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  1. steven@bradleyadvertising.com Steven Bradley
  2. Here you go! https://youtu.be/wDyrNrvYIuY
  3. Comments like this will only discourage people from participating. It’s the opposite of what our club needs. If you’re running a car on ANY race track you should expect significant wear on consumable items such as tires and brakes. If you over drive the hell out of your car and go diving in to corners plowing all over the place then yes you’re going to see massive wear. Hot Lapping at Gimli isn’t racing. It should be about learning how to drive smoothly and consistently. Upgrading the driver. Doing 100 laps on the limit should not be ones goal nor expectation. It’s up to the driver to decide if learning the line and practicing consistency is more important than beating the hell out of your equipment.
  4. I think that generally YOY people just read the highlighted sections. I opted not to do this so that people aren’t encouraged to skim. I’ve removed tons of antiquated details from this document and added some. It’s worth reading in it’s entirety if you want to go racing at GMP. Most noteworthy points - Volunteer Jobs - 2 week MSR pre-registration - Black Flag / Contact
  5. Yes. Gas station is only 5 min away as well!
  6. Anyone looking for Hot Lapping Requirements at Gimli Motorsports Park can refer to this link.
  7. Online Pre-Registration is MANDATORY http://wscc.motorsportreg.com/ Below is a list of requirements for Hot Lapping at Gimli Motorsports Park. These requirements are required for ANYONE driving on the track during Track Days, Worker Laps or any other Hot Lapping session. Valid race licence hard card or Hot lap wristband (this is different than the general waiver wristband) NO EXCEPTIONS WSCC Annual Membership Vehicle must be wider than it is tall 2005+ SA helmet (rentals available) Valid provincial licence Properly maintained vehicle No fluid leaks Brakes within maintenance and bled A plastic bin or equivalent to hold all your personal belongings and tools Plan to have the necessary equipment and tools to rotate tires and torque lug nuts. The above can be shared or borrowed from other club members if you do not have or did not bring along. All club members should be willing to help each other. Veterans are encouraged to reach out to novice participants and guide them through basic check overs and maintenance throughout the day. We should all be warm and welcoming to the new faces. We need to encourage and mentor the next generation. All new participants must - attend an info session with a WSCC instructor - complete a track orientation / ride along with a WSCC instructor - follow all speed limits and restrictions imposed by their instructor - not carry passengers without instructors approval - fulfilling these requirements will make you eligible for track access (Hot lap Wristband) Any participant may - be asked to attend follow up instruction - be limited to categorized run groups - require an instructor present in car during lapping - have speed limits and restrictions imposed by their instructor PM @Al Marcoux for any questions further to this list.
  8. Sorry Corey I didn’t want that to come across as me correcting you!
  9. Hot laps are NON-Timed laps around Gimli Motor Sports Park Road Race Track. One session is approximately 3 hours. You’re entitled to as many laps as you and your car can handle. The track is 1.3 miles long with 8 or 9 corners depending on configuration. WSCC RR track days are on the Friday before every road race event and before the HPDE/Race School. Here is the Schedule. May 4, 5 & 6th HPDE Weekend May 25, 26 & 27th Road Race #1 June 22, 23 & 24th Road Race #2 July 20, 21, 22nd Road Race #3 August 17, 18 & 19th Road Race #4 September 21, 22 & 23rd Road Race #5
  10. 2018_CMW_Vintage_race_brochure1.pdf
  11. 2018_CMW_Vintage_race_brochure1.pdf
  12. WSCC 2018 Supplementary Regulations.docx WSCC 2018 Supplementary Regulations.doc
  13. Each season pass entitles that member to one non-transferable 2018 session of hot laps.
  14. Transponders

    What colour is it?