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  1. helix

    Event 2 - May 12, 2018

    I am so glad it worked out okay on Saturday, the non-parallel walls was something I decided to add to the course hoping it helps guide the driver to go a tighter line heading back south before the slalom & the double-double gates before the finish. As you said, the visual of these wall going North isn't great, I wish I have more time to tune that one up as well but my body say no as I leave the track on Friday. Can you expand on what do you mean by "It gave you room to make errors with few cones on the outside of the corners." I am not sure if I understand totally but it certainly sounds like something I want to keep in mind for future course design.
  2. helix

    Course setup

    Yes, I will try to get there around 5:30 pm, thanks for taking course design off my plate Shawn, very much appreciated, I will also try to swing by on Saturday after the event to help Sunday course setup Helix
  3. helix

    Cool car videos thread

    I like AX, Hot lapping at Gimli and love watching car going side way! IMO it is all about balancing between losing and gaining back control.
  4. helix

    Event #13, Aug 26

    Look just like you told me Shawn, for the finish crossover, nice!
  5. helix

    Event #11 2017

    Gimli AX course design will be in the good hands of Shawn, I wish I could join the fun too, looking forward to see video of next week Gimli course!
  6. helix

    Event #11 2017

    I remember it was a clean fastest run on your 4th run, and watching the video now looks like you drove on the entire base of the second last slalom's cone before the finish without knocking it over!!
  7. Starting this for people to upload their run(s), wish getting lots of shotgun seat time and unfortunately have to leave half day. See recorded laps for me is the next best thing pairing with your valuable comments, thanks.
  8. helix

    Event #10

    Hello Ryan, I won't be setting up the course Friday evening as it will be looked after by instructors that teach on Saturday. I do however will get there on Saturday around 3:30pm to setup and tweak Sunday's course, no problem at all if you can't make it.
  9. helix

    Event #10

    perfect! thank you and I will update the post as to when I will be at the track on that day.
  10. helix

    Event #10

    Brian, thank you for the great and detailed feedback you wrote, it is always nice to hear feedback from people with different preference, vehicle and experience level. My personal critic to myself for this particular course is that the visual isn't what I and everyone would desire. My original course design is even more visual challenging as you can see in the video, big thanks to those help fixed the problem on Sunday morning! Cone calls are definitely on the high side and the number of DNFs is crazy! As I am still leaning on utilizing the entire track and since speed was a big concern in the past, the only way to slow people down is to add extra elements (40 turns instead of the happy 35). P.S. I would like to know if there is anyone that don't mind coming out to help with course setup and lend their vehicle as the test-drive vehicle for the next couple events (except Gimli), my front tires are down to wire now and I don't have plan to get another pair of RE71 since I am selling the car this summer.
  11. helix

    Event #10

    Could you expand on what you mean by tightly-defined path? Would the use of more chutes & gates help?
  12. helix

    Event #10

    Couldn't make it to St Andrews today, looking forward to hear feedback from you all.
  13. helix

    Event #8

    Feedback well received, thank you all. Apology for my unorthodox approach, my personal preferences are keeping each event as lively as possible with fairness and safety in mind without bending the rules (on speed) too much.
  14. helix

    Event #8

    Thanks for the feedback, will take note of the high-speed start and heavy braking before pivot. Will further dial the speed down in future events, but overall, I thought this is one of the slower course I have designed thus far, and the # of cone calls has dropped significantly compare to previous events.
  15. helix

    Course setup

    Leaving work early, will be at the track before 6:30pm