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  1. Refrigerative Supply limited, corner of erin and sargent. In our province getting a high SEER rating doesn't matter all too much because of the overall little use that we have for it in a 12 month period (specifically for residential use). Not a board member no, Just trying to help look out for the environment. Doesn't matter what refrigerant you run or in what system, end of the day its all bad - Granted, there are much worse things out there. Personally we should have never "advanced" into using any refrigerants besides R744, R717 or R600. (C02, Ammonia, isobutane) with R744 and R717 being our "Natural Refrigerants" with the lowest possible GWP. Sadly, people are afraid of 2 of those and only recently in north america have we implemented R600 into household use (Chest freezers, some water cooler, ect.) even though its been used for Europe for years.
  2. Sounds like its time for a replacment. Did you bypass the HPCO or the ambient sensor? RSL usually has a bunch of "scratch and dent" units that are a fair price if looks dont matter too much. As for brand wise, goodman gets a bad rap but as long as the install is done correctly and as long as the unit is sized correctly you shouldn't have any problems. That and they are usually the cheapest. depending on sizes, efficiency, ect. I don't think you can buy them OTC anymore, so whoever is installing it would probably have to purchase it. Just remember to safely recover the 22 and drain and recycle the compressor oil before scrapping the unit.
  3. Do you have a specific brand in mind? Call Colin's Mechanical (204-231-0121) tomorrow and speak with Patrick F, Ken or Bill to get a quote on a new unit or to set up a service call. It would either be myself, or Glen doing the install/call. When you call have the model/serial of the condensing unit ready, SQ/ft of the house helps to make sure it was sized correctly as well.
  4. Agreed, The parking lot area at RRX is just awful. I was wondering about the section on the otherside of the white fence where they run the "mini drag" races and gonzo's new drift demo spot. And for Springs, do you think anyone would be interested in running through 2 parking lots? like having them connected on the same "course". It would however, be a very firm obstacle. A mall parking lot sounds like a good idea, location wise. Found a video of a parking lot track.
  5. The first place that comes to mind in the city is Springs Church parking lot near 59/Fermor, not sure if this has been talked about or not (probably has). They have a couple pretty nice interlocking parking lots. Gonzo @ Option Plus has had some drift demo's there, usually in August. Second place would be the red river ex grounds but I think there was a reason why we don't go there anymore?
  6. Best run of the day, First event with a real set of tires! It really does make all the difference.
  7. Reviving an old thread.. thanks @Ianfromduff for the download link, takes a bit to get a hang of not a real steering wheel! Lots of fun either way
  8. I agree with @conebasher course #3 and #1 > #2. Some very sub par runs, very worn tires from the Level 1 School and the car kept popping out of gear Side note - Does anyone have 195-50-15, 185-55-15, ect. tires for sale?
  9. Go pro battery died, so no views from the bottom of the board this time. Outlaw dogs was fine other than the huge lack of condiments
  10. From a parts perspective i'd stay far away from any XI BMW - 3 or 5 series, especially with spirited driving. (8+ years in auto parts and I've seen people cry over repairs). Subaru's are an option, but only if you keep up with ALL of the maintenance. 80,000+ kms. 5 trips to Banff, 2 trips to Vancouver and surrounding area + the full length of #1, #3, and #5 through BC/alberta with heaps of fun in between. (97 WRX)
  11. First event was great! way more organized than I thought it would be too, Can't wait to see everyone in June! Here's the view from the bottom of the leaderboard May 3rd in Gimli: Yesterday in St Andrews:
  12. I can come and help tomorrow. Can also bring a small air compressor and tools if need be.
  13. Is the championship/season pass going to be available this year too?
  14. Hey guys. Little bit late on the post, Sadly recovering from a hard drive crash so it was a bit of a struggle getting all the recoverable clips together. Big thanks to Al for the mini in car lesson on Saturday, can't wait to get out next year for more lapping and maybe even racing! Crescent Lake - PLAP short clip compilation #9 Driving on a flat @ 1:15
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