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  1. I'm in Mississauga on March 2 but I'll be around this Thursday (Feb 23) if anyone wants to go.
  2. Feb 16 @ 7 PM In 1. Corey Out 1. Shawn - WSCC meeting
  3. Yeah it's pretty close between PMC Tire and Costco for me depending on what I wold do. If Costco mounts them for me then they are a bit cheaper, if I have the tires mounted at Winnipeg Wheel Works (regardless of if I buy from Costco or PMC tire), then PMC is the cheaper option. But the difference is pretty small. Ugh, you made me realize that my tires for the season are ~$1650
  4. Note to self...cancel all Gimli and RRX events going forward. Just kidding. 8-)
  5. Agreed that you can't beat Costco for Bridgestone tires. Although they start at $129, my size runs about $350 per tire.
  6. If you had a large fortune to start something like this up in Winnipeg you would definitely have a small fortune in end.
  7. Pretty sure that's something new but I wonder how many issues (protests) that will cause. Specifically with some of the bushing replacements they have the requirement that you can't increase the metal content of the bushing relative to the non-metal content which is stipulated in the full rules but not that cheat sheet. Sure it's the racers responsibility to class their car right but you know someone will find this guide and just run with it. I keep flipping back and forth on whether to install all my bushing inserts and run SP or leave them for another year and drop down to STU. And if anyone has a classing question you should reach out to Doug Gill. I did a few times in the off season and he clarified a few things. In fact one of the changes I was thinking of making that I thought was legal for my class turned out not to be (see the posts in this thread on March 23).
  8. No video yet, I missed my opportunity to do a "first drive after a heavy snowfall" which I think would have been fun...just haven't had the time. As soon as I get something I will post up here. First things first though, I have to get some autoslalom director work done or no one is racing!
  9. Sticking with the S4 of course but have some additions I plan to make...nothing crazy and more just because I want to do them and I think they might help a small amount: Short shifter (really this is just because I have never done one and everyone raves about how good this mod is) Front and rear sway bars with end links Rear sub-frame bushing inserts Rear differential bushing inserts Transmission bushing inserts Front upper adjustable control arms (need some more negative camber. Had -1.1 degrees last year and going to -3 degrees this year) I had also expected to do new wheels and tires but I might not be able to swing that now. So it might mean just replace tires in the stock size but instead of RE-11's I'll go RE-71R's. Was hoping to go one size wider, from a 255 to a 265 but that won't work on the stock wheels. Will see how that all shakes out. Was also planning on adding telemetry but that will have to wait another year. I am going to improve my video this year though. My wonderful mother-in-law cashed in some airmiles to get me a great Christmas gift...2 GoPro Session cameras (last year's model) and I have enough rewards points of my own to get a Hero5 Black. I also purchased some video editing software so that I can run the Hero5 in-cabin as I did last year but then run the Sessions on each rear fender looking down the side of the car. The placement is almost perfect and I can see down the side of the car including the base of the rear tires to see where I am actually placing the car. The software will allow me to do PIP so I can place 2 small windows showing the outside views. I did a tests with just random videos and it worked well. Also a neat feature that I hope works well, though I have not tried, is that the software will auto-sync the videos using audio, so If you guys hear me at the staging line cranking my radio or honking my horn, I am just trying to establish some audio cues for the video...although if we have announcing then that should take care of what I need.
  10. Feb 2 at 7 PM In: 1. Corey 2. Stefan 3. Peter 4. Shawn
  11. January 19th @ 7 PM In: 1. Corey 2. Stefan 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 9. 10. Out: 1. John 2. Shawn - WSCC meeting
  12. January 5th, 7:00pm In: 1. John 2. Cody L 3. Valter 4. Corey Out: 1. Shawn (heading south for some vacation...Fargo, North Dakota...woo hoo)
  13. What have we done in the past with regards to calculating the PAX value for cars running on street tire other than the classes that already have street tires mandatory? I know that we multiply by 0.985 but how do we handle the rounding, do we just round up (so 0.840205 becomes 0.841), do we do standard rounding (i.e. 0.840205 becomes 0.840 and 0.840502 becomes 0.841) or do we use the actual calculated number and only round the final time? Shawn
  14. Dec 15, 7 PM 1. Corey 2. Valter 3. Sam 4. John 5. Cody OUT 1. Jim 2. Shawn
  15. @justkickin your whine and mine are pretty much the same vintage.