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  1. Yes front seat passengers are permitted!!
  2. Sent links immediately to the drivers
  3. 1991 Civic SI BC Shell D16A6 SOHC 1600CC Fully Caged Bottom end rebuilt two years ago Fresh Head Midway through Season 2019 Stage 3 Clutch Lightened Flywheel Carbon Syncros Quaife LSD not included This car handles EXTREMELY WELL!! Car has been extremely compettitive and in the championship hunt since day one. 2019 Studded Championship Car with A. Marcoux behind the wheel. Many spares, seat and Black Rocket Tires negotiable. Asking $4500 depending how you want it.
  4. 1989 Honda Civic SI BC Car Fully Caged and raced from 2015 - current (Blown Motor - JDM ZC SOHC 1600cc) Stage 3 Clutch and 6 puck disc Quaife LSD Gear X 4.9 Final Drive H&R Race Series Springs Koni Yellow Shocks ST Suspensions Rear Anti-Sway Bar New Battery New Starter New Alternator Many Spares, belts Negotiable Car holds the lap record for Performance Touring F with A. Marcoux behind the wheel. Super Competitive car with the right driver. This car has ALL THE RIGHT STUFF. Comes with a spare 88 SI engine (d16a6) and tranny. Odometer showed 120000km. Also a d16a6 longblock. $4750
  5. The Club has two pairs of 13” Black Rocket Tires for sale. $675 per pair all in. Buy a pair and borrow two rear tires from a fellow racer to join the studded enduro this Sunday in Gimli.
  6. This is an urgent call for corner workers for Saturday January 19th in Beausejour. 10:00am - 4:00pm Bring warm clothes, especially boots. Since you are protected by a barrier you can stand much closer to the action than we do in the summer. This makes for a great view of the racing. Please Contact @ScottMcD for more info.
  7. @Brian_Earl_Spilner Does not speak for everyone on here. This forum is supposed to be a welcoming place. “To bring about and foster a spirit of unity, comradeship, and sportsmanship among Members.” I personally don’t see an issue with you sharing your F1 experience. Welcome here.
  8. 205hp Ian Tomassi 780cc SRX engine. Beautiful case porting. ZERO time on fresh overhaul. Special aluminum water return manifold. VForce reed valves. Power valve. JAWS triple pipes like new. Starter/Alternator. ECU. Carbs. Includes fancy schmancy $400 custom shipping case. No clutches. Engine in Winnipeg. $5,000 Cdn. 204-654-3096 or ron.lyseng@producer.com
  9. Hyper Legend highly modified mid-engine road racer Transverse mid-mount Yamaha 700cc Viper 140hp engine (fresh) driving through sled VRT clutches. Also zero time on my fresh Ian Tomassi SRX 780cc 180hp engine. Chassis stretched 96 inches for better handling on road course, and widened 13 inches to accommodate engine in backseat. Handles like a GoKart! One hour testing on this all-new car. Inboard coils and shocks all 4 corners. Rear suspension and aluminum uprights from LeGrand Formula Ford. Spool hub in the center drives special VW dune buggy 42 degree CV joints and VW halfshafts. Front aluminum uprights from mini-sprints. Wilwood four piston calipers clamp Wilwood 10-inch scalloped discs. Wilwood dual master cylinders. Fuel cell. Two Kirky aluminum seats with belts. Tonnes of spare everythings. Dual axle trailer with brakes on all four. Everything powdercoated, even the trailer. $24,000 for car, two engines, trailer and all spares. Send for detailed spec sheet and photos. Car is in Winnipeg. 204-654-3096 ron.lyseng@producer.com.
  10. WSCC membership and WCMA Hard Card application links below. https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wscc-annual-membership-2019-winnipeg-sports-car-club-617935 https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wcma-2019-official-license-licenses-western-canada-motorsport-assoc-465642
  11. @chkdsk I’m calling you on a “bingo” word. Redundancy HA! You know what I meant.
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