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  1. CRX Don


    Like Ken and Sandy's but not as nice. It has disc brakes, but they are disconnected because they need rebuilding. Straps are a little frayed. One tail light doesn't work. But it has got my race car to the track for 5 years. It can be tilted up for winter storage to save space in your garage. Comes with spare tire. Located in Winnipeg. Want it gone $500. Don (431)999-8742
  2. I see my question was answered in another thread under General Motorsports. SpeedFactor (a club sponsor) was suggested, at $200 per alignment. Winnipeg Honda also.
  3. Any good alternatives to CAPS for performance alignments? $79 is a good deal, especially when CAPS is willing to do custom settings.
  4. I made a roundel with a number on it out of vinyl magnetic material. Stick it on the car door for racing, peel it off for the drive home. I got the magnetic material at a sign shop, but I can't remember where. It was about 1/16" thick. Alternatively you could attach permanent numbers to your door and hide them with a vinyl magnet painted to match the car. Peel off the magnet when you are ready to race. Cover the number for the drive home.
  5. Hi, I am looking for a competent backyard mechanic to remove and replace a front frame rail on my CRX road racer. The frame is badly cracked where a previous repair was made and cannot be re-welded again. It requires removing and replacing the frame on one (or both?) sides from the firewall forward and welding in a replacement one. This is way beyond my level of competence so I want to hire someone else to do it. It's not worth fixing if I need to pay body shop rates, but maybe there is a talented backyard body man who could do the job cheaper for cash. I would rather fix it than see a good non-rusty CRX with cage go to waste. The car is stored at Al Marcoux's garage. There are frame rails there too that could be removed from one of Al's civic shells. Thanks! - Don
  6. I saw this ad on the Calgary sports car forum: https://cscc.speedracer.ca/forums/marketplace/suits-helmets-and-hans-and-stuff/ Two Hans devices $350 each like new. You don't see them at this price very often. Might be a good thing to pick up now if you want to start road racing next year. Just check to make sure it is the proper hans device for you and your car. FYI - I don't know the seller and have never seen the hans myself.
  7. FYI - CAPS uses degrees to measure toe, so if you are old school and still think of toe in inches do the conversion to degrees ahead of time. FWIW on a 22" tire 1/16" of toe equals 0.16 degrees or 0 degrees and 9 minutes. Hope that helps.
  8. Had an alignment done today. CAPS had no problem working around my low ground clearance car, and aligning to custom specs. Friendly competent service at a good price. Thanks Frank! Why go anywhere else?
  9. Sold - that was quick!
  10. One set of four 14x6 aluminum wheels. $300. These are the good 7 spoke miata wheels with enlarged center bores to 57.1mm. Light at 10 pounds approx. I can provide them when I am back in Winnipeg in May. Look similar to the attached picture. Comes with well used Azenis.
  11. Acrylon plastics used to do this kind of thing way back when. Sorry for the late reply. http://www.acrylon.com/Home/Thermoforming
  12. This month's Grassroots Motorsports magazine had a picture of Darin and Sarah Wach's Toyota Matrix road racer. It's a great picture of a very cool little car. See the attached image. For those of you who don't know about Grassroots Motorsports magazine, it's probably the biggest publication for our type of racing (autocross and road racing) in North America. Pick up a copy at your news stand, or better yet subscribe. Wachmobile.pdf
  13. I will bring beer. A case of 24, so enough for? Just myself for supper, no guests. Don
  14. Hi Jon,

    Just checking to see if you still have those Toyo RA-1 in 205/55-14 size. I know your post is old... but I just thought I would ask anyway.



    - Don (587)333-8188

  15. So for 2016 road racing at GMP what is the final answer? Thanks! Don
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