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  1. Another airport, only about twice as far as Lincoln. The ON folks can put on a good show. Some interesting course design options aailable depending on how good all those pieces of asphalt are.
  2. Permanent numbers

    Great ideas. Was planning the class as well and the full 114, then I just cross the first '1' out when the tire warmer (likely me) is driving. Do we have any WSCC decals anywhere? Would Robbie have them? I have the WAS decal on a c-pillar, but nothing explicitly WSCC. Oh and thanks for the pic @cboettch, stole a copy.
  3. Permanent numbers

    They lasted almost 2 full seasons. The corners started coming up though, and I had to remember detailing spray and microfibre to remove dust. Not an easy feat at my age. That, and when it rained I couldn't get numbers on. Hmmm...vinyls would take away one fair weather racer excuse...maybe I should rethink this. lol
  4. Permanent numbers

    They were, and from Solo Performance as well. They are done now, and I either need more or get some semi-permanent vinyls done. The last few events I had to use blue painters tape on the edges to keep them on. I forgot your Malibu runs numbers, maybe my Cavalier can get away with it as well. Worst case I take them off and revert back to Solo Performance I guess.
  5. Permanent numbers

    I should have clarified that, thanks Corey. The only place that I can find that does the reusable vinyl peel and sticks is in the USA. Was wondering what kind of experiences people had driving around with numbers on their car?
  6. Considering semi-permanent vinyl numbers for the car. Anybody have experience with this? I don’t street the car much anymore but I know in Edmonton it used to be illegal to drive with race numbers on your car. Is it illegal here? I can imagine it attracts some attention, not sure it is worth it. Thoughts?
  7. 2018 Permanent Number List

    Tim Robinson #1654 - renewed Keeping #14 please and thanks.
  8. Join SCCA

    Thanks folks. They did some things on the back end got the Badlands region when I logged in, likely because that was where I was last registered. Went through, submitted payment, got a website error but then got an email confirmation that it went through. Not sure if I am an SCCA member now or not, I suspect I am. Sent them the email confirmation so that they could search for it if they have to. MSR is soooo much easier! So glad we use that platform.
  9. Join SCCA

    It's changed. I emailed them, they made some changes on the back end. Have yet to try it again.
  10. Join SCCA

    I am getting some SQL errors when I try to join the SCCA using their web page. Long story short, country must be USA. Has anyone figured out what needs to be entered to get past the first screen? Or do I just have to call/email them?
  11. Spring Nat's 2018

    So looks like the house I was looking at for $107/night is no longer available. However this one at $190/night is available. If we're agreed I can book it for May 25 - 28 as the pricing quickly climbs after this house making hotels more attractive. Split 4 ways this house is about the same as a hotel split 2 ways and the price goes down with more coming on board. We could see if some from Calgary want in as well...could become the Canada house. lol https://www.vrbo.com/1119712 If we don't want to do this, no harm no foul, but we should probably get on accommodations now as they tend to fill fast. BTW, Chris and I are planning on Spring Nats and Nats this year. @MRS Joe, you could join us in the fall.
  12. Spring Nat's 2018

    Thanks, but I don't qualify as an alien the way you do though.
  13. Spring Nat's 2018

    Wasn't planning on it due to time, money and risk. That and I found that many long days really tiring last time I did it and could not focus as well for the tour as I would have wanted to. As much fun as the Pro's are the risk reward isn't optimal for me. Based on Corey's response though I might go for the Pro, will take some convincing though.
  14. Spring Nats are May 26 - 28 this year. Anybody planning on going? If you're planning to make the trip are you interested in a house vs hotel? If so chime in. I will likely be booking a house rental soon for my co-driver and myself. We could split the cost more ways if anybody is interested. As it stands now the house is potentially costing us less than a hotel (depends on size) and we get more room, slightly longer drive to the event, but more room...I think I mentioned that twice. Depending on how many want in we may need to bring air mattresses and sleeping bags. We are thinking get there on the 25th and leave on the 28th and do the drive over the course of 2 days. This would have us leaving Winnipeg on the 24th and returning on the 29th. Even if you don't want in on the house rental we should get a list going of who is thinking of going. It really is a good time and you get to seem some awesome cars in a far more relaxed environment than Nationals.
  15. FS: 2012 Cruze LT

    Friend of mine is selling a 2012 Cruze LT. Comes with 18" summer wheels and a separate set of winter steelies. Automatic trans, 140,000 Kms, recent safety. Mostly highway miles from Anola and Oak Bank areas. Asking $7500 obo. Please contact Al at 2 zero 4 79one 224one