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      World of Wheels volunteers needed   02/08/2018

      Go here to sign up on the sheet if you can spare some time to help in the booth. Help is also needed and appreciated for setup and tear down. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ULmhhNo7nK2dEgrvcdFmSPx0uMUPMl4WxbUcwfXz-Is/edit?usp=sharing


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  1. HPDE Requirements

    It might be useful to some of the current acceptable helmets were listed here or a link to the regs that define it. I'll try to find and post later once I'm back at a real machine...assuming someone doesn't beat me to it.
  2. Promoting autocross

    Either Saturday or Sunday works for me if in the morning or early afternoon. Sunday I have a family supper to get to so I'd have a hard stop around 2pm-ish. What's everyone else's availability?
  3. 2017 Autoslalom Results

    And I have heard a mix of this and less Sunday events. Like anything we can't please everyone and everyone has different needs. There seems to be a group of people that work Saturdays and then another group that maybe have family stuff on Sundays. I do think less Saturday events is likely going to happen in part to trim down the number of events we have...but we will see what we come up with.
  4. 2017 Autoslalom Results

    If you have ideas about how to get people interested in more than just a casual way please post up in the dedicated thread. It gives everyone some time to mull it over.
  5. 2017 Autoslalom Results

    Event #17 http://live.axti.me/results/4J_OiCdj7 Event #18 http://live.axti.me/results/VyErgV5iQ CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS Class Results http://www.wscc.mb.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/2017_class_results.pdf Overall PAX Results http://www.wscc.mb.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/2017_overall_pax_results.pdf
  6. Promoting autocross

    I'm cool with that too.
  7. Promoting autocross

    Beau, if would want to throw out 2 or 3 dates that work for you and then we can get people to reply on which ones work for them. From there we can pick which date gives us the best coverage. Oh and I like the idea of meeting at Beau's place as he has plenty of room and it will be quieter than a restaurant. We can bring in food/drink courtesy of the club.
  8. clearly you have not met our resident Corvette owners.
  9. Event #16 Sept 17

    Yeah my driving mechanics should not be followed by anyone and should be seen as "what not to do". I can't heal-toe very well at the best of times, and in my car I find it near impossible which means I have to do my shift while going slow, which puts me in the pivot. It really is just crappy driving. I've thought of a pedal extension for the throttle but I am not sure that would really help any...I am 99.9% sure it's just the loose nut behind the wheel. I really need a Test and Tune with a figure 8 that I can just practice pivots. The interior shot is great for me to see what I am doing in the car and how fast I am going seeing as I don't have and data acquisition. But it does highlight my poor driving techniques.
  10. Course setup

    No replacement wheel or patch kit. We will just have to pump it up before loading up.
  11. Course setup

    I am aiming for 5:30 at the latest as we start running out of light by 7ish. If I can get started earlier I will but will see how the day goes. I believe Helix is coming out too to help with the setup.
  12. 2017 Autoslalom Results

    Event #15 http://live.axti.me/results/NJebBPU9m Event #16 http://live.axti.me/results/4yliSnD57
  13. Unfortunately we are having my dad's 75th birthday dinner right after autoslalom on Sunday so I am out. Enjoy. Thanks Beau for taking this on and setting it all up.