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  1. Ps. Speed bleeders are amazing haha. We have them on both the cars. Makes bleeding brakes a 1 person job. They just screw into where you stock bleed nipples. When you wanna bleed brakes just crack them half a turn and just pump away. They have a check valve built in so you never get air sucking back in.
  2. We run motul 600 in all our cars. It's about $20 for a jug of it and you can easily bleed out a car with 2 jugs. I'd never think of running anything else. The price point per value of it is amazing. Should easily last you the full year with a brake bleed every event or 2. For $40 bucks you cant go wrong with it at all.
  3. Whoops timing trailer never got added. That's on derick peltier. If he would like to do both that would be hugely appreciated as I see we have noone for start stop stand
  4. Hey all! Please find the attached pdf for the workers jobs you have signed up for. Thanks again for helping out! june 2019 job list.pdf Ian
  5. Hey all! Please find the attached pdf for the workers jobs you have signed up for. Thanks again for helping out! june 2019 job list.pdf Ian
  6. Cough cough Subaru!!!! If you dont mind changing headgaskets every year...
  7. Points for event 1 are finally finished! Sorry for the wait, this is definitely the least funnest part of the job! Anything highlighted in yellow is discrepancies we came across when doing the times. If you have any issues please contact us at timeattackwscc@gmail.com event 1 2019 points.pdf2019 time attack championship.pdfevent 2 2019 points.pdf Thanks! Ian and brooke event 2 2019 points.pdf
  8. Thanks @nopistons and @mcorrie your absolutely right.
  9. Ian stecyk 777 and 71 shared with brooke
  10. Shoot me a PM and I can email you an early version.
  11. Nope I started from scratch on this project.
  12. Been busy for the last week on the computer making a real life model of gmp for asetto corsa. The track was overlayed onto an image from Google maps so it is a perfect 1-1 scale. From there all it took was some tweaking of the track elevations for dropoffs and camber in turns and it feels great. Even added different track grip textures for the new pavement. Paired with vr it feels dam near as good as the real thing. Track times so far are within 0.5 seconds vs real life with the frs in the game. The handling characteristics of cars are exactly as expected when racing in real life. Over the next couple weeks I plan on working on some models of gmp buildings to complete the look(instead of having a giant porta potty for a control tower haha). Check out the video on YouTube of a lap around.
  13. I'm curious if asn will also adapt these rules in. So far nothing has been released for the rulebook for 2019 and the next asn meeting isn't until sometime in April.
  14. The r888 and r88rs are exempt from points in ota because toyo is a sponsor of the series. In the asn rulebook it just says this 5.1.2. TIRES I. Installation of Street legal tires with a treadwear rating (UTQG) of 140 or higher 0 PIP
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