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      2017 Annual Banquet   10/12/2017

      Saturday Octobre 28th Clarion Hotel 1445 Portage ave.  https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Clarion+Hotel+%26+Suites/@49.8818764,-97.1980597,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x52ea7381e7cf9c6d:0x95f65dafca26e11e!8m2!3d49.881873!4d-97.195871?hl=en   Be there or be square!


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  1. Car Wash

  2. Car Wash

    Sorry about your lucky seat cover haha
  3. POT LUCK!

    I will bring some freshly picked 100% homemade horseradish. And im pretty sure Brooke is bringing homemade Oreos.
  4. Apologies

    I'm sure I speak for all when I say all is forgiven.
  5. Road Race Registration time!

    I will be registering tonight when I have my transponder number and log book
  6. Just recieved this picture of the track layout in raymore sk. Look familiar to anyone lol? Only little concern I see is at the start of the w's. If someone goes into that corner and "forgets" to slow down they will be shoot into the grass right back onto the track in the Perfect position to tbone another car. I guess the solution is a tire wall but anyone who hits that could be potentially going fast.
  7. Glad you had fun! I was working out on corner 3. Deffinstely seen huge improvments thru the weekend from everyone. Hope to see you again out there.
  8. You have to take the hpde to qualify for a time attack or road race licence
  9. That would have been neat to see
  10. I feel like time attack is gonna have a bit more interest this year. With it's popularity in the states and Ontario im amazed it isn't bigger here. But it would deffinately be a good thing to get some car classification going. Looking forward to seeing you all come May!
  11. Area 27: Canada's newest racetrack.

    Full blown track
  12. Surprisingly Good Motorsports coverage

    I'd also recomend the roadkill show. Fricken hilarious
  13. Noone will want my cooking so I can bring all the utensils plates and napkins. Ill bring pop too. I'll talk to brooke tonight as I'm sure she will want to bring something.
  14. Looks like some footage is starting to arise from area 27 in the okanagan. Looks amazing. Kinda sad about never getting to go on it tho. Thoughts?