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  1. Are there any specific sizes or anything I need to know? I will grab the list and send just after lunch Friday afternoon. If you need it done sooner, let me know.
  2. Send me a list of what you need for the trailer and I will forward to the same place where we got the rear door.
  3. Tim Robinson 1654 Keeping #14 Thanks
  4. Last time in Calgary I stayed near the airport at a hotel with the Moxies. Think it was the Sandman. Was a good hotel with a reasonable rate and a decent lounge built in. Not sure if this is anywhere close to the site. It's only a couple of nights. I am good with $100-ish per night. Don't want a dive with crappy food or noisy. We are splitting rooms right? So could go even higher in that case.
  5. Everybody makes mistakes, it is what they do about them that counts. The Fountain on Fermor has made mistakes and corrected it each time. They also go the extra mile when I need them to. Their service is top notch. If you have a mechanic you trust, stay with them. All this talk of waiting for tires has me glad that I have some RE71R's in the basement that are 3 years old and have 108 runs on them. They better be good to the cords. lol
  6. Costco took an order without having the size? Do they charge you now or later? That last sentence is exactly the reason why the only shop that touches my wheels is Fountain on Fermor.
  7. Any idea yet which weekend will be the WCMA Regional weekend?
  8. Based on availability and pricing I may be co-driving a Corolla S on RE's for the price of one front tire (in a Pilot PS2, no RE's for my car anywhere) on my car. A7's for me are $2200 from TireRack and nobody has RE's at all for my car. Uggh, this could be a short season for me as my current RE's are going into their third season with 108 runs on them. Could be quite similar to those special winters that JT had. laughing on the outside...:(
  9. Wasn't that the snow event at RRX...I remember doing that on R's in Claudio's RX8. We should have put the all seasons on it. For all those thinking RE's..what about A7's in your size? I may be on 3 year old Z2's at this rate.
  10. Congrats on the addition! Glad to hear the family is on the mend and hope the positives keep coming and your wife is doing better.
  11. Nicely done Beau! You S2K guys do realize if you bought a car with a trunk you wouldn't need a trailer and you just might get some torque on the side.
  12. Replace a broken front end link from the last event of 2016. Wear out the two season old RE71R's and then replace with another set or A7's...undecided at the moment. Change all the fluids and go have fun. If I go A7's do I stay in stock class groupings or move into SCCA Mixed? Not that it will impact my decision to have fun.
  13. Thanks for the update Murray and congrats on retiring. I don't mind the idea of Vancouver, takes me through wine country again. That would be so unfortunate. lol I was considering towing the blue car to Calgary...towing through the mountains will require further evaluation. I could always tow an empty trailer through the mountains and drive the blue car through them again, no harm in that. The end of June timing is good though. With the length of the drive to Vancouver I don't think it is impossible to shoot for a regional event in Calgary at that airport lot on the way to/from Vancouver. The logistics would require some local club member magic but would make the road trip more fruitful. I may have a codriver for both,but if holidays don't work out then would consider opening up a seat.
  14. Reijo recently posted a video of a lot in Calgary where they are having a few events this year. I am thinking road trip, at least for Regionals if not Nationals. No, the schedule is not out yet, but damn...that lot! That is A7 worthy! Anybody else considering this? Can you tell I am tired of winter now. lol
  15. I can't be the only one that thinks that sounds like a porn car! lol. FiST and friendly in the same sentence...the shame...needs decals for more bhp's.