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  1. Not sure which sandwich Corey ate but we just out a rather nasty looking sandwich after picking up the trailer. @Weebly your bag is at the house, the trailer is not in Gimli yet...it went for some awning repairs first. Message me and we can setup a pickup or I will just put it back in the trailer when I do take it to Gimli.
  2. I get that Nish, but with the old surface I could count on rendering my front right useless for autox in about 20 laps and the rear not long after that. Considering I am more concerned with autox than lapping the cost/benefit for lapping was not favorable; now it is.
  3. @R_Ercole if I may, look ahead more. In your video you are only looking one maybe two cones ahead. Get further down the course with your eyes. At that left in the start you are looking at the first cone, you need to be looking out the side window down that slalom. In the pivots, you should be looking at your corner exits before (or at least as) you hit the brakes. You are not finding the exits until you start your turn. Find your exits before you enter the corner. I am not an instructor, so they may adjust my comments, but IMO you are getting behind because you are not looking far enough ahead. Start chanting that or have your wife scream it at you as you go. Don't worry about line (I get way behind in that first slalom...I know why, see if you can spot the reason) in these videos, watch Chris's head and mine versus yours and where we are looking. There are times Chris and I look out the side windows, see if you can spot them and think about why. My video is here on my Onedrive, not sure that will embed here. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiQQ7vcHahKvgptm_se4fUImvHfXcw Just my 2 cents...ymmv
  4. So, just did a track day and was surprised how well my tires survived. I did not do the HPDE this year, nor in the last 2 but have turned a few laps at Gimli and have done the HPDE in the past. Question is, do/can I qualify for time attack laps this summer or no? If not, no worries. If so, great, see you after the June weekend (I am out of town) as long as it does not conflict with autox. For those that are still worried about tire wear on the Gimli track...stop worrying!
  5. Awesome! Mat clarified. Things were dropped off today. Cheers
  6. The following are the members of the 2019 Leadership team. If you are interested in assisting in any capacity please contact any one of us and we will help you learn any and all aspects of running these events. Since the people below likely cannot make all the events, please offer to assist in the area(s) that interest you the most. It is people helping people that allow us to have the fun that we do so please do chip in where you can or want to!.The more the merrier! Director Corey - @Corey Assistant Director Tim - @justkickin Chief of Course Design Curtis - @Curtis Chief of Registration Helix - @helix Chief of Safety Chris - @Magner Chief of Schools, Promotions and all things that make you fast! Rob - @S2KRob Chief of Timing and Scoring Matt - @babyfod Chief of Equipment #YourNameHere Looking forward to another awesome year of racing!
  7. Still looking for a Chief of Equipment. Events don't run without radios. Need someone to take on this important leadership role, even if you don't think you can make all the events. We have strategies for that. Looking forward to adding someone to the leadership team.
  8. Thanks to all that came out and helped get the trailers sorted and inventoried. Great start to what should be a great year of racing! @BigKahuna Thanks for the offer. Are you with Ultra Tech fire and Safety? Asking because they are a club sponsor I hear and we would like to provide them first rights to supply as a thanks for the sponsorship. If so great! See you soon. If not, you are second in line once I find out about Ultra Tech. Just being fair to sponsors.
  9. Bump: This is tomorrow and we will need help eating donuts and getting the trailer ready.
  10. In order: Don't know, that is why we are going to check. Nope, getting that organized, no worries. I suppose, but can't guarantee I will still be there by then. We like donuts.
  11. Thanks. I will bring Jeep and the WSCC ball and my 12v compressor in case we have to move it. Thanks @Weebly Boss
  12. Folks, if you are interested in helping this year and want to meet some of the leadership team before the season starts this trailer party is a great place to do that. When: Saturday April 20th (rain date, Sunday the 21st) at 10:00 am CST Where: St Andrews Airport We will need to work on the trailer and inventory items in it and hopefully test all the timing gear. I will add to the list as required, but generally we need to: Inventory cones Tidy up both trailers Make sure generator and gear works. Locate and organize towing gear. Measure awning (so I can get a quote on a replacement). Collect all batteries to test and charge them Check extinguishers and recharge/replace as required. Make sure both trailers are tow-able. Locate all towing hardware. Check track for damage Test radios Make sure generator is working Please post here if you can make it or have a date preference.
  13. Happy season, no price increases this year! Attached are the supplemental regulations for 2019. Supplemental Regulations 2019.pdf
  14. Update: We have a Chief of Registration! Stay tuned for an announcement of all Chiefs. Still looking for Safety and Equipment Chiefs to join the leadership team! Let me know if you are interested.
  15. @Dnfwm I could be tempted to drag the Vette to this if I don't do Spring Nats in Lincoln. I will twist Dave's and Dan's arms on this one as well.
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