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  1. This car is the first car in a long time that makes me seriously consider selling the C5Z to finance a new car. I am in a crisis....and not the midlife kind. Corey, for the record you are a bad friend for posting this...lol....you owe me more than an evening for posting this! Oh poo-poo I need a C8! As for C7s, they will drop. Sales have stalled badly waiting for the C8. Yet my C5Z appreciates! Which bodes well for the C8.
  2. @Dnfwm I could be tempted to drag the Vette to this if I don't do Spring Nats in Lincoln. I will twist Dave's and Dan's arms on this one as well.
  3. Thanks @Magner however I think we are going to run square RE71Rs here, put some 19's on the rear for Lincoln and the wets will be 4S's. I am not a big proponent of the Nexen. They were decent, but lasted half as long and I prefer the feel of 'stones. We don't want to be trying to run 'stones in the monsoons we saw in Lincoln last year. Talk about bringing a baseball bat to a gun fight...we didn't even have a knife.
  4. Might be interested in this. Will have to do some math on sizes.
  5. Since I rent the trailer I can't really add tracking like that but have seen it used. I will look up this Saturn Industries place as I do want to tie it down from the chassis, although the internet seems split 50/50 on chassis vs wheels (or suspension compressed vs not compressed). The compressed camp makes more logical sense to me. Thanks folks.
  6. Guys, Know any place local where I can get something like this? (My Google-fu has been weak this week... ) https://www.summitracing.com/int/search/product-line/macs-forged-mini-t-hooks/cargo-tie-down-anchor-type/t-hook The j-hooks in the straps I have do not fit in the shipping holes on the Vette. Others have recommended the above or similar. Any thoughts on the above vs strapping through the wheels when trailering the car? Or something like this so I can get a fat J-hook through it. https://www.bimmertools.com/t-hooks-p/11-7a-lba.htm
  7. The EBC Racing Blue's I have now are about as dust free and quiet as I have had in a good pad. They work better than the HPS, but Chris and I are debating if the bite is the same as the HP+. They are certainly more linear than the HP+ so your friend may like them. Got mine from Sam Strano at stranoparts. https://ebcbrakes.com/product/ebc-disc-pads-for-racing/
  8. Great ideas. Was planning the class as well and the full 114, then I just cross the first '1' out when the tire warmer (likely me) is driving. Do we have any WSCC decals anywhere? Would Robbie have them? I have the WAS decal on a c-pillar, but nothing explicitly WSCC. Oh and thanks for the pic @cboettch, stole a copy.
  9. They lasted almost 2 full seasons. The corners started coming up though, and I had to remember detailing spray and microfibre to remove dust. Not an easy feat at my age. That, and when it rained I couldn't get numbers on. Hmmm...vinyls would take away one fair weather racer excuse...maybe I should rethink this. lol
  10. They were, and from Solo Performance as well. They are done now, and I either need more or get some semi-permanent vinyls done. The last few events I had to use blue painters tape on the edges to keep them on. I forgot your Malibu runs numbers, maybe my Cavalier can get away with it as well. Worst case I take them off and revert back to Solo Performance I guess.
  11. I should have clarified that, thanks Corey. The only place that I can find that does the reusable vinyl peel and sticks is in the USA. Was wondering what kind of experiences people had driving around with numbers on their car?
  12. Considering semi-permanent vinyl numbers for the car. Anybody have experience with this? I don’t street the car much anymore but I know in Edmonton it used to be illegal to drive with race numbers on your car. Is it illegal here? I can imagine it attracts some attention, not sure it is worth it. Thoughts?
  13. Friend of mine is selling a 2012 Cruze LT. Comes with 18" summer wheels and a separate set of winter steelies. Automatic trans, 140,000 Kms, recent safety. Mostly highway miles from Anola and Oak Bank areas. Asking $7500 obo. Please contact Al at 2 zero 4 79one 224one
  14. That mileage is similar to the Jeep...makes me feel a little better and slightly more optimistic about towing my car. We've rented from Trevor before as well and I can echo Corey's sentiment. Easy to work with and good customer service. We use the Budget out of Waverly Chrysler in the automall.
  15. Interesting.They were the only place, aside from Al M here, where I could get a caliper for the Vette quickly. Did not know this about them, thanks for the heads up.
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