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    Like Ken and Sandy's but not as nice. It has disc brakes, but they are disconnected because they need rebuilding. Straps are a little frayed. One tail light doesn't work. But it has got my race car to the track for 5 years. It can be tilted up for winter storage to save space in your garage. Comes with spare tire. Located in Winnipeg. Want it gone $500. Don (431)999-8742
  2. Hi All, Just a note to thank everyone who has been thinking about me! The last surgery has been completed, back brace is on, I have casts on both legs and one arm, so now I am on the long slow road to recovery. I expect to make a full recovery over the next year. l expect to be a patient at HSC in Winnippeg for the next few weeks while I recover and rehabilitate. Then I will be sent back West for more recovery. As of today there is no exact plan for when I will be leaving HSC. In the meantime people have been asking if they can visit me. The best way to set up a time to visit is to text my wife Cheryl at 204.960.3601 ahead of time to check availability, and plan on keeping visits short. The Docs in this hospital are taking a lot of my time with tests etc but I would be happy to share some of my spare time with you. A lot of people have been asking me when I will be racing next. I am not sure what the answer is. I will need to take a break from racing, and I am not sure how long I will be away. Thanks -Don
  3. Thanks Jordan! I took my car to speedfactor's dyno the morning after our last race. Peak hp was 117hp, similar to Clint. Sorry I don't have a scanner to post the dyno sheet but I will bring the paper dyno sheet to the next race in case anyone is curious. Using NASA's ST car classification form https://form.jotform.com/drivenasa/st-tt-car-classification-form my power to weight ratio was just over 18, so ST6 legal. FYI - post race inspection showed terminal chassis cracks in my CRX! That car is done for good . But the engine might return in a different chassis. I think some of the 105 hp guys are no longer only 105 hp ;). So maybe the ST6 power to weight ratio of 18 will prove to be OK. It would be nice to have the scales available again so we can verify weights as well.
  4. I read the ST6 rules and here is my summary: - I expect that all the civics and CRXs in PTE and PTF last year will fit into ST6. The spec miatas and Randy's Integra could probably fit in there. Hopefully Yogi too, and maybe others. So it sounds like a big class for GMP! - The ST6 rules are a little different than PT rules. ST6 is all based on a power to weight ratio. And the power to weight ratio for your car is adjusted a bit if you have done certain modifications, or depending on the design and final weight of your car. ST6 is less restrictive about how you modify your car. This will be good news for some competitors. - Power is determined using a chassis dyno. There's a process for it in the rules. I have never had my car on a dyno, so I looked at a few dyno charts online to guess that PTE+PTF civics/CRXs would now be in ST6. - ST6 tires: You are limited to tires that are 100 treadwear, or even stickier if you take a penalty on your power to weight ratio. Certain very sticky tires are not allowed (not that anyone used them anyway). For vehicles under 2400 pounds you need to use 205 or narrower tires. There is a process to actually measure the tires instead of relying on what the tire sidewall says. - It was actually NASA, not WCMA, that discontinued PT classes. WCMA just follows NASA. I was surprised too, so thanks Jared for bringing this to everyone's attention! Speaking for myself, the change to ST6 does not motivate me to make many changes to my car for 2019. - You need to read the rules for yourself. Jared posted the link to the NASA rules. I assume that WCMA will adopt NASA's rules as is, but that's up to WCMA to confirm.
  5. I see my question was answered in another thread under General Motorsports. SpeedFactor (a club sponsor) was suggested, at $200 per alignment. Winnipeg Honda also.
  6. Any good alternatives to CAPS for performance alignments? $79 is a good deal, especially when CAPS is willing to do custom settings.
  7. I made a roundel with a number on it out of vinyl magnetic material. Stick it on the car door for racing, peel it off for the drive home. I got the magnetic material at a sign shop, but I can't remember where. It was about 1/16" thick. Alternatively you could attach permanent numbers to your door and hide them with a vinyl magnet painted to match the car. Peel off the magnet when you are ready to race. Cover the number for the drive home.
  8. Hi, I am looking for a competent backyard mechanic to remove and replace a front frame rail on my CRX road racer. The frame is badly cracked where a previous repair was made and cannot be re-welded again. It requires removing and replacing the frame on one (or both?) sides from the firewall forward and welding in a replacement one. This is way beyond my level of competence so I want to hire someone else to do it. It's not worth fixing if I need to pay body shop rates, but maybe there is a talented backyard body man who could do the job cheaper for cash. I would rather fix it than see a good non-rusty CRX with cage go to waste. The car is stored at Al Marcoux's garage. There are frame rails there too that could be removed from one of Al's civic shells. Thanks! - Don
  9. Just want to confirm that there are no changes needed to safety equipment for 2018. Reference: http://www.wcma.ca/new/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/2018-WCMA-Technical-Regulations-02012018.pdf FYI - looks like SA2005 helmets are good until the end of this year. Thanks! -Don
  10. FYI - some of us have already ordered Westlake RS for the season.
  11. Sure I am all for it! But can we have an answer before the Westlake RS order deadline? Or extend the order deadline? Also, since we voted on running PTF we can't really restrict tire choices beyond what's legal in PTF, or we are back to creating a club class again. It would have to be more of a gentleman's agreement to run a spec tire in PTF but I believe we are capable of that among the PTF civics. Not to imply that non-civic drivers are not gentlemen, but some of them may want to use a different tire to help catch up to the civics. I propose civics running in PTF should voluntarily choose the 195 50 15 westlake RS.
  12. What's the price on 195 50 15? It was very good last year! Hope it's just as good or better. Thanks - Don
  13. PTF for me too. Minor changes needed to bring it down to PTF, easy to do. I count 6 in PTF so far. Thanks Mat for getting a decision, and thanks to all who participated!
  14. I agree with what you have said about PTE and PTF but I want to say that I will unmodify if that's what it takes to run with the rest of the field. Hopefully more competitors will feel the same. In my opinion it makes the most sense to take something off my car (free or nearly free) to run with a larger group. More fun and cheaper.
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