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  1. Still have these? I'm hoping to get out to some events this year, and maybe a lapping day.
  2. Jeremy Linton member# 6480. Renewed I'd like #38 (Swapping with other Jeremy from last year)
  3. Sent my videos, for some reason it won't let me add them all to one central folder hence why I sent you so many individual files... sorry
  4. A little late, but my computer decided it wanted no part of uploading videos. Day 1: Video analysis showed that I was fast in one section and slow in the other compared to run 2, so there was certainly time left out there. Ended the day trailing the class leader (an American in a prepped FRS) by 1.1 seconds. See after the run for Corey and Curtis' pep talk 3rd run: Day 2: Fast first run, but 1 cone, coned the second run and went slower as well. One more run to do it, and i said something on the order of "I hate leaving it all till the last run, I feel all the pressure". Curtis says "Just don't then". Went for it, and ending up beating the American by 1.2 seconds on the day, for an STX margin of victory of 0.1 seconds over the 2 days. Thanks Curtis...
  5. Yes we'll swap many an excuse I'm sure, though I'm saving "Seized muffler bearings" for if I come dead last in class!
  6. Thanks for the leads guys, I called Vickars first, and they were able to accommodate me today. Glad I went, the "before" printout showed all the wheels doing rather different things. On the downside, now I have a proper alignment again I can't use that as one of my racing driver excuses at nationals...
  7. New tires are fun... Here's my run with a passenger. See Jeff's epic spin in the first seconds of the video!
  8. Thanks guys. This was Eurocars, I was in there for some unrelated work and decided to get that alignment checked. I'm off to them to see if they'll fix it right not, if they don't I'll be off to one of the options above.
  9. Long story short, a shop I asked to check my alignment and inform me of the current position of the wheels (making sure all was well before Nationals) took it upon themselves to realign my car to stock specs without my permission. Where can I get an alignment done to my specs in the city prior to Saturdays event?
  10. I found myself struggling with the rear end of the car all day. Not sure how much of it was me, or the tires being done... or maybe I've been spoiled by the miata... Anyway, here's my final very slow run, since I somehow didn't hit record on my best of 57.2
  11. I can offer another partially broken BMW (misfire appears to be fixed) for Saturday, but i'm not sure i'm doing Sunday yet.... i doubt that's better than anything you've already been offered , but let me know...
  12. Here's my spin from the wet event 4... let me know if this works. skip to around 0:40 for the actual spin if you want
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