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  1. Event #3 Photographer

    I'll let her know you were wondering... and see what is up with the photos she took!
  2. WCMA Regional Runoffs

    We currently have 7-8 from outside our normal racers confirmed, as well as a few marshals. Hope to see you all there!
  3. If you are looking for early gate access today please text me at 12049810482 Gate will officially be open early evening, see you all this weekend!
  4. Post any videos from the Gimli event here, and pictures to the gallery!
  5. Worker's Schwag/Donation for Gimli

    I have the other card, I'll try it out as soon as I get the chance and let Marlene know from there Thanks again for the donations, it was a great turnout from the drivers!
  6. Regular prices are: $79 for a four wheel $89 for trucks Discounted rates for all WSCC members, this can be for street or race cars Customize how you want (does not have to be factory spec), you are welcome to stay for the process All mechanical maintenance and repairs are available C.A.P.S. on Dufferin Ave 204-582-9672
  7. The club will not be participating in World of Wheels this year, as we did not confirm fast enough and the convention center was double booked, only allowing half the number of club displays
  8. Randy Lewis Track Chaser

    He has also covered an ice event at Gimli, one or two seasons ago, I don't recall exactly
  9. Portage is a go!

    Track is 3/4s in, the ice looks good and we will be racing this weekend Thanks to Mat and Tim for the track build, and Wes for helping out See you all at the races!
  10. Gimli Rooms at Lakeview

    There were two that we just gave up at days inn
  11. Update: Jordan

    The Stewart Family wishes you well, and a SPEEDY recovery
  12. Update: Jordan

    For those of you who have seen or heard about the incident at the track this past weekend... There was a roll over involving studded car #13 which resulted in a very fast response from both volunteers and medical personnel The driver, Jordan S., was sent to hospital with neck pain from the impact, and after have tests done it was determined that he fractured his C-6 vertebrae He is going for surgery to fuse the 2 above and 2 below, and is told he will have a very quick recovery He should be in for surgery this afternoon, and asks for no visitors during his stay in hospital as he isn't sure how he will feel in recovery But he does appreciate the well wishes! Jordan also apologized for not being able to reply to messages, but he can't hold his phone without being yelled at by the machines If operations go according to schedule, he should go home on Wednesday Thank you to everyone involved in helping out with the incident and keeping the event moving smoothly afterwards If there are any further questions, please feel free to PM me and I will do my best to answer them Also feel free to post any well wishes here, instead of lighting up his phone 5:30 - Surgery cancelled today, rescheduled for tomorrow Feb 7 8:30 - Officially scheduled for 7am on Thursday for the operation Feb 8 1:45 - Spirits are high, MRI has been completed, and now there is just the wait for tomorrow morning. Feb 10 4:00 am - Surgery complete, in recovery for now. Saw a video of Jordan turning his head to look at his family in the waiting room. Awesome!
  13. Shane S.