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  1. Attention All Potential Ice Racers

    @honda78: Is there a phone number that people can contact Cara at? I am putting out a call through the local owners clubs, and need some way for them to get in contact if they aren't on the forum yet. Edit: Cara prefers her email, here: cstewart9653@gmail.com
  2. 2018 Supp Regs

    Awesome to see the AWD class officially added @chkdsk. I agree with you, once the publicity is there this will be a fast growing category locally, and I'm looking forward to that!
  3. 2018 Ice Race Schedule – Tentative

    Wooooooooooo, can't wait!
  4. LF/WTB: Fixed-back Racing Seat & 5/6-point racing harness

    Bumping this up, again looking for a seat for this upcoming season! Harness no longer required
  5. Sorry for the delay folks. The event had to be postponed and is being rescheduled! I will update here with the new date. @Mat
  6. Are you interested in Rally racing? Looking to get involved with either volunteering or competing in a Rallycross or Stage Rally event with the WSCC? In order to get there, we need interested people to get involved with attending events in the surrounding areas and volunteering their time. Being a part of a Regional or National rally event is a great way to understand what it takes to put on a Rally event locally in Manitoba. Without a group of volunteers that is committed to learning what it takes to make an event happen, Rallysport in Manitoba will never happen. We need you! May 20th is the Headwaters Regional Rally event in Walker, Minnesota. Full details here: https://www.americanrallyassociation.org/headwaters It's less than a 5 hour drive to the event, and only a 1-day commitment. This is a great opportunity to get involved.
  7. Feb 18th, 2017 - Unofficial Results

    Thanks @grail!
  8. Update: Jordan

    Thanks for the update @wolfgirl. Jordan, we all with you the best for the upcoming surgery, and are here to help with the fallout afterwards. Your Ice Racing community is behind you! Speedy recovery
  9. Thanks Peter, nicely done.
  10. Official Event Details: What? Icecross style event (driving on a frozen pond, on a track carved out of the snow, in an attempt to get around the course in the quickest times possible) * Please note that this will not be ice-cross in its true sense, as cones may or may not be used, however future events will stick to a regulated set of rules. Why? The purpose of this event is to start establishing a rally community here in Manitoba once again. This is an excellent opportunity to use track with the ice racers. In addition, seasoned experts are on hand to teach you the basics! When? Saturday, February 4th, 2017 Schedule: 10:45 am - Driver's Meeting --> Location: TBD (We'll just congregate together) 11:00 am - 4:00 pm - Ice-cross Lapping --> Let's rip! We will be doing rotations with the other two groups, so it will run in the following order: 15 min. studded, 15 min. rubber-ice, 15 min. Icecross, repeat Where? Lake Shirley - Off Murdock road, it's the water ski pond in the summer time --> Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/64jLxrbogHP2 How Much? Entry Fee: $60 --> We pay what the ice racers pay, plain and simple What Do I Need? 1. A current SNELL “M” or “SA” helmet - SA is strongly encouraged - SA helmet mandatory for all vehicles with factory or aftermarket installed roll protection 2. WSCC Membership --> See here: http://www.wscc.mb.ca/join/ 3. Winter Tires --> all season tires are not permitted 4. Register for the event on MotorsportReg (make sure to sign up under the Icecross saturday section --> http://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2017-wscc-ice-race-3-winnipeg-sports-car-club-565778 5. Bring a bucket to put all your belongings in (Rubbermaid tote, for example), as you will need to remove all loose items from your vehicle before you head out on the track. 6. Vehicle must be dimensionally wider than it is tall (same restriction as Autocross) 7. Vehicle must have functional tow points (either factory locations that are intact and easily accessible, or aftermarket hooks in place) How Do I Sign Up? Follow the links above, or text/call me at (204) 294-0286 with any questions/concerns. To answer some common questions: 1. No, you do not need any special modifications to your vehicle. You can show up with your daily-driver (Toyota Tercel, or EVO X, doesn't matter), or your full blown race-car. This is about having fun no matter what you're in, and challenging your skills as a driver. The only requirement is that the vehicle be wider than it is tall (identical rules to Autocross) 2. Do I need a WSCC membership? Yes, this is mandatory for insurance purposes 3. Where can I get a helmet? You can either borrow one from a friend (lots of people in the city that do Autocross, or HPDE that have purchased helmets in the past. OR, go to Classic Motorworks or other speed shops in the city and pick one up for yourself 4. Am I going to have fun? Um, heck yes. This event allows you to do everything you already do when we get a snow storm, but without the worry of being charged for it. 5. Will I become Ken Block / Colin McRae once I've completed this event? No... But if you keep getting involved and participating, then you absolutely have a chance! Let's get this community going, and have a blast doing it! We had an awesome time 2 weeks ago with a bunch of Subaru's, and even a RWD Volvo! Everyone learned a bunch, so I hope to see everyone out!
  11. I have for sale a 1997 Subaru WRX STI. The vehicle is a "Salvageable" status, as it was written off for rear end damage. Simply repair, re-inspect, and put it back on the road! Reason for selling: I purchased it in order to build a rallycross car, however while beginning my prep I found a vehicle in Ontario already built, so I want someone to repair this and put it back on the road. This would make an excellent car for Rallycross or any racing purposes. The undercarriage is clean, the quarter panel are free of rust, and the frame/unibody is still straight.- 2.0L EJ20K engine (~60,000 kms, swapped in from a low kms '98 STI) in great running condition - 5-speed manual - New clutch kit (Exedy) - 4-pot front brakes - Block heater, and oil pan heater What it needs: minor pull to centre section of back end immediately below the trunk. I've already talked to several frame shops about it and it will cost approx. $300 to pull back (See the last picture). The trunk lid has no damage at all, and the rear bumper is scuffed in a minor way, so it's a simple fix. Front left fender is blue (previous owner had already sold the white one by the time I got the car) Price: $2500 Contact: Jared @ (204) 294-0286, or pm here Note: exhaust and mudflaps not included (will have stock exhaust) See here for more details and pictures: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/winnipeg/1997-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-sedan/1233986500
  12. Icecross Event - Saturday, January 21st

    Sorry to hear that, shoot. I will be figuring out which events will happen this year, and try to give more notice in advance of them happening. I'll keep everyone posted.
  13. Icecross Event - Saturday, January 21st

    Excellent post @chkdsk, and thanks for the support! I'm excited to see more and more interest in this. The hope is that we grow a community that is interested in seeing official events happen locally, and also garner a team of dedicated volunteers, as the events won't happen without them. Tons of seat time will happen this Saturday, so get ready and come on out! Like Jordan said, come see me if you weren't at the school during the last event, so I can run you through the basics. Read the "Flags" section of this document for details that will apply to you while lapping: http://forums.wscc.mb.ca/index.php?/topic/10719-2017-supp-regs/