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  1. Damn this is a beautiful project. Will be a sweet to see on the road. The bumper fitment was slick
  2. Was the motion for track repairs approved or denied?
  3. Hello all, I just ordered some headers and I want to know if there is anywhere in the city or Manitoba that does ceramic coating for exhaust manifolds? I have read about D I Custom coatings in Tyndall mb, but that was from 2009 but I will call him Monday. I have emailed Cadorath, but I am doubtful as they don't have much listed automotive wise. Pro-tek doesn't seem to anymore. There are places in Alberta and Ontario that will do it but I don't feel like shipping metal around. Especially because these are cheap ebay headers and they may not fit perfectly. I don't want to pay $300 plus shipping to coat $225 headers only for them to not fit. Less egg on my face. Worst case scenario I'll try the VHT flame proof aerosol and spend lots of time on prep and curing. Thank you!
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