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  1. Mat


    I suggest to call a meeting and hold an open discussion on this so everyone can have input. There are many who haven’t expressed their concerns. We’ve had tremendous growth in participation and need to make sure we don’t scare anyone away.
  2. Mat

    Portage Event

    Nope. See you Saturday?
  3. Mat

    2019 Championship Points Standings

    Thanks Schteeve
  4. Mat

    2019 Classing Changes

    It’s ST all the way. There is no option for PT. The only other option is Club Class and we’ve been down that road before. I really hope this is the last time we have to reclass the field in the near future.
  5. It would be a much simplified version of that layout but I agree it’s probably not realistic.
  6. Mat

    2019 Ice Racing Registration Links

    Event #3 Portage La Prairie https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-ice-race-event-3-crescent-lake-winnipeg-sports-car-club-800242
  7. Schteeve had mentioned a modified version of the attached layout.
  8. Like this? I guess my immediate concern would be potential crossover without massive banks. A few of the discussed advantages to an oval are having a super wide track which allows alternate lines, passing through the corners and confidence when driving blind through a blizzard. It’s difficult to have a consensus with 10-15 drivers in the mix. The opinion of the Ice Race Management team is as long as the majority of the drivers are in agreement we will accommodate as best we can.
  9. We’ve heard many positive comments regarding the format in Beausejour. Please vote your preference for race course layout in Winnipeg Beach.
  10. Mat

    Portage Event

    Lapping all day Saturday!!
  11. 80 had a great line today. His bash bar is completely ludicrous however...
  12. This is an urgent call for corner workers for Saturday January 19th in Beausejour. 10:00am - 4:00pm Bring warm clothes, especially boots. Since you are protected by a barrier you can stand much closer to the action than we do in the summer. This makes for a great view of the racing. Please Contact @ScottMcD for more info.