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  1. Or maybe hair is growing in his palms.......................
  2. I've had X-Ice 2 on a Corolla I had, hated them. The bimmer had Blizzaks and I wasn't super happy with them either, overrated tires. There was too much yaw on the highway going a little below the speed limit, maybe the rear would come lose all the time. Had to do 60-70 going to Emerson, for instance. Have had Hakkas R2 since last winter, and you know I have the X3 with All-seasons... I feel safer, and prefer to drive the RWD. Granted, the X3 is much quicker launching cause of AWD. But AWD is just this, a performance feature (for rain or wet, or when the car has too much power)... Cornering, braking etc. love my RWD. Better than the AWD. I too, based on personal reviews of regular people like us, was always looking for a tire that would perform as well as a summer tire performs during summer. That will never happen lol At least you have fun sliding when you want to. And the front wheels are always in control. I don't think there's any non-studded tire as good as the Hakka R2... The X3 will get them next year too.
  3. Sorry guys, I won't be able to make it tonight... not feeling well at all. sorry about that
  4. I want in, but can only start in December or the last 3 days of November. Does that work? Monday: John Stefan Sam Valter Tuesday: John Sam Valter Wednesday: John Corey D Stefan Sam Valter Thursday: John Corey D Stefan Sam Valter Friday: Corey D Stefan Valter Part-timer: Beau
  5. Post them on Flickr so we can see them! Maybe the guys can even use them on facebook. ps: you posted this on the road race forum; I believe you meant to post it on the general autoslalom forum. Entirely different crowd. Cheers, Guy with the black umbrella
  6. Love you Baby. Can't wait for next season everyone. What a group of guys/girls. Thanks thanks
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