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  1. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    Sep 22 autocross at Gimli

    Nah, it's not. I've been to many Gimli autox's... That surface is brutal. It's just a lot more exaggerated in Corey's open-wheeler.
  2. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    Sep 22 autocross at Gimli

    Looks like fun, but damn, watching that makes my eyes hurt. I still don't know how some of you in the past have insisted that the skidpad portion of the track that is used for autox is "smooth".
  3. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    Sports car recommendations

    You could always just be like everybody else and get an S2000. Arguably one of the best sports cars/roadsters ever made. Though I'm not sure you could find a decent one for less than $15k. I'd be surprised if you could even find a Z4 for under $15k that wasn't smashed or bagged to hell.
  4. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    Feedback Request - New Race Prep & Fabrication Shop

    This is a poorly prepared survey. It is assuming that any vehicle that you may already own is NOT modified. All of the questions deal with future modifications, if any. At no point does the survey ask if your vehicle is already modified... On this forum, pretty much everybody here a) already owns a modified car, and b) most people here does/did/will do the modifications themselves.
  5. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    Race Support

    You only get that big a power increase if the stickers are yellow.
  6. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    GT-R brake pads

    I don't remember the brakes squealing on either of Nish's GT-R's, and as far as I know, they both just ran OEM Nissan pads. Does your friend's car perhaps already have some noisy aftermarket crap pads? Get some Nissan pads and call it a day.
  7. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    Where to get brakes changed?

    Just dive right in, man. There really isn't anything there that you can mess up. Remove the brake caliper and mount (depending on car), and the rotor should slide right off the wheel studs. Then just reverse the order. Once you do one wheel, you'll have the confidence to do the other three. You'll see just how easy it is to do a brake job, and you'll save yourself hundreds of dollars that you'd otherwise be paying in labour costs.
  8. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    Compression and/or Leak Down Tester

    If it was white smoke, blown head gasket would be a suspect for sure. Have one of you trail behind while the other blasts it in front to confirm.
  9. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    Gimil Event Help

    Bah, I should have checked there first. Sorry. Thanks, Shawn.
  10. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    Gimil Event Help

    This may not be the thread for it (but I didn't see another thread related to the Gimli event)... But do we have an itinerary/timesheet for Sunday? I ask because I likely won't be able to make the morning autox event, but I'd like to run the evening event. Is that going to be doable?
  11. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    2018 Spring/Summer Drive

    We didn't really stop much, to be fair. We pretty much nailed it right to Westhawk Lake. And once we got there, a couple of the guys had to immediately book it home. My wife and I snapped a few of just ourselves and the BMW in front of the lake, but I don't imagine anybody cares to see those.
  12. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    2018 Spring/Summer Drive

    Why don't the Cars & Coffee guys ever come out with their Lambos and Ferraris? Perfect time for them to open up those cars.
  13. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    Strange looking part

    What kind of BMW is this, anyway? Just hope you don't need to swap out the Eccentric Shaft Sensor for the Valvetronic system... God what a pain in the ass that was when I did mine.
  14. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    Strange looking part

    Those are some nice bushings on the guibo.
  15. Brian_Earl_Spilner

    2018 Spring/Summer Drive

    16th will also work for me. Any other takers?