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  1. Hello! 1991 Mazda Miata. Stock except for 15" wheels over factory 14" and Flying Miata Vmaxx coilovers. No factory LSD. Would this be STS classification? Thanks!
  2. Nice updates, Mark. 2" of oil pan clearance is scary! Too bad the header didn't work out, looks like an extremely complicated project in itself.
  3. It's scary how many people don't know how to operate their vehicles. There should be a training course or something when you buy one... seriously! In an automatic, the shifter is gated to prevent going from netural to reverse so if the throttle sticks open just push the shifter forward as hard as you can and it'll go into neutral. A neat trick that few people seem to know about. I've had the throttle go WOT unexpectedly in the mustang in a parking lot once and it is a very scary experience. <3 clutches.
  4. Should be BSP, I don't know about the crank pulley though.
  5. Write the Solo Events Board and ask. seb@scca.com
  6. Twin turbo'd stock short block GT500 running 8's:
  7. Menke's fee + gas + gst + pst + duty. Duty depends on the country the product was made in. I believe NA is duty free.
  8. Darn seller only shipped my item today, it won't arrive until early next week =( Hopefully I can get it in time for racing on the 18th!
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