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  1. 01 Ford Focus Racecar Complete, running. Zetec Twin Cam, 2 litre. 5 Speed Has being raced on both dirt and ice. 2 parts cars included. $1200.00 for ALL Call or text Tim for more details 204 782 4710
  2. TI-GOR

    2018 Supp Regs

    Hope we get them soon. Time is running out
  3. TI-GOR


    Does anyone have any current video from this season (go pro or shoreline) that can be posted here? ... Just can't get enough!
  4. Looking forward to more discussion in the near future,
  5. TI-GOR


    What's the tire rule for the studded enduro?
  6. TI-GOR

    Update: Jordan

    Hope all goes well, and you can get back to doing all the things you love. Get well soon! Tim and Gloria
  7. TI-GOR

    Next ice race is at ski pond.

    Planning on counter clockwise, but will confirm later, After the track is in.
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    Just a heads up after running in all the water last Saturday, check for iced up shifter cables etc. If you're car is in a heated shop, get it out side and let it climatize,so you can avoid problems next race day!
  9. Check out the ice racer for sale in the forums,just talk with him , he still has it, it's a running car. Also have an extra set of belts that are still good for this season, if needed. See Tim in car#79 Lets go racing!!
  10. what about me? Too Slow #79
  11. TI-GOR


    Enjoy some pics from the past! How many cars can you count in the action shot. (hint) look up ,behind the back car on the right ! this pic was taken at Portage many years ago
  12. rear wheel drive, the way god intended it!! we need a copter cam ...any one??
  13. TI-GOR


    mother nature making ice!
  14. TI-GOR

    2016 season

    ITS coming up soon! Time to start getting ready for the 2016 season Before you know it we' ll be dropping the green to start another great year of ice racing! CAUTION: ICE RACING CAN BE ADDICTIVE!
  15. TI-GOR

    tires for sales

    2 new Prime Studded ice-race tires and 2 well used prime type studded ice-race tires for sale. $500.00 for all four call for more details 204-467-5043 Tim P.S. This add has been edited. please note , only a total of 4 tires are for sale. P.SS how does one delete a post after items are sold.
  16. Due to changing weather forecasts, we will be plowing the track at Mazenod Rd on Saturday morning. Depending on snowfall amounts, we hope to be finnished up about noon. If we do get alot of snow it may take longer considering we will have to clear the pit area. Yes, we have a plow truck ready for track touch-up on Sunday. But if you have somthing available, let us know,so we can keep a list of available equipment for future events.
  17. TI-GOR

    Plow Truck

    Still in need of a plow truck for Mazenod track this weekend.(Feb 7-8) If you know of anyone that has a truck with a blade on it, that is able to do it, let us know a.s.a.p. Will pay cash, price negotiable. contact Al or me,( Tim ) timgordie@ xplornet.ca
  18. TI-GOR

    Tire tractionizer

    TRATIONIZER was wideley used in the past, back when we were still running bias ply tires. I still have my tractionized canadian tire specials from back in the 80"s. If I can dig one out I will bring it this weekend.
  19. TI-GOR

    Hot laps/Test n Tune Jan 24 2015

    Track is in at the ski pond, we are good to go. Track is 1 km long. See you there.
  20. TI-GOR


    Always looking for old (rear wheeldrive) race cars that can be used for ice racing. Any condition, old road- race cars , or maybe a street car you may have around. Let me know so I can help find cars for interested ice racers. Tim E-mail timgordie@xplornet.ca
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    No , need not be running. Dosent even need a powertrain. Just a solid body we can work with. smaller cars that would fit our rules. I.E. old datsuns , toyotas, mazda RX7s Ther was a datsun 710 roadracer around some time ago , anyone know if it still exists?