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  1. This one time....at Gimli...he tried to run me over with a dragster.
  2. He’s just a wanna-bully His partner is the REAL bully
  3. Don’t make fun of my buddy
  4. I find it fitting that it’s our nicest shelter. On the plus side it is definitely salvageable. Let’s hope it doesn’t get worse.
  5. It was approx 75’ out of position
  6. Thank you for soliciting them Wayne!!
  7. No! You’re banned from meetings and drinking anywhere other than your enclosed trailer for liability reasons.
  8. You should probably re-think the open bar at WTE
  9. 2018 Supp Regs

    WSCC will have Head and neck restraint devices available for rental as of 2018. Please PM and let me know if you’re counting on renting one.
  10. Black Rockets Anyone?

    Same story on these I had contacted them in August, not available. Still unavailable, including their Canadian supplier.
  11. Black Rockets Anyone?

    Check these out http://www.dmacktyres.com/winter-tyres
  12. 2018 Time Attack Changes

    Every participant deserves proper recognition regardless of discipline.
  13. 2018 Time Attack Changes

    Ian and Brooke are going with permanent numbers next year. The rental numbers won’t work with their system.
  14. Black Rockets Anyone?

    Make sure he gets the studless ones please