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      2017 Annual Banquet   10/12/2017

      Saturday Octobre 28th Clarion Hotel 1445 Portage ave.  https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Clarion+Hotel+%26+Suites/@49.8818764,-97.1980597,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x52ea7381e7cf9c6d:0x95f65dafca26e11e!8m2!3d49.881873!4d-97.195871?hl=en   Be there or be square!


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  1. Triple Track Showdown

    I can't see Darryl cooperating with this. Nor would I expect him to. If anything we would have to hire him and his crew plus pay rent to use his equipment...not to mention assume some sort of liability for his constantly degrading surface that he's had so much trouble with this year. In my opinion we would be better off promoting our 3 disciplines that already "compete" at GMP rather than trying to hold an event on his turf.
  2. CCC you guys....what's this PTE nonsense
  3. Registration for RR#5 is open. Yes it is very early. Keep in mind that people travelling from other provinces can be more easily convinced to attend GMP if they see more entrants. Registering at the last minute has zero benefit. If you know you're racing please register early. https://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.dashboard/uidEvent/7083707C-EBDA-7482-09420D99611CF996/uidMember/F3805F1E-FDDD-2DCC-91EE54E49999E634
  4. I've mentioned this to Don directly as well as other racers. I'd like to go back to a weight spec that's attainable for any car to achieve. I suggest we use the former IT3 spec weight of 2286 for the 88-91 hatchbacks so that even the entry level guys are at a competitive weight from day one.
  5. Gate will be open today at 5pm. Highway #8 from Clandeboye to north of Petersfield is under construction and resurfaced with gravel. You may want to avoid that section.
  6. $25 Adult $15 for age 10 - 14 $10 for age 5 - 9 Free under 5
  7. No discounts for OLD FARTS!
  8. Tickets are available on MSR, or for purchase at the concession. $25 Adult $15 for age 10 - 14 $10 for age 5 - 9 Free under 5
  9. Gate is expected to open at 6:00pm. Considering there has been events Monday - Thursday it has prevented access for lawn maintenance. Anyone arriving during Porche's event today or prior to the maintenance being completed PLEASE KEEP YOUR EQUIPMENT ON THE PAVED SURFACE. Thank you
  10. Buzz Cut

    There's an endless list of great people who are...and have been making this club possible for 65 years. Many of us don't realize all the people behind the scenes that make our events possible. Seeing the tireless efforts of many other members is what motivates me to do my part in improving the experience at GMP and WSCC. Hats off to everyone who's passion makes our dream possible...yourself included!
  11. Falken Azenis RT615k 195/60R14

    Shouldn't this be in For Sale?
  12. Shane is all over this!!!