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  1. Charles Friesen 6367 Renewing (late!) #35
  2. Same error here. Fun course! I think we all left a bunch of time out there. Nearly drove over the middle cone on the North pivot among other things... Sure glad I didn't hear Jeremy after I approached and overshot the starting line (thanks Shawn by the way), left that tidbit in the vid.... Way too much build up Jeremy! https://youtu.be/ut4VgVyofBM
  3. Charles Friesen 6367 #35 Please! Thanks.
  4. Beau, Let me know if you want to look at some aluminum or stainless options for future years. I have some contacts that could do a pretty cool 1/4" or 3/8" laser cut and formed piece for near cost if we provide the pattern. 1/2" and 3/4" as well but costs spike. I must say though, the 1" polycarbonate you have in place now is pretty slick, no complaints here. Far better than any gift certificate. Charles
  5. You're right on Shawn! That analysis matches with my spreadsheet! Pretty much the only pivot I've 'dominated' all year. On the other hand, that North slalom dominated me (ouch!) going south - argh. I cringe every time I watch it. Sam also blows me away off the starting line with a good 1/2 to a full car length lead going into the first slalom. So much more time on that course! Glad I got one element right! Thanks Sam for botching the pivot!!!!
  6. Beau, this is still a level 1 & 2 mixed school, right?
  7. Charles Friesen (6367) #35 please, thanks!
  8. Ha! There are more pictures of the GTI on three wheels then there are on all four! Awesome pictures Steve, always great to look at these. Big thanks!
  9. Very interested for both days. Will make either weekend work.
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