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  1. Gimli 2017 (Event #12)

    There are a couple of issues we have to deal with. The first is that all access to our site is dictated by the racing going on and there could be significant delays for people getting across the track once they enter the gate. The second issue that our only access to the food vendor is during the 12-1 break. Last time we missed that window and we didn't get food because we tried to do our normal routine of racing heat 1, break for lunch then running heat 2. By the time we finished heat 1 it was almost 1pm and the food truck had already left. So this time we are going to ensure everyone can get food and then get back in time to get their cars warmed up and the marshals out to their stations. As this weekend is the Vintage weekend I have been told it is very busy and we are the group that is cut off from the pits during the racing so when the last road race of the morning finishes and we get the all clear to cross the track, we will be the last ones to get to the food truck. Not knowing now long everything will take and not wanting to be late on proposed times the above schedule is what I came up with. Maybe we will have everyone back and ready to race before 1:30. I apologize for the event timing and I will see how we can refine it in the coming season. It is hard to predict how much time we need to carry out each part of our day especially without knowing what sort of crowd we are going to get. Being out in Gimli it was suggested having the later start time. We also were trying to get the secondary entrance working but it is just too damaged from big equipment. Maybe next year it will be a viable option which would allow us to operate more independently.
  2. Autocross age?

    I emailed Doug Campbell our WCMA National SoloSport Representative yesterday to get clarification because the information on the age and requirement that the parent be the driver is under a section called Underage Drivers. He did confirm that the section should actually be renamed Underage Participants and he will make the request to improve the wording. I have also requested that this restriction (can only drive with parent/guardian) be lifted entirely. If not entirely I want them to consider when we have a driver who is under the age of majority is entered in a school where they would be a passenger with an instructor (likely not a parent/guardian) as the driver. So for now, in Manitoba, if you are not 18 years or older, you can only ride with a parent or guardian as the driver. My understanding on the restriction has to do with our insurance. In Canada use 14 years as the minimum age and US uses 12 years...it's because of the increased potential of injury, particularly neck injuries, in younger (i.e. smaller) passengers wearing heavy helmets in cars making hard transitions. To keep our rates lower we have stricter regulations. I am not sure how the parent/guardian as the driver fits into this though. Unfortunately in the past we have been ignorant of the rules, which includes me as a guilty party too. So we are now all aware of what the rules are and we will uphold them.
  3. Event #11 2017

    Actually it wasn't that fast. I didn't once hit the rev limiter in my car. It had some real nice changes in velocity which I really like. I hope to create something similar to (but different from) our first Gimli for the upcoming race. Yes there will be a sweeper. If I can, I will try to use even more of the track and extend further south this time.
  4. Trailer Towing

    I am looking for someone to tow our timing trailer from St. Andrew Airport to Gimli Motorsports Park sometime this week. The trailer needs to be out at GMP no later than Saturday afternoon. One small issue is that there is now a gate never to the airport control tower that is getting locked. I would have to get someone the key to open the gate as I am out of town from Tuesday to Friday this week. One other possible issue will be placement of the trailer as Drift is having an event Saturday which might mean that we have to initially drop the trailer somewhere and then move it after drift finishes for the day around 5pm. If anyone can help out please let me know as soon as possible. I can be reached via phone/text at 2 oh four 2 III zero III 0 seven 7 Shawn
  5. Autocross age?

    This is the document that we use. Note that it the signing of the document must be witnessed by someone who is the age of majority http://www.asncanada.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/ASN-English-Annual-Parental-Consent-Waiver.pdf
  6. Course setup

    Setup for the school/test and tune will be starting on Friday around 6:30 PM @helix it looks like the number of entrants for the school is really low which means that it will probably be done really early. Perhaps plan on being out at the track by 2pm if possible. If you can upload a map of Sunday's course I can get started on setup when we are done the school. I will keep in touch via text how the day is shaping up and when we expect to wrap up.
  7. This will be set-up similar (but different) to the last test and tune. We will have a timed course on the North section and and untimed course on the South section.
  8. Autocross age?

    We have the waivers on-site, however I would have to look into what needs to happen if the parent can't be there in person to sign. @nishanna the minimum age for passengers is 14 years of age and the passenger can only ride along with their parent or legal guardian.
  9. 2017 Autoslalom Results

    Event #10 http://live.axti.me/results/4y9LPXwUm
  10. Event #10

    Slowing people down does not require more elements although that is one way to do it. You just have to adjust the element spacing/position to control speeds. Also, don't confuse adding cones with adding elements. Some of the changes we made to the design on Saturday was removing cones that didn't affect the line. The number of DNFs were pretty high and that was after we made changes to help with reading the course. I apologize that you have not had the benefit of "apprenticing" for a couple of years like many of us have which makes it difficult to know the tricks of the trade. However, I also know that you want to do this alone for the most part but there are plenty of people that want to help, not only with hauling cones, but also with course design. One suggestion that I would have at this point is to go back to basics. Instead of focusing on trying to make courses visually different than things we have seen in the past or trying a lot of new element designs, try just using simple designs/elements so the courses are really easy to read and have a nice flow. Don't try to control the line a car will drive by using extra cones, let the drivers find the line. Don't feel you have to use the whole track especially if the speeds are lower. You can compress the elements together...you don't have to go to the 1300' mark in the North section every time. Personally, I also try to have "themes" on my courses as much as possible. For example, I might have a section where I use double pointer slaloms (two cones with pointers in the same direction) and I will try to have a series of them so that they don't appear to be random. With slaloms I try to stick with the 3 basic types: evenly spaced, increasing or decreasing. I try to avoid randomly spaced slaloms. If you are going for an offset slaloms, again make it consistent and don't make the offset too harsh either way. Too open of a slalom promotes spins and too harsh of an offset is just painful. You know that I am always willing to come out and lend some advice and a helping hand.
  11. 2017 Autoslalom Results

    Event #9 http://live.axti.me/results/4JtYVhNBm
  12. Event #8

    Here is the video of me driving my Audi motorcycle (really poorly at times). I would blame the fact that run 3 was in a bit of rain and the track was still a tiny bit wet on my last and fastest run, but you all know it's just my normal sloppy driving. And from the inside:
  13. Well you better not spoil modified class either. Looks like you are in the Regal in mixed.
  14. Event #8

    I think the cone calls dropped because it was a fairly simple layout and simple elements with some room to get it wrong. I still have not had a chance to look at my video but I to can get to 113 at the top of second and I only hit the limiter in the north section. Clearly I wasn't pushing as hard as I should have...but I guess I knew that already based on my times.
  15. 2017 Autoslalom Results

    Event #6 http://live.axti.me/results/41oesXrM7 Event #7 http://live.axti.me/results/NyYLSKLGQ Event #8 http://live.axti.me/results/VJh0S75E7