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    Lake Shirley ice race event #1 01/06/19

    For future events I was definitely thinking about doing a footcam setup, just a matter of testing to see how my gopro does with adjusting for low light under the dash. Coming up in race 2 i'd like to get some more in car footage with other drivers as well. Open to all volunteers!
  2. Hi all, Had a blast doing some lapping on Saturday and hope to make it to all the events this year! In my off time at the track I grabbed some photos and videos, Links below. Should have had a lot more but later found out that dust had gotten behind my lens filter which resulted in many out of focus shots. Also, public apology for getting in anyone's way near the end of the day on Saturday when I was running with a couple other RTI guys. I do appreciate the patience Easier than shrinking every photo down to forum size (Photo link) https://photos.app.goo.gl/P9JtoPdqYHWL39bR8 In car footage with Al (Video link) https://youtu.be/rC161_TQzJw