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  1. Update. I talked to pro tek coatings and they no longer do Ceramic Coating. I ended up being directed to DI Custom Coatings in Tyndall and they are doing it for me.
  2. Did you find someone to do the ceramic coating? I need new headers done as well.
  3. Car 80 with 22 points Whoo Hoo. Guess there isnt points for how many times you get towed out of the snow bank.......
  4. Big Thanks to all involved in the last two Ice racing Events that we attended in Portage and Gimli! As one of the new guys on the scene we really appreciate all the tips, tricks and generosity of fellow racers loaning us there equipment. Your all a great group of people and we look forward to hanging out next season, just wish we would have started a little earlier in the year so we could have a had some more seat time. Hoping we will be able to add a little to the competition next season and make an effort to attend all events. Studs or Rubber is the contemplation on the brain tonight and what color of paint job!!! I really did not need another addiction.......Damm you Cecil......
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