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  1. I know I have been pretty quiet on here, it has been a hectic summer with not much time off. Hopefully once the season winds down I can find time to provide some insight on how these teams function and what racing at this level is really like. My last race of the official 2019 season is this weekend at Road Atlanta and we are lucky enough to have our trailer parked beside Corvette's, who has the new C8R at the track this weekend for display and demo laps. The only technical details released so far is that it has a 5.5l flat-plane crank engine. It looks pretty tame from the outside, but if it is anything like the current C7.5R, it is an absolute spaceship beneath the skin.
  2. Not sure if this will clarify things or just make them more confusing...... The images below are snips of the three possible "throttle maps" from the manual of a car I am working with this year. It is easy to visually spot the difference between the "smooth" and "linear" maps as the shape of the map changes from an "exponential" curve to a linear line respectively. The "linear" and "aggressive" maps appear to be identical, but the throttle pedal position at which WOT is applied is reduced by 15% for the aggressive map. As @Rare Snake mentioned above, the Sprint Booster "boosts" the signal from the sensor, effectively changing the offset of the sensor calibration table. I do not have a calibration table handy for a throttle pedal, so the picture below is for a steering angle sensor but can still be used to illustrate the point. The blue line is the baseline calibration while the red line is the calibration that the Sprint Booster would change it to. The greater the positive offset is from the original calibration, the sooner the engine will reach WOT in the throttle pedal range, making the engine feel sportier since it is being artificially rev'd faster. From what I can tell, the higher the number of the controller setting, the greater the offset .
  3. The crash ended up damaging the firewall and sheared lower a-arm mounting points. It was decided to write-off the tub because it would be easier to get a new tub than try and repair the damage and end up with a chassis that isn't square anymore. The tear-down and total re-build took almost 2 weeks altogether but the team got it back together in time for use to head down to Sebring this week for a test. An interesting point to note is that the tub is a production street-car chassis that has had its fenders cut out and a roll cage installed. The triangulated node in the front wheel well area is the upper mounting point for the front damper assemblies. I do not know the selection process for how chassis get selected to become racecars but I am fairly certain that it is not like the Ferrari FXX's which are chosen because of defects that make them unsafe for street use. During tear-down we were able to get a good look at the pedal box and the brake pedal/master cylinder assembly. It is becoming more common now for the driver seat to be in a fixed position and the driver controls adjustable. The reasoning behind this is to prevent longitudinal weight distribution being thrown off by different drivers. It also makes it easier to design the safety cell around the driver if every one will be in the exact same position relative to padding and the roll cage. Of course Porsche has to be different from everyone else and uses brake master cylinders that pressurize under extension and not compression.
  4. For those of you who did not know, our race was cut short due to an accident during the re-start after the first red flag period. A car had spun out in front of us at the start/finish line and our driver had nowhere to go, thankfully he was able to brake and slow significantly before impact. Footage of the impact can be seen at 4:17 in the video below:
  5. The days leading up to the race were pretty hectic and we didn't have much of a chance to relax before the green flag dropped. Porsche had a 35+ page manual of updates that had to be completed on the car in addition to the typical race weekend prep and setup optimization. On top of all that, we had a coolant leak from the gearbox heat exchanger during the last practice session that required dropping the gearbox to fix. The middle picture is my view during all on-track sessions. I use my laptop screen to run a software connected to the live timing feed and also have a direct connection to messaging with race control and timing and scoring. The screen right in front of me is an extension from my laptop and displays the telemetry feed from the car. Our telemetry uses connection to a 4G cell network to broadcast its information so typically at the start of the race when everyone is posting on social media our connection does not work. The screen to the left of me is the live TV feed of the race and the screen to the right of me is an array of all the cameras around the track in live time. We access these TV feeds from coax bulkheads installed in pit lane which also includes channels displaying weather information, radar and timing.
  6. Just a heads up that the hour long race re-cap will be airing tonight at 5pm on TSN2 if anyone wanted to catch the highlights of the race.
  7. To my best knowledge they are covering all 24 hours live (see linked article: https://sportscar365.com/imsa/iwsc/200-countries-set-for-weathertech-championship-tv-coverage/). I have also heard that because the deal with Velocity was finalized so recently, it was too late to update the TV listings for this week. Hope this helps!!
  8. Some big news today for us Canucks north of the border; all IMSA Weathertech Sportscar Challenge races will be broadcast live on the Discovery Velocity channel as well as TSN will be airing tape-delayed "cutdown" recaps from events. Of course that is on top of the live streaming that has always been available at https://imsatv.imsa.com/.
  9. Thankfully when we were at the Roar we were able to use one of the garage spaces and qualified high enough to secure one for the race this week as well. It's nice having a garage to work in since it eliminates the time required to setup and take down the trailer awning, the only downside is that you have less room to work on the car. This past week we finished up all the final prep for the car, including almost an entire day of fuel drop tests to match our required BoP for the weekend for in-car tank volume and flow rate. I always had heard teams complaining about how long it takes to get their setups perfect and now I finally understand why. So many factors are at play to ensure results are repeatable: fuel level in fuel rig, length of hose, height of re-fueler, distance of car from fuel rig and of course restrictor size. Today we officially released our livery for the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, a very Canadian buffalo plaid. At first it started off as a joke between our team manager (Steve Bortolotti) and the Pfaff creative director (Laurance Yap) but our sponsors got on board with it and we may even be securing a sponsorship from Smoke's Poutinerie because of it.
  10. Just some pictures from preparing for the Roar at the start of the month. The car has been under development for a while in Europe, but the North American tracks are presenting a new challenge for Porsche so we are all learning together at this point. It has been a big help having Lars Kern as one of our drivers since he has done a lot of the development for the new car in Europe. All pictures were taken by Jordan Lenssen (https://www.instagram.com/lenssenphoto/)
  11. Hello Everyone, I do not post much on here, nor do I attend many WSCC events so I feel I should take a second to introduce myself. I am currently in my final year of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manitoba and have been involved with the Formula SAE team at the University since I started my degree back in 2013. I do not attend any WSCC events with vehicles of my own, but I have done a few Autocross events with the FSAE car. As with most (if not all) of you, cars have been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. I set a goal for myself to try and find a job in motorsports where I could combine my engineering background and love of racing. This past year I was able to secure a few positions working as a DAG/Data Engineer for a few different teams and this year I have secured a position with Pfaff Motorsports who is competing in the GTD class in IMSA for the full season. I am in Daytona until Sunday for the series-mandated test session for competitors in the Daytona 24-hour race at the end of the month. If any of you are interested in knowing what goes on behind the scenes at sportscar races such as these let me know. Obviously I am not able to disclose all details for privacy reasons, but I will do my best to answer any questions that you have.
  12. I can't speak directly about their permanent film on road cars, but I used their Tracwrap to protect a car I towed on a u-haul trailer from Winnipeg to Hamilton. The drive was in the middle of winter with a lot of gravel/salt on the roads in some sections and the paint saw no damage. The car was a 1993 MR2 with original paint and there was also no damage to the paint when removing the film either. VPS installed Xpel paint protection film on our racecar from the UofM on some bare carbon sections of our chassis and side pods. After some track use there are areas of the sidepods that are chipping away that were un-protected, while the areas that have the ppf still look brand new.
  13. IN 1.Corey 2. Jonny 3. Curtis 4. Kevin R 5. Sam 6. Kevin M. OUT 1. Taylor Fillers 1. Jonny's friend Matt 2. Jonny's friend Matt's friend
  14. Talked to the owner at the World of Wheels about his then 911 GT3, he claimed that he occasionally rents out the track in Gimli for personal use.
  15. Thursday Oct 29 at 7PM 1. Mohamad 2. Corey 3. Taylor 4. Garrett 5. Curtis 6. Kevin R 7. Jonny S. 8. Kevin M. 9. 10. Waiting list 11. 12.
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