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  1. As we all know, 2020 was a hugely challenging year. Due to the changing rules surrounding COVID, our volunteers and racers had no idea what to expect from week to week. In 2020, our initial meeting after group sizes were increased to 50 people occurred on a Sunday and the volunteer team committed to launching the season the next Saturday! This is unprecedented! It usually takes a month or more to plan, test and confirm all systems are good to go. The team this year did all of that preparation work in 6 days! I have no words for that other than WOW, and thank you! As the season progressed
  2. Undecided yet, but trophies will either be mailed/couriered or available for pickup at next year's events. Since 2020 was week-by-week, why should trophies be any different. Congrats to all the class victors this year! It was an odd season and you all prepared well in the face of unknown complexities.
  3. You are correct @Magner, no need to review (or apologize), unless we want to as it is a rule that makes sense for the reasons you mentioned. Let us know when you get the update done @babyfod
  4. Rumor has it results will be available soon...maybe this weekend. Stay tuned folks.
  5. Correct, both events this weekend were cancelled. As much as we wanted to end the season this weekend it just did not happen. We will be back in the Spring!
  6. Brenna did awesome! Was great to see you both out! And that smile is easily visible under the helmet. And yes, this club is awesome in how they welcome all and just want to see everyone have fun!
  7. Please ask him to bring it out again, but this time I want to drive it with him! Love those cars and was great to see it out.
  8. Yup...confirmed that on Sunday. I must be getting old. He might withdraw his codrive offer for that one. lol Likely more information coming, but our next confirmed events are Aug 15/16 and Aug 22/23 at St Andrews. This is of course as long as the Government does not change our rule set for social gatherings between now and then. One week at a time...it's what we live by now. For those that have never lived in the moment, now's your chance.
  9. Yup...but I will be immature forever. Sorry, I do not recognize your handle, however, we had nothing firm past this weekend so there was nothing to report or post. That changed late last week and will be posted when we have time, as we are busy running events this weekend. .
  10. Same boat as JT. What is the process for those of us that have done lapping and the HPDE years ago and want to do TA or lapping?
  11. They might fit....maybe try one before going through the hassle of swapping on and off wheels.
  12. If it's here in time...they may run out of seats like Ford did....you never know.
  13. That was a fun drive @Brian_Earl_Spilner, thanks for arranging it. The Jeep is no sports car but it still is fun to hustle around. Great meeting @David Klassen as well. Lunch as always was good. Not sure how the other restaurants on that corner stay open. And @Jim Eh. the more than half a tank I drained is proof it happened. lol ...Track mode in an SUV....who knew it could be fun and keep a BMW at bay!
  14. I have a few 275/35/18 but they are all mounted and wrapped in plastic in my basement. If you don't wreck them and don't mind unwrapping and rewrapping they are on either 18x9.5 (+57) or 18x10.5 (+58) C5Z wheels with 5x120.7 bolt pattern. The 4S's on the car are 285/35/18 on the rear. But the car is still in storage and those will be harder to get at so would not use those unless you absolutely need. Chris may have issues if you wreck the rubber, I will have issues if you damage a wheel. I don't think you will wreck either so you are welcome to grab a pair if you want.
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