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  1. I will be heading up to Gimli late afternoon on Friday to setup the course. If anyone wants to come out for a bit, maybe after hot laps if you are up at the track, and lend a hand that would be good. My timing completely depends on how work goes but I think I'd be there by 530. The general plan is lay out the course, trim weeds from the racing line and then clean off the course with a leaf blower. Sounds like a fun Friday night right? This is why I am not in sales or marketing or really any public facing job.
  2. Shawn

    Event #8/#9

    And now the outside right camera view...
  3. Shawn

    Event #8/#9

    Not my best time of Event 8 but I get a nice slide going...
  4. Shawn

    GT-R brake pads

    antidisestablishmentarianism I can use big words too!
  5. Besides gasket failure or crack in the block/head, what else could be the cause?
  6. Yeah, Chris confirmed today that after fixing the one leak on the valve cover gasket and going for a drive, that when he shifts gears he gets white smoke and says he can smell the coolant. But he says it only happens when he shifts...so far. Driving behind to really see what is happening is a good idea.
  7. Shawn

    Seeking Tire Advice

    I threw out a tire pressure gauge that read something like 5psi on my RE-11s on my Golf R when I checked pressure on my one tire at the gas station. Drove home and put my good gauge on it and same pressure. The tire looked like it was barely low on pressure, not completely flat. Surprisingly the tire was not destroyed from driving on it.
  8. Thanks Joe. Chris did notice that when he was driving there was some smoke occasionally. He thought that the smoke was white but it could have been bluish...hard to tell though the mirrors while driving, but not black. What you say makes sense about the oil pump as the one leak that appears to be between the head and block is on the same side as the oil pump (which is completely stock). Chris thought that maybe the catch can got too full which might have been a cause of the smoke but running a few tests wouldn't hurt either. I am grabbing a leak down tester from Corey today and might hit you up for the compression tester too.
  9. Anyone have a compression tester that Chris and I can borrow to test the engine on the TT? We had a small oil leak that we have identified at the valve cover gasket but we are seeing some more oil at the back of the engine that might be from the head gasket. I suspect we really need the leak down tester as I suspect a compression tester would not show a small leak in the head gasket. Shawn
  10. Shawn


    It was cool to have the guys out today to see what we do. I think everyone got pretty jazzed to chat with them and share something about autoslalom.
  11. Shawn

    Xpel Film - worth the cost?

    I can't answer your question but please bring that car to autoslalom and take me for a ride...or a co-drive. Please post some pics when you get it.
  12. Hi all, This weekend was a bit of a roller coaster weekend for Autoslalom. We attempted to hold a double header where we raced on the skid pad in the afternoon and then run on the road course in the evening. The skid pad event went off without any issue and in fact we finished up ahead of schedule. The road course event got off to a good start but we soon ran into issues with the timing system and as a result Run Group B never took to the track. As a result, Event #5 will not be included in the championship points. An email will be going out to those that attended regarding a refund for the event. Please keep an eye on your inbox. We are investigating what went wrong and truthfully it appears we had more than one issue. I will leave that for a followup discussion including what we will be doing differently going forward. To say this is disappointing is a huge understatement and besides trying to express how sorry I am, I really need to just say THANK-YOU to everyone. Thank-you to the drivers that had to hurry up and wait as we tried to resolve the issues Thank-you to the workers that got to bake in the sun but didn't get to get their timed laps in Thank-you to Josh for handling all the registration stuff, including figuring out worker assignments and handling the aftermath of Event #5 Thank-you to Matt who took the brunt of this as he was trying to hold the crippled system together and find a way to get us times. That timing trailer was a very unhappy place. Thank-you to everyone that was helping us formulate ideas how to get the timing system operational and actively troubleshoot what was going on Thank-you to everyone that even after we made the call to shutdown the event, stuck around and helped tear down the course and repack the trailer And through all of this, with how frustrating and annoying it was, not a single person gave us a hard time. Everyone rolled with it and for that I am immensely grateful as it keeps a stressful situation from getting unbearable. But the thank-yous don't stop there because that was just for the turmoil of running Event #5. There is a tonne of work that goes into the events and without the help, well, the events would never happen. Thank-you to Road Race crew for working with our group during the weekend, coordinating our track crossing and directing people for us, for the use of the radios and for just being great hosts Thank-you to Mat for working with me to facilitate the events and lending me gear to prep for my event and making sure we were properly taken care of. I promise I will find your missing 12 cones and get them to you..they are somewhere in the stacks of 350 cones we brought. Thank-you to Shane and Bryce for hauling the timing trailer between Gimli and St Andrews and to Jim for relocating the trailer between the events. Thank-you to Tim for the use of the Jeep and trailer as a cone hauler during the events Thank-you to the guys that helped get the road course setup in record time Thank-you to Chris for chalking both courses, for organizing the setup of course 2 and the tweaks to the courses to keep them safe and fun Thank-you for everyone that took on tasks that I just randomly threw at you especially when you are doing things I know you'd prefer not to be doing...you guys told me to learn how to delegate, how am I doing? 8-) Thank-you to everyone that helped with set-up, and tear down and all the packing and unpacking the trailer Thank-you to Brian and his wife Judy for all their help (hours and hours of help this weekend) in setting up both courses in the evenings prior to the events, not to mention for running the Drift event Saturday in between all the work I was making you do. And one final note just to prove how much you guys rock...at the end of the day as I was leaving, Mat and I were chatting and he mentioned how cool it was to see how so many people would pitch in and help do whatever was needed to be done to either get the event going or get the event closed. He said it looked like we had an awesome crew...and that made me feel like a proud dad. You guys rock. Shawn
  13. Shawn

    Gimil Event Help

    MSR has all the event details. Morning (skid pad) https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-wscc-autoslalom-event-4-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-sports-car-club-866935 Evening (road course) https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-wscc-autoslalom-event-5-gimli-motorsports-park-winnipeg-sports-car-club-048919
  14. That and you should never deliberately create an element where you think "that cone is going to get destroyed".
  15. Hey gang, Our Sunday double header is fast approaching and I am looking to secure a number of people to help out in the transition from the skidpad event to the road course event. I know we always have some workers tear down the course and put things away, which we still need, but we have never simultaneously built a second course. So here is what I need: 0) I don't really need a volunteer although if anyone in our group can easily do this, I might call on you however I expect I will coordinate with Road Race to get the trailer relocated from the skid pad to the infield of the road course. This needs to happen before 1) and the last part of 2) can be completed. 1) 1 or 2 people to help Josh with setting up registration (i.e. open canopy, setup table, put our waivers, course maps, wristbands, etc.) 2) 1 or 2 people to help Matt tear down the timing equipment from the skidpad, relocate to the road course and test. Please note that the equipment must be turned off before collecting it. There is a warning that if the T-links (the little white boxes out at the start, stop and at the trailer) get too close to each other while on, they can mess up the devices. 3) I would like 3 teams of 2 - 3 people that will load some cones into cars and start setting up the road course. The course will be pre-marked with a paint dot so it will be mostly a matter of getting a map and finding the marks. Once we verify that the course is setup properly I would like that same team to chalk the course...it is too long to have 1 or 2 people walk the whole thing. 4) We will see if anyone is interested in ordering in food. If there is big enough demand then we would need someone to go collect said food assuming we can't get delivery. So those are the big things that I can think of. Of course there are lots of little things that I know people will be chipping in for and that's awesome. The more we can coordinate this the better and easier it will go and we can minimize delays. Please post up here if you would like to volunteer and let me know where you can help. Shawn