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  1. We will be bringing the FSAE car from the University of Manitoba out this weekend. I will make sure to bring our tire pyrometer if anyone would like readings taken.
  2. Kevin

    Xpel Film - worth the cost?

    I can't speak directly about their permanent film on road cars, but I used their Tracwrap to protect a car I towed on a u-haul trailer from Winnipeg to Hamilton. The drive was in the middle of winter with a lot of gravel/salt on the roads in some sections and the paint saw no damage. The car was a 1993 MR2 with original paint and there was also no damage to the paint when removing the film either. VPS installed Xpel paint protection film on our racecar from the UofM on some bare carbon sections of our chassis and side pods. After some track use there are areas of the sidepods that are chipping away that were un-protected, while the areas that have the ppf still look brand new.
  3. Unfortunately I had to leave before the second run group, but here is a link to some pics that I took. I will be out again for a full event before the end of the season. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0o-bh4G4r2sNDBkZWkyd2VJQkk&usp=sharing
  4. IN 1.Corey 2. Jonny 3. Curtis 4. Kevin R 5. Sam 6. Kevin M. OUT 1. Taylor Fillers 1. Jonny's friend Matt 2. Jonny's friend Matt's friend
  5. Kevin

    First Mclaren in Winnipeg

    Talked to the owner at the World of Wheels about his then 911 GT3, he claimed that he occasionally rents out the track in Gimli for personal use.
  6. Thursday Oct 29 at 7PM 1. Mohamad 2. Corey 3. Taylor 4. Garrett 5. Curtis 6. Kevin R 7. Jonny S. 8. Kevin M. 9. 10. Waiting list 11. 12.
  7. The stars have aligned, I'm in for this Thursday!!
  8. Before signing up I should probably introduce myself. I'm Kevin Mazur, suspension design lead for the UMSAE Formula Team and one of the 4 competition drivers (Sam and Zac being the 2 main ones who most of you probably already know). I was the one taking pictures at the last Autoslalom event this year. Mondays: Taylor, Sam, Mohamed, Rob, Chris, Kevin Tuesdays: Taylor, Mohamed, Rob, Chris Wednesdays: Taylor, Corey, Mohamed, Chris. Thursdays: Taylor, Corey, Sam, Mohamed, Rob, Chris, Kevin (sometimes) Fridays: Corey, Sam, Rob, Chris, Kevin
  9. Kevin

    Jul 14 RRX event?

    Annnnnd more pics, these from the RRX event: https://www.flickr.com/gp/130018517@N04/GN104g
  10. Kevin

    Sep 20 event

    Here's a link to an album of some pics I got at the Sept 20th event: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130018517@N04/albums/72157659180164685