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  1. Howdy, I've changed the OE wheels and tires on my 2015 VW Golf 1.8t - everything else stock. Original wheels and tires: 6Jx15 ET43, 195/65R15 New wheels and tires: 7JX17 ET54, 225/45R17, 500 treadwear I believe this would put me in STH according to 2019 rules but STH is not available on motorsportreg when registering. I looked at the 2017 rules and the 1.8t Golf was in STS. Should I choose STS in motorsportreg? Thanks, Matt
  2. Hello. Last year I was hoping to autocross my Fiat 500 Turbo but it was brought to my attention that my car did not meet the stability requirement. I've noticed that my car is now listed in the 2014 Solo rules under the Street Touring Compact class. Is my car now allowed run in this class in stock form? Thanks.
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