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  1. January 5th, 7:00pm In: 1. John 2. Cody L 3. Valter
  2. Or maybe hair is growing in his palms.......................
  3. ________

    The Next Ice Spec Tire?

    I've had X-Ice 2 on a Corolla I had, hated them. The bimmer had Blizzaks and I wasn't super happy with them either, overrated tires. There was too much yaw on the highway going a little below the speed limit, maybe the rear would come lose all the time. Had to do 60-70 going to Emerson, for instance. Have had Hakkas R2 since last winter, and you know I have the X3 with All-seasons... I feel safer, and prefer to drive the RWD. Granted, the X3 is much quicker launching cause of AWD. But AWD is just this, a performance feature (for rain or wet, or when the car has too much power)... Cornering, braking etc. love my RWD. Better than the AWD. I too, based on personal reviews of regular people like us, was always looking for a tire that would perform as well as a summer tire performs during summer. That will never happen lol At least you have fun sliding when you want to. And the front wheels are always in control. I don't think there's any non-studded tire as good as the Hakka R2... The X3 will get them next year too.
  4. Sorry guys, I won't be able to make it tonight... not feeling well at all. sorry about that
  5. I want in, but can only start in December or the last 3 days of November. Does that work? Monday: John Stefan Sam Valter Tuesday: John Sam Valter Wednesday: John Corey D Stefan Sam Valter Thursday: John Corey D Stefan Sam Valter Friday: Corey D Stefan Valter Part-timer: Beau
  6. ________

    Photography Sept 17th

    Outstanding work! Kudos Natalina
  7. ________

    Photography Sept 17th

    Post them on Flickr so we can see them! Maybe the guys can even use them on facebook. ps: you posted this on the road race forum; I believe you meant to post it on the general autoslalom forum. Entirely different crowd. Cheers, Guy with the black umbrella
  8. ________

    2016 Autoslalom Results

    Love you Baby. Can't wait for next season everyone. What a group of guys/girls. Thanks thanks