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  1. Gate is expected to open at 6:00pm. Considering there has been events Monday - Thursday it has prevented access for lawn maintenance. Anyone arriving during Porche's event today or prior to the maintenance being completed PLEASE KEEP YOUR EQUIPMENT ON THE PAVED SURFACE. Thank you
  2. There's an endless list of great people who are...and have been making this club possible for 65 years. Many of us don't realize all the people behind the scenes that make our events possible. Seeing the tireless efforts of many other members is what motivates me to do my part in improving the experience at GMP and WSCC. Hats off to everyone who's passion makes our dream possible...yourself included!
  3. Shouldn't this be in For Sale?
  4. Shane is all over this!!!
  5. If we do have a club class wouldn't it be easiest to follow IT3 rules and designate and treadwear min? I would be all in for that.
  6. Vehicle has to be wider than it is tall to play on WSCC Ice
  7. What can I say...Stephanie Barnes is a rockstar...isn't she awesome??
  8. Watch “18th Annual Vintage Weekend” on Vimeo: When someone asks you about racing over the holidays show them this. This event was fantastic. Many people put in countless hours to make it a success and run smoothly. A big big thank you to Classic Motor Works for sponsoring their 18th annual event. Expertly narrated by Stephanie Barnes.
  9. You meant "TWERK" right?
  10. 3.5 events this year 10 new tires and and handful of "leftovers" 3+ sets of Pads and Rotors.....nowhere near the front of the pack. 5 tires....I'd be all over that
  11. The future of WSCC RR at GMP is under threat from many angles right now. It's has potential to become unviable for many people who struggle to afford grassroots racing. Classification notwithstanding.