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  1. Keeping #68 please. Kosta F. Renewed and paid, Member #1622
  2. I read about that this morning. I don't blame him for not wanting to drive that piece of sh!t Honda-powered McLaren...
  3. Yeah, that unused part of the runway is pretty brutal. Haha nice classic video, Nish.. I'm holding on for dear life in that video. Somebody last year used a drone to take aerial video of one of the drift days at that section. I can't find right now, but I recall it looked in pretty bad shape too, and that was just last year. I may be wrong, and that section might be sufficiently rubbered over now. Here's hoping.
  4. Pfffft. I used to get FTD all the time when I had my Civic with a rack full of amplifiers filling up the entire trunk. And you guys are worried about a tire iron & jack?
  5. I'll be showing up to the Gimli event (if there is one), and the RRX event (if there is one). My usual two-event appearances these days, get FTD and embarrass you all like I always do when I show up, then go home a winner.
  6. Agreed. Great weather, great roads. Fun drive as always.
  7. I remember reading about this a couple of years ago actually. It's strict German laws that BMW (and the other automakers) have to follow when recycling unsold cars. Something about how if a model year passes, they are no longer allowed to sell these cars, and they must be recycled. The have gigantic facilities and huge workforces that are strictly for dismantling and recycling unsold cars. They were basically legislated into doing this.
  8. Wtf's wrong with that Fiat?
  9. It's hard to determine scale from that pic... is it a karting track? Or a full-blown race track?
  10. Damn.. under a grand?
  11. Throw in a can of Fix-A-Flat and call it a day.
  12. I don't know those engines very well, but do they have some sort of variable valve timing/lift? Those are always a bitch to program with aftermarket ECUs, and oftentimes aren't programmed correctly. i.e. kicked on at low RPM or idle when it shouldn't be, throwing everything off.
  13. What a fantastic little car. They wrote that thing off because of hail?! It looks pristine.
  14. I'm in for Oct 15th. Nothing wrong with that date, or if there are no leaves left.
  15. It's been a while since I've tinkered with those T-links (years, in fact), but how are they powered? I don't remember if they run on internal battery packs or external power. If they're still the same ones from years ago, and run on internal power, are the internal batteries perhaps going to hell by now? Less power = less transmitting wattage/range. Also, later in the day when the sun was setting quite low, there was quite a bit of direct sunlight shooting into the bucket beam holes. That's a known problem with these things sometimes. The infrared is washed out.