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  1. Much preferred this course over the one on Saturday. Much more wide open with some speed changes in the middle areas not just at the pivots.
  2. I like the dialog going on here. The people and their ideas in this club are what make the WSCC Autoslalom program unique in a good way. My thoughts on the multiple runs. In a single driver car, 5 runs is fine. In a codriven car 10 runs back-to-back is too many. At the last event our tires got greasy after the 4th runs and that was with a sprayer. You don't want to know what my oil temp was at! What I would propose is go to 6 runs and don't move the start time. In this format, do 3 runs with Group A, hot swap marshals, do 3 runs with Group B. Break for lunch. Change course or not, don't really care at St Andrews (see below). Gimli, change the course. Finish lunch, do 3 runs Group B, hot swap marshals, do 3 runs Group A, clean up, go home. Things should still be done before 4pm and gives cars and people time to cool off between heats. Swapping run order helps to counter balance any weather effects that may roll in. At St Andrews, the second set of 3 runs become fun runs. At Gimli, the second set is another event. There are pros and cons to changing vs not changing the course at St Andrews. I don't think there is enough usable real estate there for us to make rapid and safe lunch time course changes. I will leave that final decision to our Course Chief. Plus it lets people bench race and discuss lines over lunch and then go test them after eating. Further, if we don't change the course at St Andrews at the lunch that may promote more car swapping, fewer people lost to lunch course walks, and teaching like we used to have which was sooooo much fun! I know personally I would likely not want to drive the Vette in the second half and would seek a codrive for that portion, just to change it up a bit. If time allows, can move to 4 and 4 once we see how the swaps go. More than 4 runs though in a codriven car simply are not worth it, things get too hot...unless it rains, then things change, but we can't plan for rain at every event.
  3. This car is the first car in a long time that makes me seriously consider selling the C5Z to finance a new car. I am in a crisis....and not the midlife kind. Corey, for the record you are a bad friend for posting this...lol....you owe me more than an evening for posting this! Oh poo-poo I need a C8! As for C7s, they will drop. Sales have stalled badly waiting for the C8. Yet my C5Z appreciates! Which bodes well for the C8.
  4. Actually the 90 degree turn is the standard start at any National level autox event. If you want the drag starts look up Pro Solo...now that is incredible. Alas, lots big enough for that are hard to find in Canada, we just don't have the Stadium style parking lots that the USA has. Did Pro Solo once, might do it again in Lincoln.
  5. @Ron Janzen Are you saying you were charged for both events? Just want to clarify so that we can make sure you have a proper credit in the system which we can take care of quickly. I have been to events with multiple colors, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. We learned a lot from that morning course setup and we will attempt to make things less complicated when we have that much space to play with.
  6. I liked this double header format. Some great comments above. I would like to see a quad weekend with a double on Saturday and Sunday. Changing the course midway through the day was not as time consuming as I thought it would be. Makes for a long day for the food vendor though. I am thinking we just get them for the between event break in the future. One thing I did hear is we should do these double event days in June and September as that is a long time to be in the summer sun and heat. I have to agree. By my third run in the second event my brain was done and I was having a hard time staying focused on what I was doing. Not a terrible problem to have, but something worth considering. The second course was much easier to follow without the cross overs. Didn't like some of the tighter elements we introduced (i.e., the start) but it was a lot of fun. Really enjoyed sweepers and only having one or two slaloms per course and never doing the same slalom twice in one run. The capability to design courses with braking and acceleration zones throughout made for some fun and challenging courses that really rewarded looking ahead, or punished not looking ahead. Would I do another, hell yeah! Even if it was 30 degrees.
  7. I think you need torque for that...no such thing in a Honda!
  8. You and @Magner are talking about the same area behind the gates. The bump there is awful. The Vette hit so hard I thought the rear axle was about to come off. I started going wide and lifting to avoid the bump so that I did not have to leave. Springs will only rent the small lots portion near Lag. The other sections are out of bounds. Changing gears a little, are there changes to St Andrews that some would consider it more attractive? Keep it within the realm of reality, repaving the whole thing or tripling its size is not constructive.
  9. Some great ideas in here from all. I like the free event idea. Might be short notice for Rob, but the event on the 7th would be perfect to combine Helix's idea with the free event. Get new people to come in the morning for ride alongs and help setting up their cars and then they can run for free in the afternoon. Call the morning a 'free introductory school' not a test and tune. If the 7th is too short notice, or poorly attended we could do something similar at one of the upcoming St Andrews events and measure the differences in response between venues.
  10. Not sure which sandwich Corey ate but we just out a rather nasty looking sandwich after picking up the trailer. @Weebly your bag is at the house, the trailer is not in Gimli yet...it went for some awning repairs first. Message me and we can setup a pickup or I will just put it back in the trailer when I do take it to Gimli.
  11. I get that Nish, but with the old surface I could count on rendering my front right useless for autox in about 20 laps and the rear not long after that. Considering I am more concerned with autox than lapping the cost/benefit for lapping was not favorable; now it is.
  12. @R_Ercole if I may, look ahead more. In your video you are only looking one maybe two cones ahead. Get further down the course with your eyes. At that left in the start you are looking at the first cone, you need to be looking out the side window down that slalom. In the pivots, you should be looking at your corner exits before (or at least as) you hit the brakes. You are not finding the exits until you start your turn. Find your exits before you enter the corner. I am not an instructor, so they may adjust my comments, but IMO you are getting behind because you are not looking far enough ahead. Start chanting that or have your wife scream it at you as you go. Don't worry about line (I get way behind in that first slalom...I know why, see if you can spot the reason) in these videos, watch Chris's head and mine versus yours and where we are looking. There are times Chris and I look out the side windows, see if you can spot them and think about why. My video is here on my Onedrive, not sure that will embed here. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiQQ7vcHahKvgptm_se4fUImvHfXcw Just my 2 cents...ymmv
  13. So, just did a track day and was surprised how well my tires survived. I did not do the HPDE this year, nor in the last 2 but have turned a few laps at Gimli and have done the HPDE in the past. Question is, do/can I qualify for time attack laps this summer or no? If not, no worries. If so, great, see you after the June weekend (I am out of town) as long as it does not conflict with autox. For those that are still worried about tire wear on the Gimli track...stop worrying!
  14. Awesome! Mat clarified. Things were dropped off today. Cheers
  15. The following are the members of the 2019 Leadership team. If you are interested in assisting in any capacity please contact any one of us and we will help you learn any and all aspects of running these events. Since the people below likely cannot make all the events, please offer to assist in the area(s) that interest you the most. It is people helping people that allow us to have the fun that we do so please do chip in where you can or want to!.The more the merrier! Director Corey - @Corey Assistant Director Tim - @justkickin Chief of Course Design Curtis - @Curtis Chief of Registration Helix - @helix Chief of Safety Chris - @Magner Chief of Schools, Promotions and all things that make you fast! Rob - @S2KRob Chief of Timing and Scoring Matt - @babyfod Chief of Equipment #YourNameHere Looking forward to another awesome year of racing!
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