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  1. Ianfromduff

    What I Learned (WIL) Time Attack 2017-18

    Things I learnt from 2018. Reliability is everything!
  2. Ianfromduff

    Pot luck 2018!

    Brooke will bring something for me.
  3. Ianfromduff


    The winning 50/50 was won by Kevin Lachance who gererously donated it back to the club.
  4. This is an amazing start to ensuring GMP is home to current and future generations of racers
  5. Ianfromduff

    Favorite Hangout?

    Forums and social media for me
  6. Ianfromduff

    How to get 100+ Octane Fuel?

    Chuds sells race gas in 5 gallon pails. I run boostane in my car and while it does leave a reddish residue on the Pistons I've used it for 4 years and never had a problem.
  7. Ianfromduff

    Toyo Race Tires

    I have a set of zestinos 140tw semislicks I'm gonna try this year. They were $550cad for 4. Hard to say no for that price!
  8. Ianfromduff


    Only for lease. Dam MyLaps
  9. Ianfromduff

    Safety equipment for 2018

    Vintage classes are required to run hans devices. Also some new st5 class. Those were the only rule changes that stood out to me.
  10. Ianfromduff

    Fortune Auto 2018 contingency sponsorship!

    My coils are currently sitting at fortune auto getting rebuilt from 500 to 510s
  11. Ianfromduff

    Fortune Auto 2018 contingency sponsorship!

    Just the cars that want the contingency will be required to have stickers.
  12. Ianfromduff

    Fortune Auto 2018 contingency sponsorship!

    No they don't. Their factory is located in California
  13. on a side note, lets get a list of things we need and who will bring what. Off the top of my head i can think of: folding table X2 chairs tv something to play videos on the tv 2018 Brochures cars (duh) Aggressive studded ice race tires couple of slicks (new or used) to set up around booth. I can bring 4 semi slicks WSCC banner (do we have on of these) any other racing parts that look good laying around
  14. Ill be around all days to help out. Also ill update the WSCC brochure for 2018 and get some printed out to spread around the table