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  1. There has always been passing restrictions. The speed limit only applies to Yellow Wristband Group (first time participants, non-hpde graduates)
  2. I’ve got to be honest. This is getting silly. Let’s for a moment consider the time we ALL spend on our track cars and this sport in terms of preparation etc. Complaining about a little bit of paperwork is hard to take seriously. The effort of classing and tech to compete at GMP is insignificant and I think we should focus our energy elsewhere. People seem to spend more time complaining than it would actually take to class and register.
  3. The Club has two pairs of 13” Black Rocket Tires for sale. $675 per pair all in. Buy a pair and borrow two rear tires from a fellow racer to join the studded enduro this Sunday in Gimli.
  4. I suggest to call a meeting and hold an open discussion on this so everyone can have input. There are many who haven’t expressed their concerns. We’ve had tremendous growth in participation and need to make sure we don’t scare anyone away.
  5. Nope. See you Saturday?
  6. It’s ST all the way. There is no option for PT. The only other option is Club Class and we’ve been down that road before. I really hope this is the last time we have to reclass the field in the near future.
  7. It would be a much simplified version of that layout but I agree it’s probably not realistic.
  8. Event #3 Portage La Prairie https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-ice-race-event-3-crescent-lake-winnipeg-sports-car-club-800242
  9. Schteeve had mentioned a modified version of the attached layout.
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