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  1. Hey MarkoPoolo. Yes Richard with the black ZL1 1LE has and so did Tom with the white ZL1 1LE. They both absolutely loved it as it is a huge track with lots of elevation changes. Saying that, I'm not sure who you are by your user name, but if you are looking for coaching locally with your 1LE, come out to an open lapping day and find me (Gary with the red ZL1 1LE), and I would be happy to show you lines, setup, pointers etc. I won the time attack championship 2 years ago with an SS 1LE and I won last year with my ZL1 1LE. I have literally thousands of laps behind the wheel of a 6t
  2. Do the road racers know that this is also a road race weekend? Only 3 cars signed up so far for closed wheel and 2 for open wheel.
  3. @Corey nailed it. The reason why I lost is because there were a lot of experienced auto crossers that have done this way more than I have and they are simply better drivers at auto x than me, and I'm good with that. I felt I did quite good for my first outing too and I'm sure I will get faster and faster with more and more practice and more seat time developing that specific skillset. Back to road course talk, Roland says Ontario time attack was the ones that changed the classing on 1LE's. Which sure, they did, but how much influence came from the WSCC. Did @mcorrie submit my name last ye
  4. I will have you guys know I went to auto x this weekend, which also uses PAX and I lost to pretty much everyone and every thing, I even lost to everyone and every thing without PAX too. Cars I lost to... a stock mazda 3 hatch, a neon, subarus, focus RS's, Bmw's and the list goes on and on. Anybody wanna tell me why I lost? I know the reason, just want to see if you guys do too.
  5. Gary with the Camaro here (hi guys)! I have been going to proving grounds for the last few years and will be going this year too, hoping to drag my brother Dave with me. It’s a lot of fun and a really good time. They do drag racing, drifting, Auto x and HPDE all weekend long. Brainerds track works excellent for this event because they run hpde , Auto x and drag racing all at the same time because of their track layout. Short course is 2.5 mile, the drags can use the front straight which doesn’t affect the short road course, and auto x and drifting takes place near the entrance where you first
  6. Big thanks Ian and Brooke! You guys have done such an amazing job with time attack. It was nice to have two days every weekend this year instead of 1. You guys are awesome!
  7. I saw the note that online registration was mandatory, that's why I was trying to do it this morning. I didn't see the note that cutoff was Wednesday night. I am down to run tomorrow and give the club my 100 dollars. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.
  8. I didn't see that registration was closed Wednesday night. Just tried registering right now and I can't. There are only 9 cars registered and I'm down to go, but don't know what to do now. I'm doing open lapping today so maybe I can talk to someone there?
  9. My brother and I will be present with both Hondas. I also believe Ian will be there with his Sti.
  10. Awesome pics! Thanks for posting those up so fast!
  11. How do we get the discount for doing the race school this year? I believe they said they would do the first time attack event at half price or something like that.
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