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  1. Cliffy G is bringing his Sweat Heat Wings I believe Cara and I will be making some desert dish I also just bottled some beer but it might not be ready by Saturday but I'll bring it anyways
  2. front windshield? mine is beyond toast... might need a few other bits ill have to look when i get home
  3. I think Cara and I have finally worn my dad Cliffy down and he will hopefully be coming up for September event. Of course we will be making his Sweat Heat Chicken wings if he comes... and I'll be making them if he doesn't. The Goodmans
  4. Looks like the perfect layout lol... copy cats
  5. My dad Cliffy and myself will be joining and I'll be bringing two friends, so total of 4 people. Pay at the door for my friends, thanks.
  6. Hey there I didn't see my transponder on the list... R06 Clifford and Curtis Goodman, Skyline GTR, Mod 2 Class
  7. I'm glad we can register at the track cause I checked DLB late aswell... My Dad and I will be there for Time Attack...
  8. Any times up anywhere that I'm not aware of?
  9. Nice just re & re her and ur back pulling gears... nice man
  10. Screw studying eh Ian lol id wanna rip it apart too if that happened... everything else seems less important when your cars not running
  11. Awesome pictures Taylor! Where can we find our lap times for the event? Cheers, Curt
  12. Hey everyone Curtis and Cliff Goodman here, coming up from Kenora Thursday night, we will both be driving my 1991 Skyline GTR for time attack. I'll be working on the classification on the way up. See you all there
  13. Hi Taylor, I just signed up for time attack on the motorsportsreg website and paid the fee. My father Clifford would also like to participate in the time attack event with the same car, is that a problem? He passed race school and paid Scott for a WSCC membership but hasn't received a card yet in the mail so I can't complete his registration. I suppose I should email Scott regarding this. Is there anything else we need to do before June 10th Time Attack event? Cheers, Curtis & Clifford Goodman
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