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  1. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-event-3-wcma-runoffs-rr-ta-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-242264 WSCC Season Opener - May 24-26th 2019.pdf
  2. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-wscc-event-3-wcma-runoffs-rr-ta-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-242264 WCMA Runoffs - Race Day Schedule - July 26-28th 2019.pdf
  3. Sent links immediately to the drivers
  4. Anyone can attend WSCC Track Days. No licensing needed.
  5. Everyone is welcome to attend GMP the evening of July 5th @ 6pm to assist Club Sponsor Armatas Painting and Decorating with 4 hours of misc. jobs to spruce up the park prior to the Track Day Weekend just ahead of the 3rd Annual WCMA runoff race. We are also planning another Paint Party on the 19th of July. The Road Race Committe will provide refreshments and food for anyone in attendance. Please reply below if you plan on attending.
  6. There is a private event on Friday. Club members can access the facility after 6pm.
  7. 1. Dan Gagnon 2. Gary Cummins 3. Ian Stecyk 4. Tom Dwyer 5 Richard Coyle
  8. Please see attached schedules. Hoping to see a massive turn out for this one! Registration link below! https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wscc-open-track-weekend-event-4-road-course-gimli-motorsports-park-078653 July 6th & 7th - Track Day Weekend - Timed Run Schedule.pdf July 6th & 7th - Track Day Weekend Schedule.pdf
  9. Start stand has been removed from the job list. We will no longer be setting out the stand.
  10. WSCC 1K Time Attack Shootout & RR#2 - June 21-23rd 2019.pdf
  11. WSCC 1K Time Attack Shootout & RR#2 - June 21-23rd 2019.pdf
  12. @donrolandofurioso Yes you need to be a current WSCC member to participate.
  13. Thank you @justkickin for the positive words.
  14. Hey @Weebly in the future please use this link as a guide instead of the ASN regulations. @David Klassen to answer your question passengers are allowed provided the driver has at minimum Green Wristband status.
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