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    I'm just another obsessive racer with Attention Deficit Disorder and....wait, what were we taking about?
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  1. Please send one my way as well... dylan _ sabatini @ hotmail . com
  2. Thanks for the photos Krank but I did some brief digging and found everything I needed thanks to Steve Carmichael! https://www.flickr.com/photos/40991851@N03/sets Poster to come soon! I just have to reload Cs4 onto my mac. Anyone good with that stuff?
  3. Hi everyone, its that time again... I'm looking for awesome photos from 2014 for 2015's poster. Post photo links or upload whatever photos you have on this thread and i'll start on the poster. HI-RES photos are always better. Thanks!
  4. Hey y'all, I'm starting to work on the 2014 poster so I'm wondering if anyone (who'll be racing in 2014) has any photos or links to photos they can share with me. If you know who took the photos, please include their name so I can give a credit. I want to try to put everyone on the poster this year to show how many racers we have.Send to dylan_sabatini@Hotmail.comThanks.
  5. Wicked news Chris and thanks for your dedication! Just curious if you could provide us some Google map links of where you scouted?
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