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  1. Promoting autocross

    Need us to bring anything Beau?
  2. Promoting autocross

    This goes for me as well.
  3. Oct 1

    Was great to see you out! Hope to see you out more next year. One of these days we will swap cars for fun runs.
  4. Event #18, Oct 1

    It is later in the week right? Here are the GoPro in-car videos for those that are curious. Corey Run 4 Tim Run 3
  5. Promoting autocross

    Depending on the when I would be in.
  6. Event #18, Oct 1

    Great event today! Corey's 4th run. My third run. I will try to get GoPro vids up later this week. Thinking I will need to get this Solostorm app for next year. The in-car analysis and comparisons we could do between runs was helpful.
  7. Event #17, Sep 30

    Thanks a ton for the codrive Corey and the great use of your hands in grid! That car is a wild ride. I thought the Corvette was a handful, yours is amped up another notch. My 2 fun runs were definitely my faster runs. Comparing the two videos above it looked like I was barely pushing things and yet I still felt extremely busy in the car. An excellent way to start the final weekend of racing. Thanks, much appreciated.
  8. Promoting autocross

    A lot of great input here for next year. One thing I have been thinking about lately is bring back championship points to the web site. Seeing each race is cool but admittedly kinda boring. Some people like the chase and right now, unless they do it manually with some funky Excel or db work and math factors the newbie can't find they can't calculate or even understand it. Heck, I I have been doing this for 10 years and I can't be bothered to track the season myself anymore and have no clue what the standings are. The only thing I know is that Curtis has stock tied up because he has 9000 points because he told me. Beyond that I have no clue. New people I would think would want to know this sort of thing. Isn't standings what keep people dreaming that the Jets will make the playoffs.
  9. Great racing this weekend! Great job on the back-to-back wins Curtis. In my worst Paul Walker impression, "I almost had you" lol It was a cold weekend but everybody was smiling and having a good time. I will be honest Shawn, like the south end of todays course better than yesterdays. I really do appreciate you giving us 8 runs at the big slalom. It wasn't until my seventh and eighth runs where I even got close to maximizing my speed through it. That sweeper today was great. Was awesome seeing all those drivers in heat 2 stop braking and just lifting to get through it. Here are the videos of Chris and I from today. I am including my last run, although coned away it was a fun drive and likely my best run of the year. So cones be damned, enjoy! On my second run I apparently took lessons from Curtis yesterday and had a big wiggle stay in the box! Chris Run 2 68.248 Tim fastest clean 67.021 Tim fastest scratch 65.957 (2 cones)
  10. Great job today Curtis! That last run of yours looked epic and here's the video to prove it (watch to end) because yes, It stayed in the box! Curtis's flyer of a 4th run! My not as quick 4th run.
  11. Course setup

    hahaha...you guys are funny...I am so sweet you should already know that I am made of sugar.
  12. Course setup

    I can help Saturday but not tomorrow. My car is still on jack stands...I should probably get it on the ground.
  13. Event #14, Sep 9

    My last video link in the post above yours shows my max speeds on the Harry's lap timer. I hit the limiter in 2nd in two spots IIRC.
  14. Sept 17 co-drive

    There go your rear tires Karl! Do you not recall how much smoke Steve could get out of a Miata! lol Another vote for Steve.