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  1. Here is a rules change I am proposing for next year's season (2018). We don't need to debate it just yet, but here it is, well in advance. I think we should acknowledge that some of our older honda parts are getting harder to find, so we need to be more liberal than what the PT rules would technically allow for substitutions. For example, there are several engines that are equivalent to the D16A6 but have a different engine code, like the ZC single cam. Or putting together an engine / chassis combination from the same generation of honda that honda never produced. The point is to allow better access to parts, but not to allow a competitive advantage with these substitutions. So no you can't build a ringer car that is JDM only spec - it still needs to essentially match what was sold in Canada. Here is some suggested wording: C1 (engine swaps) are permitted but only between engines and chassis of civics of the same generation. Both the engine and chassis must have been originally sold in Canada for the same generation of civic, or equivalent to engines and chassis originally sold in Canada for the same generation of civic. The resulting combination of engine, chassis, weight, and other modifications must be within the limits of PTE and CCC rules. I am not totally happy with that wording yet. Perhaps we should change "engines" to "drivetrains". A list of examples of acceptable substitutions could also be helpful.
  2. Custom Alignments

    FYI - CAPS uses degrees to measure toe, so if you are old school and still think of toe in inches do the conversion to degrees ahead of time. FWIW on a 22" tire 1/16" of toe equals 0.16 degrees or 0 degrees and 9 minutes. Hope that helps.
  3. Thanks Mat! Good idea on the scales. I have started asking how we can arrange to have them available. Al is interested too.
  4. Custom Alignments

    Had an alignment done today. CAPS had no problem working around my low ground clearance car, and aligning to custom specs. Friendly competent service at a good price. Thanks Frank! Why go anywhere else?
  5. Regarding PTE and CCC for event 1: for WSCC championship points all the hondas in PTE are CCC except Clint. For WSCC championship points Clint is in PTE. If that needs clarification please PM me. Thanks for posting results so quickly!
  6. Rules as discussed on this forum thread are in Appendix A below. Gary Roberts from WCMA suggested formatting the rules using the same categories as PT preperation points. This makes sense to me. Where the IT engine rules and PT prep points didn't quite match up some additional explaination was added. The purpose was to grandfather any engines that were previously built to IT specs, and keep all engines within IT specs. You will notice that in some modifications "will be reviewed in 2018". The point is that if anyone starts spending stupid amounts of money on things like aero, brakes, or super wide tires we will ban these items in 2018. So don't bother. I also added a ban on dry sump oiling systems at my own discretion. I didn't think anyone would object. Any comments or concerns please post them here or call me. Thanks - Don Appendix A - Honda Civic Club Class (PTE/CCC) Eligibility: o Honda Civics and CRX from 1988-2000, eligible to compete PTE. o And meeting the following restrictions: Tires: Section A, o Must comply with Section A8 and, o Be greater than 180 treadwear DOT tires, o And May not be BFG Rival S, BFG Rival S1.5 Bridgestone RE71-R, Maxxis RC-1, Kumho V700, Kumho V720, Michelin Pilot Sport Cup & MPS Cup 2, Nitto NT01, Pirelli PZero Corsa, Toyo R888, Toyo RA-1, Yokohama A048. o Maximum Width may be set for the 2018 season o Points must be claimed Weight: Section B o Must comply with PTE rules and § No non-stock composite panels except for the hood. § Repairs using composite materials will be considered on a case by case basis. o Points must be claimed Engine: Section C: o C4, C10, C22, C23, and C24 are permitted, points must be claimed o C16 is permitted with the following restrictions, points must be claimed § Engines may be bored to a maximum of .040 inch over standard bore size. Factory oversize replacement pistons or their exact equivalent shall be used. Equivalent pistons shall provide the same dome/dish/valve relief configuration, ring thickness and spacing, pin height relationship, weight, and compression ratio as factory replacement oversize pistons. Piston rings are unrestricted. The fitting of other styles of pistons prohibited and any change in stoke is prohibited o C18 is not permitted, however Manifold and cylinder head port matching is permitted free of points if § No material may be removed further than one (1) inch in from the manifold to cylinder head mounting face(s). Carburetor mounting surface(s) shall not be modified and external dimensions of the cylinder head or intake manifold may not be reduced to facilitate internal porting. Two piece manifolds are not intended to be port matched at their intermediate point. o C19 is allowed to a limit of 0.5 point compression ratio increase as a no points modification: · Any modification that results in increased engine compression ratio (including head shaving or decking block to factory specs) o C1-C3, C5- C9, C11-C15 and C17-C21 are prohibited Drivetrain: Section D: o D5, and D6 are permitted, points must be claimed o D1-D4 and D7-D9 are prohibited Suspension: Section E o E3, E5, E7, E9-E11, and E16 are permitted, points must be claimed o E1 and E2 (shocks or struts with remote reservoir), E4, E6, E8, E12-E14 and E17-22 are prohibited Brakes Chassis section F o All items are permitted, points must be claimed o To be reviewed in 2018 Aerodynamics Section G o All items are permitted, points must be claimed o To be reviewed in 2018 Rollcage Section H o All items are permitted, points must be claimed No points Modifications Section I o All modifications allowed Expect D.2 – lightweight flywheels are not permitted.
  7. FS: 14x6 4x100 10 pound wheels $300

    Sold - that was quick!
  8. One set of four 14x6 aluminum wheels. $300. These are the good 7 spoke miata wheels with enlarged center bores to 57.1mm. Light at 10 pounds approx. I can provide them when I am back in Winnipeg in May. Look similar to the attached picture. Comes with well used Azenis.
  9. Acrylon plastics used to do this kind of thing way back when. Sorry for the late reply. http://www.acrylon.com/Home/Thermoforming
  10. I did not receive any additional feedback on the tire rules so the rules stand as written.The rules for CCC as discused here are being formalized into our supp regs.
  11. I checked with WCMA and they will not be making any more changes to the PT preparation points for 2017: Good Afternoon Don, Tires are also my biggest cost so I understand you concern. I’m happy to confirm PT points are set for the season your can use the 2017 form and rules. They will not be changing. Gary Roberts So it looks like tires stamped 180 treadwear (UTQG) or higher will be allowed in CCC except for Bridgestone RE71R, BFG Rival S, and Kuhmo V720. So this means that the new Azenis RT 615K+ and Hankook RS4 will be allowed in CCC. Differences in opinion are welcome, but let's put a time limit on the dicussion of April 5 because it's time we all got our tires on order.
  12. Further to Steve's comments I did some checking on 180 or higher TW tires that are new for 2017: Falken: Azenis 615K+ Not many reviews yet, but some say to expect better results in the rain due to a softer compound. So it will likely wear faster than the previous RT615K. Available in 14" and 15". I'll ask the formula vee guys what they think about the new 615K+. Toyo: Couldn't find any new tires 180TW or higher. Kuhmo: V700 and V720 are 200TW, but already classified in A7 so not legal for CCC. V720 rumoured to be improved. Dunlop: They are making a new Z3, but it's not yet available in North America and likely won't be available this summer. BFG: Rival S 1.5, but rival S are already classified in A7 so not legal for CCC. Hankook: RS4. Again, not many reviews yet but some say they work well and don't wear too fast. Various 15" sizes, no 14".
  13. Really good question, Steve! Short answer is that our CCC rules forbid using the RE71R. The logic behind the CCC tire rules was to minimize tire expenses, which meant only allowing a real (not just claimed)180 or higher treadwear. At the time the rules were written WMCA regognized that some tires stamped with 200 treadwear were really more like 100, so WCMA increased the prep points accordingly by moving these tires from line A8 to A7 (RE71R werer moved to A7 for 2017). CCC rules also recognize this and say you can't use tires from line A7, so that your tires last longer. To move forward consistenly we would need to keep banning new tire models that are stamped 200 but really aren't. What I didn't count on was that other tire companies would release new tire models for 2017 that are stamped with 200 treadwear but might behave more like 100, and WCMA would not reclassify these new models in time for the 2017 season. I suppose we could quickly ammend our CCC rules and ban new 200TW models that might wear as quickly as the RE71R. But we would need to get consensus quickly, before anyone buys a set of tires he can't use because that would be the opposite of saving money. Perhaps for 2018 CCC we need to make a rule allowing only tires that have been sold for at least 1 year, which gives the rules a chance to catch up. Or (dare I suggest it) a spec tire for 2018 CCC. Yes, I hear you about RE71Rs being cheap and good. I had them at the Thanksgiving in 2016. Faster than the Azenis 615K, but wore faster too. So the cost was about equal to the Falkens if the RE71Rs were purchased from Costco. I could never recommend the RE71R as a spec tire for our class (either offically, or unoffically as the optimal go-to choice) because their availability through Costco is hit or miss. If Costco fails to supply RE71Rs you will need to order them from someone else and the price goes way up. So for that reason alone I am glad they are banned from CCC. If it makes you feel any better I am now stuck with a half-used set of RE71Rs that I can't use, so I feel your pain lol. I invite input from any CCC competitors! Thanks - Don
  14. Slightly off topic... but thought CCC members would be interested. Tire rack is having a sale on the brake pads that most of us use. Not a bad deal if you are planning a trip to the US and can take advantage of their free shipping within US and avid the brokerage. HAWK BLUE 9012 TRACK ONLY PADS Autocross/Track FRONT Material: Track Compound Manufacturer Part #: HB218E.583 $US98 ***Make sure this is the right pad for your car because there are two different pad styles for the EF civic and 2nd gen CRX***