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  1. @themikewoo...just put it to the Mario Kart theme.
  2. Finally found time to get videos and get something posted. Was a great weekend! Travelling with the WSCC members is always a good time. Our hosts in Calgary put on a really good show. I drove fairly well Saturday, enjoyed my Saturday night, drove really badly Sunday morning (possibly due to Saturday night) and then redeemed myself Sunday afternoon. Ended up top 10 PAX both days which was my goal. Sunday though I was out of the top 10 after the morning and had to put down a solid drive in the afternoon to get back in. I managed it, but didn't beat Chris by enough in the afternoon to take the win in the car both days. Chris's driving Sunday morning was awesome! The car felt really good all weekend. It did tighten up a little, which is probably a good thing considering it is a little loose locally. The Nexen's performed extremely well (when driven properly). We did have to start spraying them after second runs, but that wasn't a problem. If Calgary still has that lot next year I will likely head there again, all other variables permitting, it was that good. Saturday AM Saturday PM My camera settings aren't great for Sunday....I may have forgotten that Corey was going to narrow the field of view Saturday night and then I narrowed it again Sunday morning...ooppps. Sunday AM (watching this may cause your eyes to bleed it was that bad). Sunday PM Reijo's Fun Runs (He may have beaten me on his second run...but not by as much as I would have imagined he would...level 2 school here is on my radar for this year now so I can find that time).
  3. Here is my fastest clean run. Again, I coned away PAX FTD. I have to stop doing that. Was a great street class battle with less than 0.5s separating first from fifth. Was anybody's to win. Congrats to Beau for taking it this time. I predict it is going to be a fun year in street class. Liked this course. It flowed well and although Chris and I used different lines we finished with 2/10ths of each other. https://youtu.be/AR_YiJsRXEk
  4. Looking forward to @Magner's evaluation. Some heard mine over the weekend, but I thing Chris is a better writer than I so I will leave the online summary to him. Lets just say Mike, I coned away PAX FTD both days this weekend. Do you need more proof?
  5. Not sure I understand. I launch in first, shift to second then downshift to first for the pivots and shift to second when applicable. If this doesn't make sense find me at the next event you are at and come for a ride along or ask me and I will explain.
  6. Yeah, in the wet first is useless in my car. I do downshift in the dry though. Probably could have on the last run, just didn't risk it.
  7. Here is my fastest clean run from today. https://youtu.be/0iff7LbxV_8 And may fastest scratch time from run 4, a 53.130 with some mistakes. Had it not been for the cone this was good for pax FTD. Alas a cone is a cone is a cone. https://youtu.be/vabuqZ7_dhA @Magner and I both really liked the new Nexen's, even in the wet. They were quick to heat up, and we still have some work to do, but for the new kid on the block, these tires worked really well in changing conditions today. As for the course, really liked that chute concept, that was cool. The course certainly drove better than it walked, The seemingly random variations in the slalom spacings at the transition broke up the flow of an otherwise good course design. The transition was punishing in the Vette. I think all my hit cones were in the transition.
  8. Helix is right, we have to do more to retain the rookies that show up, they are the future of this sport. We were all rookies at one point. That last point of Corey's is one thing I have heard before and again this weekend. The ride alongs are too fast with the seasoned drivers and rookies still miss things. I know we have the rookie trophy now which is great. But having all the rookies run in one group does not leave enough veterans for them to choose from to have ride alongs and really presses a rookie mentor to get in each car at least once. Maybe instead of having a rookie mentor in each work group, we should have 2 working in the group that has all the rookie's. Having a rookie mentor work assignment in a run group with no rookie's doesn't seem logical when we are stretched thin. Also, have vets be used as taxi's when the rookies are working isn't very helpful either. A protest is in the making have someone run a taxi for 20 runs, then run with their run group, especially if rookie's run first, unless we have someone willing to give up a day of racing, or separate rookies, this taxi idea could be tricky to implement. There is no magic bullet, why not ask the rookies for their input during the course walk. Something like how best do you learn, ride alongs or with a passenger as mentor? They may even give you something completely different. We are lucky, the people we are trying to sell to are right in front of us, we don't have to find them, they find us. Lets use that to our advantage.
  9. Um, can't we just login to our MR profiles and show you the active membership? Assuming of course someone doesn't know us out there. And I am pretty sure we all know at least one person in each club. I keep alignment printouts, not membership letters. I should qualify from that alone. Lol Well golly...I actually saved the membership PDF to one of my cloud drives. Apparently I am a pack rat. lol
  10. Great run Charles! Since the link works, lets try that, seems easier. https://youtu.be/EZ8OZ9d4iIA?list=PL-HbuC-Cf-QJO0Pr9nYL7moSAmbEOdn9Y
  11. Trying to post my video the forums tell me this: "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." ===================================================================================== Now to my post: Liked the course. The speed changes in the middle sections are nice, really makes sure you are looking ahead. This was my last and fastest run. Some mistakes were made, and not all of them were the fault of the old tires. Don't think we want to relive my second run any time soon. Glad the timer survived. My GoPro video is a lot more stable. Has anyone found a way to make the phone mounts more stable? You can find the video on YouTube if you like at youtu.be/EZ8OZ9d4iIA?list=PL-HbuC-Cf-QJO0Pr9nYL7moSAmbEOdn9Y
  12. Interesting.They were the only place, aside from Al M here, where I could get a caliper for the Vette quickly. Did not know this about them, thanks for the heads up.
  13. Got 114. Good idea!
  14. Did you change them? Make it 14 and 41 (or 114) if you can. I only have a 1 and 4 for the vinyls...if they still stick (and I don't think I can get new ones to Pembina by Tuesday). @MurrayPeterson Do we need class letters on the car?
  15. FWIW I go to Direct Auto on Wall locally. Their prices are similar to Rock auto and there is no shipping.