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  1. I'll try to post up some videos over the weekend. Got home Monday night after 10PM, on a 9AM flight to Mississauga and just got home at 1AM no time to process my videos. Unfortunately I had a few camera glitches so I don't have all my best runs. I was reasonably happy with my runs although my overall RAW times were okay, my overall PAX times sucked. Did well in class as I was second both days. First day I lost pretty bad to 1st place (I think he was the only guy in our class that was on race tires) and on Sunday I missed 1st by under 2 tenths of a second. If they have a similar lot next year, I would consider going again assuming all other things work out.
  2. Hey Helix, I think everyone really liked the tunnel/chute that you came up with. It was a great element. I think we had to take out one cone (I can show you where later) to make it a little safer and keep cars off the grass. We reused it on Sunday although we tweaked it a bit including switching the directions...go through the chute east to west then back through the "tunnel" south to north.
  3. Not sure if you want the guide or the beat down.
  4. Event #4 Event #5
  5. What about enhancing fun runs a bit? What if we encourage the the rookies to stick around and get some additional tutoring during what would be fun runs? I know it is after the fact for an event but since the adrenaline of the event should be gone and possibly the anxiety to put down a fast time it might be a good time when people will be more receptive to input. This way there is no pressure for us to get it done super quickly before racing and it doesn't take time away form people doing course walks. Shawn
  6. I thought I would just start a thread as a few people have approached me about helping with course setup. Normally @helix will be doing the courses so I will leave it to him to ask for help and coordinate that. Helix, both @Brian Wiebe and @rjames have expressed some interest in helping out. I think Corey Matthews also said he's be open for a call for help...sorry I don't know his user name here Maybe use this thread to let people know when you are going to be at the track and setting up. If anyone else is interested please just post up here so we know who we can call on to ask for help.
  7. Hey Brain, That sucks about the tires but is not unexpected and I have heard lots of people talk about the weird center rib wear pattern. I think the PSS's are a great non-track type of tire. Look at this picture of my Pilot Super Sports after 9 events 2 years ago running on my S4 which is about 4000lbs. Cords showing and chunks missing from the outside blocks. I am all but convinced that the issue is temperature management. In fact the replacement tire for the PSS, the PS4S, specifically addresses the heat buildup on the outer blocks, which further makes me think my theory is right. Although not a proper test as I changed tire brands (same load rating, load index and size), when I switched tires last year to Bridgestone RE-11's I also started spraying my tires and those tires lasted 15 events with a little life left in them. I will be using those tires to get me to Calgary and back to save my RE71R's that I am running this year. Hopefully Corey can give you the green light and you can still run this weekend. Sorry I can't offer a co-drive but I am already worried that my tires will not last the full season of 18 events locally plus the 2 more I am doing in Calgary. As such I will not be doing any more fun runs in my car until possibly later in the year.
  8. Yeah the constant errors on the forum are driving me nuts. Here is my video of my fastest run (3rd run) on Sunday. I had a really dirty for a first run and thought it was impossible to get that time clean but after watching my videos, it was there for the taking. The main camera shifted from a previous run...I need to get a better mount. Also I need to look at collecting data. I wanted to do that this year but just ran out of funds to get a good data logger. Might have to just do something phone based.
  9. Will you be back in action for our double header this coming weekend?
  10. @MurrayPeterson it says that we need membership cards when we sign in...I am not sure I can get a new card printed in time. It was suggested that some of the Calgary crew might be able to vouch for us as I don't think I am the only one in this predicament. Thoughts? Shawn
  11. I still need to compile my video but am embarrassed to post it. some cones I am easily a foot off of the line I should be on and I think I blew the pivots by 5+ feet. So many places that I can see hundreds or tenths of a second being wasted. I find that especially in the "sweepers" that my heavy car is hard to place. @Corey it comes down to something you tell the rookies on the walks about opening and closing the arc as you add/remove throttle. I setup for an element but realize I can add some more throttle but doing so just pulls me off my line. I need to be more aggressive on my line selection when it come to those elements and start aiming for them knowing I will drift past. Also on one of my runs I felt the back end start to lose grip going into the South hairpin and thought I might end in the grass if I got on the brakes...but on the video you can hardly see the wiggle.
  12. So that's why the old guys that drive them think they can "pickup" women.
  13. Good to know. I will have to check them out for next time.
  14. Yeah it bolts on but the axle makes it difficult to get tools in. We obviously got it to work the last time on Chris' S4 but I remember it being really crappy work and took a lot longer than it should have. Yeah I was on the fence about getting new hubs as well just to make it simpler but locally the hubs are way too expensive and to get them shipped in time to pick them up was also cost prohibitive...damn exchange rate. I will watch for a sale and get them for a future replacement since I know that I will be doing this again. It's been a while since I have seen the hub and bearing sold as an assembly. I did learn that a lot of vendors call it a "wheel bearing & hub assembly" but it really is just the wheel bearing. The "hub" they refer to is just the flange piece the bearing is in...which is inaccurate.
  15. I have order 2 of the Moog wheel bearings which have a 3 year warranty compared to Timken's 1 year warranty...not sure it really means much. You make it sound so easy to change. We changed one on my brothers S4 and we did it without removing the axle but it was hellish trying to get tools in to remove it. I think the book says to disconnect the control arms from the top of the knuckle and take out the axle. At least my new control arms make disconnecting them very easy and I think the axle would be straight forward. The issue will be that the wheel hub is pressed into the bearing so would need to find a shop to do that part. I really should buy the tools to do it myself. I know I will need them many times. Shawn