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  1. wolfgirl

    Pot luck 2018!

    Shanon is bringing honey doll carrots and mac&cheese
  2. Unless otherwise posted, the RM of Gimli is still on a complete fire ban It sucks, but there isn't anything we can do about it Sorry to those who it disappoints
  3. wolfgirl

    Custom alignment shop thread?

    From what I understand, the conflicts at the shop come from other work, and not the custom alignments, though I might be wrong
  4. Please tell Grid that you are participating, and give them your number When should worker shwag draws be done? Looks good, see you all out there!
  5. wolfgirl

    R.I.P. Station #4 Shelter

    Couldn't have been station 3...
  6. wolfgirl

    R.I.P. Station #4 Shelter

    I guess we'll add that to the 'to do' list...
  7. wolfgirl


    Grammy and Shanon- honey dill carrots, cheese cake 'shmutz', and a box of peach apricot chardeney
  8. wolfgirl


    Buns and Spinach Dip! 1 box o' wine... not sure what kind atm
  9. wolfgirl

    Event #3 Photographer

    I'll let her know you were wondering... and see what is up with the photos she took!
  10. wolfgirl

    WCMA Regional Runoffs

    We currently have 7-8 from outside our normal racers confirmed, as well as a few marshals. Hope to see you all there!