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  1. Yeah, i think it's an absolute steal for what I'm selling it for. I was actually clinging to the thought that I *might* have time this year, but before I knew it, the season was almost done again. Just looking to offload it quickly and hoping someone will get some enjoyment out of it
  2. after letting it sit for a few years, I've finally acknowledged that I just don't have time to use this anymore. The car runs and drives without any issues. It has a new battery, newer brakes and clutch (used 1.5 seasons), tein lowering springs, welded diff (done by Jackson), roll cage, sparco sprint seat. The only thing it will need to compete is belts. It will come with a full set of blackrockets on steel wheels + 1 spare (5 total), and a full set of hand siped Michelin X Ice on alloy wheels. It's obviously being sold as-is since it did see competition and does have cosmetic blemishes, but it's an absolute steal at the $1500 I'm asking for it. I've priced it very aggressively to sell it quick send me a DM on here, or facebook messenger. Car is located in Stonewall
  3. Is it possible to buy 6 spots for customers of mine without having them go through the DLB registration process individually?
  4. You are correct sir! I had my races shifted over one in my mind.
  5. Race #1 I finished second for sure Race #2 I thought I finished second, but could definitely be mistaken. I will check my go-pro footage when I get home. If I recall correctly, I dropped to 3rd at the start, followed closely for the first 1/3 of the race when the car ahead pulled into the pits due to technical difficulties, moving me up to 2nd. Like I said, I can confirm when I get home from work tonight Race #3 is when I lost second position on turn one of the last lap. I know this one for sure, because it was an epic race and I've watched my gopro footage on youtube about 4 times haha. 00 Toyota
  6. Thanks for coming out, great pics as usual
  7. Nice vid, great production quality The Top Tier guys invested in a pro-sumer grade drone last year. I'm not sure how well the batteries will play in the cold, but I'll see if they're willing to bring it out for an event.
  8. Having trouble opening the link. Does anyone else have this issue?
  9. i did mine a while ago and just go the confirmation email last week. Cutting it close lol
  10. After competing in RTI during last years ice racing campaign, and set to run in studs this year, I figured the next logical step is road racing. I waited months for the ideal donor car to be traded in at the dealership that I work at, but it finally came in! A 98' Integra RS local 1-owner I've started the tear down process and am just about through the "basic maintenance" portion of things, as well as started the accumulation of parts. I'm going to be ordering a pre-bent spec cage from the guys at CSC, and I've also become fairly well versed in the new classification system so that I could decide on what I could and couldn't do. With all that being said, is there anything that any of the seasoned vets might suggest I focus on? For example, Would it be more beneficial to focus on maybe spending some points on power as opposed to chassis/suspension? What is the ideal tire (Treadwear or grip)? Is it worthwhile to pony up the extra dough and take the point hit to run an R-Compound? Am I correct in seeing that brakes are essentially fair game without much penalty? Is a fire suppression system mandatory? is LSD a must? any info, questions, suggestions, or banter is welcome
  11. There should be a cm or two by now
  12. Is the WCMA license required for hot lapping saturdays, or just for race day? That could be a dumb question, I was just curious.
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