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  1. My car has a feature like this built in and while I agree that the car feels quicker, I set it so that this feature is disabled. I have my car using the setting that gives the most linear response (which is not linear at all) but I find that it is much better for autoslalom where I don't want abrupt changes in power delivery. What I do which was that I could get rid of the lag like the guy talks about in the video but still leave the throttle so that when I press 25% I get 25% not 85%.
  2. RS4 based on regular maintenance would be a deal killer for me (I actually passed on the opportunity to buy one and opted for my S4 instead). Gold R is a reactive system although in mine I did get the Competition Haldex controller that helped it a bit but at the end of the day at full lock the Haldex system is 50/50 split. Ignore all marketing material that says otherwise, as the only way they can claim more power goes to the back is that the fronts and on a near frictionless surface and therefore no actual work is being done by the front tires. My S4 with the Sport Differential is nice. Yes the car is nose heavy but under throttle you can get the backend moving however maybe not as much as you would like. It is not a steer by throttle kind of car. Too bad you didn't bring this topic up when there was still snow on the ground and you could have taken the car for a spin.
  3. Tuesday would work from me between 7 and 9 pm. Thursdays would work for me in a couple weeks once my dog training class is over.
  4. There are 2 events in St Andrews this weekend that you should come out to. The season ending event is at Gimli on Saturday September 22.
  5. antidisestablishmentarianism I can use big words too!
  6. Besides gasket failure or crack in the block/head, what else could be the cause?
  7. Yeah, Chris confirmed today that after fixing the one leak on the valve cover gasket and going for a drive, that when he shifts gears he gets white smoke and says he can smell the coolant. But he says it only happens when he shifts...so far. Driving behind to really see what is happening is a good idea.
  8. Thanks Joe. Chris did notice that when he was driving there was some smoke occasionally. He thought that the smoke was white but it could have been bluish...hard to tell though the mirrors while driving, but not black. What you say makes sense about the oil pump as the one leak that appears to be between the head and block is on the same side as the oil pump (which is completely stock). Chris thought that maybe the catch can got too full which might have been a cause of the smoke but running a few tests wouldn't hurt either. I am grabbing a leak down tester from Corey today and might hit you up for the compression tester too.
  9. Anyone have a compression tester that Chris and I can borrow to test the engine on the TT? We had a small oil leak that we have identified at the valve cover gasket but we are seeing some more oil at the back of the engine that might be from the head gasket. I suspect we really need the leak down tester as I suspect a compression tester would not show a small leak in the head gasket. Shawn
  10. I can't answer your question but please bring that car to autoslalom and take me for a ride...or a co-drive. Please post some pics when you get it.
  11. It might be so you are right it might be a wild goose chase. All I know is if I slowly take the car to redline there is no knock detection. If I run 94 octane I get less knock detection. There seems to be no difference between running either 91 or 94 when it's -20 C or +20 C. When I put the stage 2 tune on, the knock detection was way worse as was the corresponding timing pull. The knock sensors are in the valley of the V under the supercharge, and a few other compenents so not easy to swap out. I don't want to just throw parts at it either so that's why the octanw test is an easy one. Also need to do some logging of injectors, fuel pressures, afr, and other stuff. But it all takes time that I seem to not have to get done in a timely manner.
  12. I honestly wouldn't say that the car is knocking at least not in any human detectable sense. I can see it in logging but in just driving the car there is no indication that anything is going on. No codes, no CEL. I got this on the stock tune and on the Stage 2 tune. Back on stock tune now. 94 Husky is better than 91 shell in the car but still have the knock detection. Hopefully soon I can throw a mix of race gas in for some higher octan and seem where it gets me.
  13. Thanks for the heads up about the race fuel, I will have to check it out. The Husky 94 still out performs the 91 on every test from different stations. I have to do more logging but my knowledge of what to log and what the numbers mean is where I am lacking.
  14. This is just a test to see if I can get the knock to go away, not for running to compete. I wouldn't have it in the tank for an event, or if I did I would make sure everyone in my class was cool with it. On stock tuning, it's not going to really do anything...apart from the hope of reducing the timing pull. If I had to, I would exclude myself from the event or jump up a class. I'll read some more about toluene etc. but I am a little hesitant to start making my own home brew for the test. Regarding the points for octane boosters, this is the case for most of the products. BOOSTane and RACE-GAS both seem to be a lot more concentrated. Their websites have calculators/tables that tell you what you will get when mixing with a certain amount of fuel. For example, mixing just 8oz of BOOSTane to a tank of 94 should get me to 98 and a whole 16oz bottle should be good for 100. The stuff form Canadian Tire and those places are much less and I don't think you can add 10 bottles to the fuel to get really high octane either.
  15. BOOSTane seems like it would be something to try since I don't want to risk anything with lead even if it is just a test. Buying direct from BOOSTane's website they are currently offing a 20% discount on a case of 8 bottles until May 29. Anyone want to go in and split up a case? Shipped to Pembina it would work out to about 21 CAD per bottle (before taxes and duty).
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