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  1. Hello, For anyone that’s interested, the TSD Rally Runner computer is currently available for 50% off on our website. Cheers, Latch Dimitrov 3 Peak Engineering
  2. Hi, That's a good question and we've been asked that a few times. Basically, we wanted to bring out the absolute best product possible in terms of performance, features and usability. This isn't a flimsy app. It's an overall solution that's meant to compete with the likes of Timewise and Alfa and win races out there Cheers, Latch Dimitrov 3 Peak Engineering
  3. Hello all, For anyone here that does TSD (Time-Speed-Distance) rallying, you might find this new rally computer of interest: http://www.3peakengineering.com/motorsport/rally-computers/tsd-rally-runner/ It’s called TSD Rally Runner and it is full of features specifically designed to help TSD rally enthusiasts excel in competition. I’m directly involved in its development and can answers all questions anyone might have. You can contact me at latch.dimitrov@3peakengineering.com. Also, feature requests and suggestions are highly welcome. Cheers, Latch Dimitrov 3 Peak Engineering
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