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  1. I heard it went for $61K on Ebay. A tidy profit.
  2. Deadline for getting your teams together is quickly upon us. League Name: WSCC, PCA-RRR, & Friends (message me for the password).
  3. I'll keep #2. Just renewed the membership. Thanks!Joe
  4. Giddyup! F1 starts in 11 days in Australia. Not sure if Yofa's gonna run his league this year, but mine's ready to go if anyone's interested. League Name: WSCC, PCA-RRR, & Friends (message me for the password).The 8 players from last year are still in the league. Super Happy Best Team Racing ghetto racing n0s4a2-f1 Having Fun Call 911! Fartypants Racing 350Zs > Porsches DogWon'tHunt RacingOnly rule... you cannot hide your teams.
  5. My parents were driving down to Florida last year. Their friend packed them a lunch. The guards searched their car and found two oranges in the cooler. The guards took them in, berated them for over an hour, charged them a $300 fine, and now they are on the list where they will always be given the 3rd degree when crossing.My parents dropped the ball, not knowing what was in the packed lunch, but seriously... these guards seems to go a little over the top now and then.Btw... anybody know of anything my parents can do to get themselves off the list? Sorry for the threadjack Royce.
  6. Talking with "Mr. Menke" he concurred... come down through Gretna, but go back through Emerson.
  7. Reading 15.2 I (p. 87) it appears that the bumper and spoiler are SP legal though, correct?15.2 BODYWORKI. Spoilers/splitters and cosmetic trim pieces are permitted. Side skirts may not be used. Spoilers/splitters must comply with the following subsections. The intent of this allowance is to accommodate commonly available appearance kits, and replicas thereof, which have no significant aerodynamic function at Solo speeds.1. A spoiler/splitter may be added to the front of the car belowthe bumper. It may not extend rearward beyond the front most part of the front wheel well openings, and may not block normal grille or other openings, or obstruct lights.Splitters may not protrude beyond the bumper. Openings may not be used for the purpose of ducting air to the radiator or oil cooler, but they may allow air to flow through a permitted oil cooler provided no ducting is used. The spoiler may not function as a wing.2. A spoiler may be added to the rear of the car provided it complies with either of the following:a) It is a production rear spoiler which is standard or optional equipment of a U.S. model of the vehicle, or an exact replica in an alternate material.
  8. Would the AerocupII decklid that was available as a stock option on 2004 996 C2s have been a Stock or SP item?
  9. I'm pretty sure, but want to make absolute... not that I'm gunning for a trophy...2002 Porsche Carrera 2.- Aerocup II front bumper (stock option in 2004) - AS?- RoW M030 Shocks, Springs and Sways (stock option in Europe) - Not a stock option in Canada, so springs and rear sway push it to ASP?- Porsche GT3 decklid and blade (hood and rear wing - Aerocup II decklid and blade stock option in 2004) - identical to Aerocup II decklid and blade, but different air ducting to intake and part number - ASP?- FVD Brombacher Intake - Airbox replacement - ASP?- IPD Plenum - Plenum replacement - ASP?So ASP
  10. I've got a big box that'll be there in a week or so... anyone going down in a truck or van?
  11. That's disgusting... I always clear the paperwork myself to avoid the fees. I'm pretty sure if you go with FedEx, Purolator, or USPS, the fees are significantly less too.
  12. Anyone do some competitive pricing on shipments lately? I priced one package via UPS and the difference was $7USD ($18 vs $25) between shipping to Menke's and to Winnipeg. (15lbs 48X12X8 inches)...
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