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  1. WSCC Season Opener - May 24-26th 2019.xlsx
  2. WSCC Season Opener - May 24-26th 2019.xlsx
  3. Schedule will be posted shortly. Plan to be at GMP around 8am.
  4. You must be SPECIAL! I will edit. It’s yours.
  5. 1991 Civic SI BC Shell D16A6 SOHC 1600CC Fully Caged Bottom end rebuilt two years ago Fresh Head Midway through Season 2019 Stage 3 Clutch Lightened Flywheel Carbon Syncros Quaife LSD not included This car handles EXTREMELY WELL!! Car has been extremely compettitive and in the championship hunt since day one. 2019 Studded Championship Car with A. Marcoux behind the wheel. Many spares, seat and Black Rocket Tires negotiable. Asking $4500 depending how you want it.
  6. 1989 Honda Civic SI BC Car Fully Caged and raced from 2015 - current JDM ZC SOHC 1600cc Stage 3 Clutch and 6 puck disc Quaife LSD Gear X 4.9 Final Drive H&R Race Series Springs Koni Yellow Shocks ST Suspensions Rear Anti-Sway Bar New Battery New Starter New Alternator Many Spares, seat, belts Negotiable Car holds the lap record for Performance Touring F with A. Marcoux behind the wheel. Super Competitive car with the right driver. This car has ALL THE RIGHT STUFF. Asking 7K depending on how you want it.
  7. I always throw #convertibleproblems @nopistons
  8. @Jim Eh. Nothing has changed other than pricing. Sorry my answer to Jordan isn’t clear. I haven’t even looked at it yet.
  9. #7 is not available. Please select another number. @geastwood@highspeedcrow.ca
  10. #44 is not available. Please select another number. @BigKahuna
  11. “Late registration” is removed from the forthcoming revision.
  12. Hey David The #99 is available for Open Lapping Track Days. Which number do you want?
  13. Please see attached WCMA bulletin on ST classing in relation to Performance Touring. WCMA Technical Bulletin - 20190402.pdf
  14. WSCC 2019 Supplementary Regulations - Ver 1.3.pdf
  15. Hey David I expect most will just use painters tape. Post your desired number here.
  16. Vehicles participating in open lapping / track days at Gimli Motorsports Park must display numbers for 2019. Please indicate your name & desired number below. I have attached a spreadsheet to assist in selecting an appropriate number. Thanks @Weebly Open Lapping Number List.xlsx
  17. I can only provide the Open Lapping Schedule. You'll have to speak to the Autoslalom organizers for theirs. See Attached. 2019 Overall Friday Schedule (no who).pdf
  18. There has always been passing restrictions. The speed limit only applies to Yellow Wristband Group (first time participants, non-hpde graduates)
  19. I’ve got to be honest. This is getting silly. Let’s for a moment consider the time we ALL spend on our track cars and this sport in terms of preparation etc. Complaining about a little bit of paperwork is hard to take seriously. The effort of classing and tech to compete at GMP is insignificant and I think we should focus our energy elsewhere. People seem to spend more time complaining than it would actually take to class and register.
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