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  1. Just in case someone else sees this and wonders the same thing, the answer is YES by completing an online form you do not have to have a paper copy.
  2. LOL We are meeting SUNDAY at 11.
  3. I would be eternally grateful to anyone that bring one the next time I might see you...possible for those that might be at our Sunday setup this weekend? I am not sure if I need it as the tires are only getting mounted on Saturday morning and I would like to have everything squared away before the Test & Tune is possible.
  4. I might need to roll the fenders on my car a tiny bit and was wondering if anyone had access to a fender rolling tool that I could borrow or rent. Shawn 230-3077 talk or text
  5. Josh, about how long were you at the shop? Just trying to figure out if I have to take a half day of vacation to get this done.
  6. I need to call today to book something for my car.
  7. My tires arrived today! Wheels should arrive Monday.
  8. I have two microSD cards I am looking to sell. The 32GB card came in a bundle with my GoPro, I opened the card and have tried it in my GoPro for a few minutes, other than that it is brand new. The 64GB card is still in its packaging. SanDisk Extreme Plus 32GB - $45 SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB - $75
  9. Hey Mark, can you share one of their oil analyses with me? I am curious what they report on as I have only ever seen people post up their Blackstone oil reports. I always wanted to do this to see what might be going on in my car but never knew we had someone local. What do they charge for the analysis? I am just about to do an oil change so now would be a perfect time to collect a sample.
  10. We just booked our hotel through Priceline; checking in Friday and checking out Monday. Wingate by Wyndham Calgary Airport (3.5 star). $75 a night but after taxes and fees $269.07 which is just under $90 a night
  11. I will be splitting my room with my wife (and possibly daughter)...sorry.
  12. We are checking Hotwire and Priceline. Found some decent hotels 2.5 - 3 star for 75-95 dollars. Will post up later today when we do a bit more looking. If you look on any of those sites for hotels, make sure you change currency to Canadian dollars or the deals look even better, but you will just be disappointed later.
  13. I believe that the event is in the Budget lot at the airport (I think). Michelle was looking for hotels around the airport and they were really quite reasonable.
  14. The Calgary Regional is on my answers this year although I might make it a 2 day drive starting on Thursday so I am not wiped out for racing Saturday. Already have time booked off work.
  15. Thanks Joe. That's what I thought but just wanted to make sure.