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    the "day job" = computer systems analyst, pushing the computer mouse around, banging on the keyboard and making sense out of all that is going on.

    interests and activities = I currently have a KAWASAKI Nomad motorcycle that I get lots of enjoyment out of and have racked up more that 100,000 Km on it, I am a licensed Display Fireworks Supervisor and do professional fireworks shows, have been involved in ham radio and emergency telecommunications for over 20 years, and obviously, I enjoy auto racing and have been helping with marshal duties (mostly with ice racing) since January 1999. Guess that means I am getting old.

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  1. Marlene and Don have talked on the phone and we are getting things sorted out. Thanks !
  2. Hi Drivers - wow what a generous and much appreciated donation of goodies for the workers today!. ... and what an awesome season of races. I encountered one little "shwag snag" - I got a white tim horton's card with $25 written on it in felt pen. this was one of the loose ones that was not in the little envelopes. It looks like the tim hortons cash register happily took the driver's money, but that money didn't get loaded on the tim card. if you still have your receipt - the last 4 digits of the tim's card in question is "2930". Maybe we can coordinate the tim card, the sales receipt and a tim hortons cash register having a brief reunion sometime.... and I'll buy coffee
  3. At least none of that -30 something windchill in the plans for this event!
  4. Missing Flag Case

    Sounds just like the item I found in the back of my CR-V that had been parked at station #2 for much of the weekend... I have already sent an email to Bryce to coordinate a reunion.