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  1. I have been involved with the club for a few years now, and I do my best to welcome and invite people out to Gimli. It works, but I can only take credit for 2-3 new faces per year. But I see the same issue as R_Ercole with the car meet guys. Some of these guys have built some seriously wicked cars that would do really well at the track, but these are the same guys who use an entire roll of painter's tape just to drive across town to a show. I think they're just in that car show phase, and all I can do is hope that someday they'll get bored and want to actually do some real driving. That's what happened to me, at least.
  2. When I worked at a speed shop years ago, I put one in my '09 Ralliart. It's a very "grey area" type of mod, it doesn't do anything that makes more power, and it doesn't technically make the car any faster on paper. I was on the fence about it at first, so I used my own car (that I already knew well) to try it out. I thought it was great! I don't fully understand the electronic witchcraft involved, but it basically boosts the input from the accelerator to the computer or something along those lines. I only ever used the red "race" setting, and the car felt like a totally different, wicked animal after install. I would put one in my other cars today without a second thought, if it was available for them. Instead, I get to buy a $2K Stage 2 Race PCM, yay me. Have fun! Dason
  3. Waverley Mitsubishi did my 2" lowered Viper about 5 years ago. At the time, it was the lowest one I could find in Winnipeg, or so I was told. They did a great job. Dason
  4. Oh wow, there's a speed limit and passing restrictions for hot lapping?
  5. That's pretty wild!! A couple of the good bumps are missing, but it puts me right on the track at Gimli.
  6. I went after work yesterday for a few races, they even talked me into trying out out the Pro Karts, totally different animals! I wasn't much faster than the Race carts, but it was my first time out. I'd be in for some racing. Dason
  7. I didn't realize you guys have done this before, that's awesome. I would rather you take it on then.
  8. I went to one last Fall with a Modern Mopar group, I can look into it if you want. I ran my new Veloster, it only had about 1000km on it! haha It was a bit disorganized because there was a scheduling issue or something, and it started off really rough. But they came through and smoothed it out by the end. Their dyno setup is an odd one, but it does the trick and the guys know what they're doing. Before I even go to them though, it would be best to have a guesstimate on how many cars might be interested.
  9. This event gets a TON of cars, and it fills up more every year. I used to go for Powercruise every year, but it just got a bit too open and out of control. Had a good scare with an inexperienced driver and I haven't been back. The first year I went there were 107 cars, now Powercruise is well over 1000. But man, what a great place, BIR is the best park I've been to so far. I'd love to get back there some day. Dason
  10. Awesome, thanks for the info. Is the entrance onto the ice still that boat launch on the northeast corner of the island, east of the windmill? I haven't been to the Portage races for over 20 years, but I'm looking forward to helping out this weekend. Dason
  11. How did I never notice that title for your build before?? 11.5 @ 127 mph is the time to beat at the strip on street tires, after driving there with the AC blasting... just to set the bar, you know. I'll work on getting you a proper TA lap time this summer. I'll have to pay more attention to this build now, you've got my attention. Looks like you're doing a killer job so far! Dason
  12. This is kind of how I feel too. I'm not going to spend much time crying about it, but I feel like my car really screws me for getting some competitive track time. I've only been doing TA for 2 seasons, and I still have yet to get a day it's not raining, but I was kind of hoping to get more competitive in 2019. It's 100% street car, but now I have to race against full blown built race cars on paper, which will guarantee me a spot right at the bottom of the pile. Maybe I'm taking it wrong. All I want to do is have some timed fun on the track in my summer toy. At least I'll have Gary's Camaro and Martin's Porsche to keep me company in the same boat.
  13. Oops. I missed that line in there about tires. Thanks!
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