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  1. Also have a set of 2pce speedline minilite/panasport styed wheels for fair money
  2. I could use them if somebody doesn't need them My Lotus Europa needs a pair, I have the intake Gord
  3. Plated with 510's as a Wee Lad, still have some cool bits left Also have a L1800 engine core and a SSS dual carb/intake set up as used on the factory "works" cars. Nice power increase
  4. I have a Twin 40mm sidedraft intake for a L-series if needed Gord
  5. The car is off the market. I wish the new Owner nothing but being safe and lots of Giggles Look for it storming around Gimli this summer in a pair on confident hands.
  6. Reynard SF90 Formula Continental for rent June 2015 at Mosport. The car will be delivered to track, all tires, fuel, consumables included on rental fee. MUST have credentials to review, PM for info, or contact Gord Leach 306-352-4177 days 306-535-8884 eves/weekends
  7. Back the truck up, You still have six months to grow a pair :)remember, "Only Toilets Need Doors"
  8. Welcome, Plan on Road Racing next year?
  9. Thank You, I may have to venture that way
  10. Only Fairies need wings Young Man :0
  11. Holy Stalker BatMan........I have info
  12. 1 more for the latter session, no food/liquids needed.Nissan 240 (fender clad thingy)Will there be time for open wheel sessions too?
  13. http://jalopnik.com/i-want-you-to-be-my-co-driver-for-life-is-best-propos-733670776Very respectable:)
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