha
  9. Maybe the 3rd times the charm for me! I'll be on days off so I'll have hours before to try and get set up. I will also be setting up george Abrahams for this saturday as he joined the dark side and got a sim setup. Thanks for all the hard work getting this setup peter!!!!!
  10. Never mind I dont think anyone is streaming this one
  11. Should be able to make a free account
  12. Check the esports forum. I seen a link to a twitch stream
  13. That was awesome guys!!!!! Have to do it again soon!
  14. any chance we can get assists unlocked? Im playing on a poverty setup with no clutch pedal and the auto clutch setting is locked
  15. Played ac for the first time online today. Man, do i wish it had voice chat. Leaves alot to be desired and kinda gets lonely. Currently downloading iracing again to get back on that train
  16. I'm not to sure if private server is the right word. For iracing you can rent a server right from iracing. This service is not offered with asetto corsa or rfactor
  17. No worries I'm just bugging you. From my understanding both asetto corsa and rfactor will require private servers. Maybe someone with more knowledge than me can chime in on this.
  18. Awe come on jay, I tried my best!
  19. The track is identical scale to the real track. I used google maps overlay to map it out. Only difference is the pavement might be a bit better than real life
  20. Ianfromduff

    Racing Games

    Just posted the track in the general motorsports forum. Sorry for the delay.
  21. Hey all, I finally figured out how to make this public instead of sending it out 1 by 1. Track is made by me but I'm deffinately no designer or computer guy so if your able to make changes to make it better please do so and share it back. Fyi I never put computer ai racers into it so you will only be able to race with yourself or other real people This is the download link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aYE5BIx8q4hGxvgWq0O66c-KwdNgViMV/view?usp=drivesdk Love Ian
  22. Hey all!!! Final times are up for the year! Congrats to Gary Cummins on the back to back wins!!! Sorry about the wait times getting these posted. Ian and Brooke
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