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  1. Mat

    Drift Days 2018

    Cancelled July Drift Date Added September 22nd as tentative drift day #2
  2. Due to a private school July’s hot lapping session will start at 4:00pm. I encourage everyone to start showing up around 3:00pm for registration and get ready to go out at 4pm sharp! We will be running from 4 - 8:30pm for $60. Schedule attached July 20th Track Day.xlsx
  3. All holds have been released. They are all first come first served.
  4. The 30 pre ordered tires are in Winnipeg and ready for pick up or delivery to Al’s shop. Please call Wayne at (204) 326-3509 to arrange payment and Delivery/Pickup.
  5. There are NO current burning restrictions in the RM of Gimli. http://www.gov.mb.ca/wildfire/burn_conditions.html
  6. Mat

    Road Race Event #2

    Schedule for RR#2 WSCC Road Race 2 - June 23 24th 2018.xlsx
  7. added schedule and supplementary regulations specific to the feature races / time attack shootout.
  8. Added supplementary regulations specific to the Echelon Honda vs Mazda Challenge and Time Attack Shootout
  9. Mat

    10lb Fire Extinguishers

  10. Mat

    10lb Fire Extinguishers

    The club is selling 5 brand new 10lb fire extinguishers for $75 each. These were just purchased 3 weeks ago.
  11. Mat

    Favorite Hangout?

    Social should be on this poll
  12. Echelon Wealth Partners Present The Honda vs Mazda Challenge Race Weekend A full race weekend with a Mazda vs Honda feature race each day. 8 Races in total! This is an incredible amount of track time!!! We’re offering a $250 tow fund for any Team Mazda or Honda member or $100 for any Time Attack driver doesn’t call GMP home! $750 in Cash prizes for the fastest Time Attack Pax Lap of the weekend. Any Honda or Mazda can compete in the feature. This is a team race in which the winning team will claim the trophy! We’re calling you out Alberta! Come race at GMP for the Echelon Honda vs Mazda Challenge Trophy! https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-wscc-rr-3-hl-ta-echelon-honda-vs-mazda-gimli-motorsports-park-244030 WSCC 2018 - Echelon Honda vs Mazda Challenge & Time Attack Shootout Supplemental Regulations.docx Echelon Wealth Partners Present - Honda vs Mazda Challenge Schedule - July 21 22nd 2018 (1).xlsx
  13. Thank you Sherry!! Go and “Like” SLH Images on Facebook to see these images. https://www.facebook.com/pg/SLH-images-1438548582931895/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1688082437978507
  14. We’re very excited to announce our first collaboration with Unrestricted Empire and Zerødark Collective. We’ve put together an unbelievable price for this event. June 23rd at Gimli Motorsports Park Skidpad. Registration at Noon Track goes hot @ 1:00pm Track closed @ 6:00pm Come practice sliding through an easy or more challenging course. $35 gets one driver and a pit helper registered for the event and through the gate. Additional spectators $10. Your wristband gets you access for the weekend so come check out the Racing, Time attack, Autoslalom or Open Lapping.
  15. One note about registering for the 3 day $250 time attack bundle. You must select both competition days to activate the $50 Friday option.  3 days for $250....that’s a deal!