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  1. Might not get to 6 per events but maybe a mid-ground of 5 runs per event count towards the championship? Also, starting earlier by 30 mins is what I hope to do next, will first need to better inform the regulars before switching to the 30mins earlier start time and I would apply to St. Andrews events.
  2. Can you list out yours and your son's membership numbers? I will issue a credit on the 2 accounts with an event credits for you.
  3. A quick turn around and skipping lunch would save us 30 mins max. when compare to current schedule structure. Let's try the compressed schedule starting next event, Event #8, and instead taking the lunch break out, I would like reduce course walk timing from 1hr 45mins to 1hr 15mins. I would think the course walk is set to 1hr 45mins for a reason, however, I will impose this new compressed schedule for event 8 if no objection is raised. Also note the registration hours is also reduced to 45mins (Check in and registration closed at 9:45am) Pending executive decision, I think with this compressed schedule, it is possible to keep up to 6 runs per event instead of 4 runs. Let's see a show of hands of how many participants like additional runs, 5 runs or 6 runs?
  4. Didn't think I would enjoy the camera view on the helmet that much but to a person that is not on the track that day, see it in this perspective depicted the course the best!
  5. Please share your thoughts of this double events at Gimli, sharing videos of your runs is always appreciated!
  6. The free welcome new comer event will have to wait, the longer time we can have it on social media the better in my opinion. Quick reminder, 7th is a double events day on a Sunday, don't miss out
  7. A similar thought I had before is to give away limited number of free passes to new comers on social media but I like yours better! One other scenario I see is to run a regular event in the morning with a compressed schedule, start at 10am and end 1pm without lunch break, invite new people to come for ride along experience for the race event, retain regulars and volunteers to help out afternoon free for all new comers event, preferably on a Saturday. That way they can experiences the thrill and notice how much they can grow their driving skill if they come and AX with us. Thank you for all that comments here, lets keep this brainstorm session going and I am sure something great will come out of this! To quote "If nothing changes, nothing changes..." and I am definitely seeing lots of us do care about growing the AX family, and you guys make my day.
  8. There is in fact a new comer on Sunday event, and he just finished HPDE this year! It is slow but it is definitely working, thanks Brian.
  9. I will be expecting you Come back soon!
  10. I will be away and not able to attend AutoSlalom on July 7th, is there anyone who can help with this? If you have not know how already, I am more that happy to invite you to a coffee and learn how to check in participant on the event day sometime this week. You contributing ~1 hour more per events prior to the race is all it take. PM, email, reply to this thread or text me at 2042950011 all works. Your help in keeping our group runs smoothly is much appreciated. -Helix
  11. Oops, this thread is repetitive, go to this one instead
  12. For posting your runs and sharing thoughts of the Sunday course.
  13. In the past I heard we only targeting "car enthusiast" and do not want much to do with weekend warriors or car junkies (excuse my language there). I beg to differ here, especially seeing the road race/time attack group gained so much traction over the past couple of years and we are at a standstill if not keep shrinking, it is heart breaking to see even for a person as new as me. I used to go hot laps at Gimli on Friday years ago... and they were by no mean as organized as our autoslalom group, only see maybe 5 groups of people camping out there and this morning, seeing tents and campers spread all across the field is unbelievable! And yes our first couple of events might have set the attendance record for the past 2-3 years but why stop there? Seeing only ~20 people attending Gimli events would have set the alarm off in my opinion, AX at Gimli was the cherry on the cake! What happened with the ~20 people event? What I don't want to be is overly optimistic here, and think "oh people are either busy, vacation travelling, bad weather, veterans prioritize family first...etc, while some of which are true, if I may take a wild guess here, I would say that people who care to drive/race and have part of themselves dedicated to things on wheels with gears and run on gas is that time is limited and now they see road race and time attack being an equally attractive and challenging Motorsport as AX, now with part of the track paved, some did walked away temporarily and we just ain't doing enough to attract new comers! I am stunt to see event cap by default is set at 65 drivers and I would assume that's the number of people we can handle in an event. Let's do something different to attract and draw new people to the AX family! Participant retention is equally important and I think if all of us with years of AX experience can invite new comers to fun runs for ride along/Novice taxi, make them feel welcomed and share your knowledge with them, more of them might come back time over time to race AX! Last but not least, I can sense there is tension between different race groups... making things work between teams/groups filled by volunteers is definitely not an easy task. The only easy way I can see us grow is to join forces, it would be exciting to see some of the time attack/road race participants coming out to St Andrews simply because it is closer and it make more sense not needing to camp out and use up the entire week far away from home.
  14. Just curious, did the last wall get hit a lot during the event. Awesome run by the way!
  15. well, good to know as I was wondering how we can do it with just 7 people
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