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  1. What exactly did you leave "exposed" Jim? Asking for a friend.
  2. Matt Foderaro #92 please Thanks Mat.
  3. Must have entered Zac in as you - that makes sense as to why you had 3 runs and he had 5. I'll correct it.
  4. Events 8 and 9 have been added to the site as well as up to date PAX and Class Season Standings. NOTE: Event 5 has been scratched (Gimli Road Course), so there will only be 8 events displayed on the season standings. @justkickin I have addressed the timing discrepancy between you and Chris. @Curtis I have added your fastest run from event 8 that had mysteriously gone missing. @dark_daku89 I have updated the previous events where you were incorrectly classed, as per your request. If there are any other timing questions/issues please feel free to post them here.
  5. Hey Brian, You can flip through the photos on the homepage by clicking on the tabs at the bottom in the middle of the photo - I just added a few pictures as a filler. Shawn/I can continue to add the event links to that thread, and will also be adding them to the site. Part of the reason Shawn wanted the site put together was to provide a place to house the class/pax standings. I will be updating the standings after each event so that everyone knows where they stand on the leaderboard. Hope that answers your questions, Matt
  6. Hi All, I have taken the last few weeks to put together a website to host all of our event results, dating back to 2016 (when I became the Chief of Timing and Scoring). This site also includes updated class and pax standings for the season. It is a work in progress and I plan on adding a few more pages and features to the website. If there are any suggestions, or things you'd like to see in terms of stat tracking etc, please post below. The site is: www.wsccautoslalom.com Thanks.
  7. Hey Chris, Price for spoiler and hood? Also interested in the corner lights.
  8. Similar to last year, we will be using this thread to display the results from our events this season. After every event this post will be updated with the results. The results will also be posted on the http://www.wscc.mb.ca/autoslalom/ page. If anyone has any suggestions or concerns about how results are being displayed feel free to let me know. Season Standings Dropbox Folder #1 Apr 30 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #2 May 6 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #3 May 13 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #4 May 27 Gimli Motorsports Park Results #5 Jun 4 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #6 Jun 10 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #7 Jun 11 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #8 Jul 8 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #9 Jul 16 St. Andrew’s Airport Results TnT Jul 29 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #10 July 30 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #11 Aug 13 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #12 Aug 20 Gimli Motorsports Park Results #13 Aug 26 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #14 Sep 9 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #15 Sep 16 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #16 Sep 17 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #17 Sep 30 St. Andrew’s Airport Results #18 Oct 1 St. Andrew’s Airport Results
  9. I can bring mine on Saturday... will accept personal favours as payment... EDIT: Actually, @Nhil is right. Nevermind.
  10. And that's a wrap! All of the results have been updated in the first post as well as the autocross wscc front page. I'd like to thank everyone for such an enjoyable summer, hope to see you all next year. Special thanks to @NOITALL for all the help and moral support this year. Couldn't have done it without you Until next year!
  11. Event 12 and 13 updated in first page.
  12. Everything is up to date including season standings.
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