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  1. Gary with the Camaro here (hi guys)! I have been going to proving grounds for the last few years and will be going this year too, hoping to drag my brother Dave with me. It’s a lot of fun and a really good time. They do drag racing, drifting, Auto x and HPDE all weekend long. Brainerds track works excellent for this event because they run hpde , Auto x and drag racing all at the same time because of their track layout. Short course is 2.5 mile, the drags can use the front straight which doesn’t affect the short road course, and auto x and drifting takes place near the entrance where you first drive in. It draws a big crowd and tons of ridiculous cars. They usually do 2 a year, one in June and one in September. If you can find the time in your schedule, make the trip, it’s tons of fun and usually a few of us winnipeggers down there.
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