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  1. We will be there with the white Jeep SRT for her last Spring drive. Might be a different color next year.
  2. Thanks Helix. I did not notice them there. I cannot find the season Supp Regs just the COVID-19 update and waiver so I have attached them here in case others cannot find them. Also note that the COVID-19 item 7 will be updated to indicate that the gate will close at 1030 am and not as indicated in the document. WAS-SuplementalRegulations-V1.pdf
  3. No worries pal, it's all good. But we do have to get you out of that Toyota and back into a Nissan!
  4. we will get documents posted as soon as we have them patience grasshopper...they're coming...the last piece dropped into place this afternoon so hopefully soon. Yes, we're cutting it that close and it is all because of the awesome people and volunteers we have that this can turn around as quickly as it did. For those that don't know, this crew pulled together in a week what usually takes a month or more to complete under normal circumstances. Please don't shake their hand or high five them, but do respect all the volunteers and members we have in this club!
  5. Thanks Jim, what I have is hearsay so I would be inclined to go by this folks. Maybe it is property owners not sure. The Ontario plates at the hospitals I am going to assume are NW Ontario folks that come West for a major hospital vs GTA. Hell I know I would make that choice.
  6. If you end up paying more just let us know. We can setup a credit for a future event or refund. Credits are easier for the team. People are still busy trying to get things launched so there may be delays in responses and execution this close to the event. We may not get to it right away, but we will, no worries.
  7. Please see this post for an update. There will be last minute updates on changes and related posts that may or may not land in that thread.
  8. Thanks for sitting tight. Confirmed....insurance was the last holdout and that just got submitted! May 30 and 31 are good to go and should only be cancelled under exceptional unforeseen circumstances. There will be changes...we may have gotten some things wrong and some things right...bear with us and be patient please. Make sure you read both sets of supp regs! Not everything is ready but we will get documents posted as soon as we have them (ie. waiver to print at home and bring a signed copy with you). Plan some time Friday night to do your homework as a participant. Let's go racing!
  9. First race weekend of the year...how about the next weekend! Maybe see if something in Kenora has an open patio for lunch/dinner if our group is small enough. You can go 50 miles into Ontario without having to quarantine from what I have heard.
  10. Tim Robinson membership 1654 renewing #14 please and thanks And thanks Helix for the link to that spreadsheet in the initial post, made this really easy.
  11. Sorry, I ended up missing this and work has been really busy lately and just got back to the forums. I did install AC on the Xbox and could get Competizone when it comes out as well. Played AC, well anything, once in the last month. Let me know if you want to try again and we can get something going. I do apparently suck at AC, that interface is a far cry from Forza and I am still trying to figure out how to get the wheel (G920) buttons to hit the menus so I can change setups.
  12. I have to get my wheel calibrated but could do this. Any tips on wheel settings for AC? I would have to download Project Cars 2.
  13. Anybody got their cars out! Lets see what we can do tomorrow to help a local kid have a spectacular birthday! The Level Up Auto Ltd Jeep will be there as Blue still sleeps. Meeting with some other like minded folks Speedworld Indoor Kart Track parking lot on Ness and Berry at 5:45 pm. Do please keep your distance and stay in your cars. This needs to be a good thing, not a way to spread a highly communicable virus. Lets have some fun with our cars. See my personal or corporate Facebook page for details. Wish I had seen this sooner, sorry folks. Lets see, maybe we can help Mark and Briget get some exposure and help a kid at the same time, all while staying safe and at distance!
  14. I have everything from an i5 up. All are laptops though, one has discrete video. All my big screens are connected to consoles and not the PCs. Easy enough to fix I suppose, but I gave up on PC gaming a while ago. Having to upgrade and update things every 6 months just wasn't worth it to run at good resolutions and detail levels. Moving to consoles, they last 4 - 10 years with no upgrades in between. If Assetto Corsa supports cross platform gaming, count me in. If you need cloud servers to get it to run let me know.
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