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  1. Ianfromduff

    2019 WSCC time attack supplementary regs *NEW*

    We understand that with the new regulations change comes learning and adapting to the evergrowing sport of time attack. Our new regulations are based off of the 4 main time attack groups in the world(Global Time Attack, World time attack, Gridlife, and SCCA). None of these groups use any sort of pax system. While i would love to have 4-5-6 different classes for competitors our numbers cannot support this while allowing a fun and competitive championship. Thus we settled on 3 classes with what we feel to be an equal step in performance between each class while being able to provide competitors a fun and fair class to compete within. We do see the need to encourage newcomers into the club and the sport and to provide a fair challenge to unexperienced drivers as such we will be looking for a fair way to incorporate rookies into a fair classing. With that being said safety is our number one priority and i feel as our requirements for safety are a fair and understandable update to the asn regulations. We do understand these regulations are brand new and we expect tweaks to be made to show strengths and weaknesses between the classes. Ian and Brooke
  2. Ianfromduff

    2019 WSCC time attack supplementary regs *NEW*

    The pax system only worked for stock cars. As soon as you started taking points you were put at a massive disadvantage. It was a flawed system and a big reason why none of the other bigger time attack sanctions used it. The rules are written to a minimum standard, not a "if it doesn't say you can, you cant".They were written to allow a great deal of freedom to modify in each class. If something is oem then it's not considered a modification. Grammar..?
  3. Ianfromduff

    2019 WSCC time attack supplementary regs *NEW*

    The lightweight body materials would still fall into enthusiast if they are OEM. What is a hater pipe? Haha
  4. Ianfromduff

    2019 WSCC time attack supplementary regs *NEW*

    Hey dason. Due to the massive size of the tires on your viper the car would fall into unlimited class. When coming up with the new classes it was agreed upon that tires sizes should be a factor which was completely missed by the pax system.
  5. Ianfromduff

    2019 WSCC time attack supplementary regs *NEW*

    All depends on weight and tire sizes/compound.
  6. Hey all! After our first year in the directors position, we found many large/small flaws in our current layout. After many discussions between Brooke and I, other competitors, and other sanctioning bodies we have decided to add WSCC supplementary regulations to our current regulations. The biggest change is the changing of car classes. We are ditching the 14 classes pax system and going to 3 classes. We found the pax system with the time adjustments took away the spirit of raceday competition and had flaws in the points classing system. By limiting to 3 classes we hope everyone can more evenly compete against other vehicles of similar performance. You'll also see we have updated many safety requirements. With the repaving of the track and the spirit of competition our time attack group is faster than its ever been before. With the increased speed comes an increased need for safety. Lastly, we have added the option to register as a team. You may have up to 2 drivers on a team sharing a car. Drivers may swap between time attack races but will not see additional track time compared to solo competitors. The teams best lap time between both drivers will count towards points. Anyways we hope you find these supplementary regulations to be both fair and exciting. See you all when the snow melts! Ian Stecyk & Brooke Tuchscherer WsccTArulebookV1.0.pdf
  7. Ianfromduff

    OTA Rule changes

    We are in the works of changing our classes more towards global time attack classes. There are to many flaws with the pip program to promote equal and fair classing. Hope to have the first revision up in January.
  8. Ianfromduff

    Door bar rules?

    I personally prefer nascar style for more cockpit room and ease of egress. To each their own tho
  9. Ianfromduff

    Door bar rules?

    I pulled this out of the wcma technical regulations. Side protection bars must be attached between the front and rear hoops on both sides of the vehicle. These bars should be attached to the front hoop no higher than 30.48 cm (12") off the floor and on the rear hoop and no higher than 60.96 cm (24") off the floor. The competitor's side must be fitted with at least two side protection bars which follow as closely as possible the outline of the door. NASCAR style multiple anti-intrusion bars are highly recommended. No one is gonna turn you away if you decide to do X style door bars tho.
  10. Ianfromduff

    North American Time Attack council

    I'm excited to see what comes of this!
  11. Ianfromduff

    What I Learned (WIL) Time Attack 2017-18

    Things I learnt from 2018. Reliability is everything!
  12. Ianfromduff

    Pot luck 2018!

    Brooke will bring something for me.
  13. Ianfromduff


    The winning 50/50 was won by Kevin Lachance who gererously donated it back to the club.
  14. This is an amazing start to ensuring GMP is home to current and future generations of racers
  15. Ianfromduff

    Favorite Hangout?

    Forums and social media for me