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  1. For the event on Saturday after the test and tune, the course isn't open for walking until after registration closes?
  2. My car has a feature like this built in and while I agree that the car feels quicker, I set it so that this feature is disabled. I have my car using the setting that gives the most linear response (which is not linear at all) but I find that it is much better for autoslalom where I don't want abrupt changes in power delivery. What I do which was that I could get rid of the lag like the guy talks about in the video but still leave the throttle so that when I press 25% I get 25% not 85%.
  3. RS4 based on regular maintenance would be a deal killer for me (I actually passed on the opportunity to buy one and opted for my S4 instead). Gold R is a reactive system although in mine I did get the Competition Haldex controller that helped it a bit but at the end of the day at full lock the Haldex system is 50/50 split. Ignore all marketing material that says otherwise, as the only way they can claim more power goes to the back is that the fronts and on a near frictionless surface and therefore no actual work is being done by the front tires. My S4 with the Sport Differential is nice. Yes the car is nose heavy but under throttle you can get the backend moving however maybe not as much as you would like. It is not a steer by throttle kind of car. Too bad you didn't bring this topic up when there was still snow on the ground and you could have taken the car for a spin.
  4. Shawn Clarke Member # 5540 Renewing 7 Michelle Price Member # 5540 Renewing 77 Please and thank-you
  5. Tuesday would work from me between 7 and 9 pm. Thursdays would work for me in a couple weeks once my dog training class is over.
  6. On Saturday Jared Halpin took top honours for knocking down cones and in the cooling temps destroying at least 5 cones. That said, it was great seeing him in the rally car doing lap after lap.
  7. Hi everyone, Despite the results being posted at wsccautoslalom.com I thought I should post a thread here as encouragement for the winners to come collect their trophies at the banquet on Saturday October 27. Due to the low numbers of competitors that completed a full season, we are only awarding 1st and 2nd place trophies this year. Novice Division 1st - Roberto Ercole 2nd - Jason Tran Street Division 1st - Curtis Janzen 2nd - Chris Magne Mixed Division 1st - Corey Dyck 2nd - Allan Ball Modified Division 1st - Benjamin Vander Zaag 2nd - Shawn Clarke Cone Killer and Volunteer of the Year will be kept a highly guarded secret until the awards are presented at the banquet. Hope to see you all there.
  8. Regarding the schedule, we will have to flesh that out in the next day or two.
  9. Hey everyone, You may have seen a post that there is a hot lapping/intro to autoslalom day on Saturday October 13 (weather permitting). https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2018-wscc-open-track-day-intro-to-autoslalom-gimli-motorsports-park-559373 We will be getting an instructor or two to come out and be available to show people what autoslalom is all about and make sure that they get a great introduction to the sport. I am looking for a few volunteers that would like to come out and do some marshaling and/or take people for fun runs. Shawn
  10. There are 2 events in St Andrews this weekend that you should come out to. The season ending event is at Gimli on Saturday September 22.
  11. I wasn't going to change it as we stated in the beginning that the Championship was going to be 8 events. I suppose I was just blindly following the "half plus 1" rule (13/2 + 1 = 7.5 so rounded up to 8 anyway) which I guess with an odd number of events we could just do "half". I think it is too late to change the formula now. For full disclosure though, I am a little biased now because after the last even where I stated Ben had claimed 1st in Modified and he can't be beat, I figured out that mathematically I still actually have a chance get 1st place back from him. It is an extreme long shot but it does exist. So based on that bombshell, I will entertain others' opinions on the matter. It's a sticky situation because if you benefit from a change you will likely want it and if it hurts you you probably don't.
  12. As everyone here is saying, jump into as many cars as you can, especially with people that have been doing it for a few years. Not everything you will experience will be a lesson of what you should be doing, but it might give you ideas of what you can apply to your own driving style. You will find that everyone has their own thing that works for them and it's finding which of those things will work for you.
  13. Tricky course but fun. I like the need to do some significant breaking midcourse (not just at the pivots). Interestingly my 2nd and 4th runs I got identical times but drove them completely different. I didn't think I was going to be driving so no videos but glad I did race as it's the first event where I was able to snatch a win from Ben. So far it's been a fun season trying to chase him down. Dale you need to get your car sorted out and come out to more events as I think there would be some epic battles.
  14. No worries Corey. It happens. Timing can get chaotic at times especially with the added radio duty. It should be 2 people running it but with attendance so low it's tough. Maybe we choose to do 1 car at a time to easy that burden?
  15. Hey everyone, please take a look at the results for event 10 and see if all the times look right,in particular for run 4 for group B. I found a few that I was able to correct like Ben's 40 second run (timer tripped early) that wasn't flagged as a rerun. Sorry Ben, but that explains you being almost 5 seconds faster than Dale and I. My last run appears under Curtis but I have not changed that yet as it wouldn't make a difference anyway. If you see something that would affect the results we should fix it. If it really won't make a difference then we shouldn't sweat it too much. The issue I think was just a car was missed being entered and the results all got shifted on the 4th run for run group B.
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