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  1. Video: BMW M Day 2017

    Wish I went.
  2. Gimli 2017 (Event #12)

    So looking at the schedule on Motorsportsreg, this seems kind of whacked. Gate opens and check-in at 10am, then a break for lunch, and finally at 1:30 the runs begin? 3 and half hours after check-in? Seems like such a waste of time. If we're at the far end of the runway, what we do has no bearing on what the road racers do. Why such a massive delay? Gate opens 10:00 AM Check in and late registration 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM Course open to walk 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Rookie meeting and course walk 11:15 AM – 11:45 AM Drivers meeting 11:45 AM – 12:00 PM Lunch 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM First run group starts 1:30 PM Second run group starts 3:00 PM Wrap up meeting and teardown 4:30 – 5:00 PM
  3. Novice Taxi

    I don't think a paid service is the answer. What I think should be stressed is: a: The importance of course walks. b: If you're a rookie, it should be in your best interest to drive the track slowly to ensure that you don't DNF, and recollect the course from your walks. Over the years I recall seeing so many rookies come out, thinking "I got this", then hit the course hot-dogging it only to DNF every run. No rookie is ever going to set a record or impress the veterans right off the hop... So take it slow, and you won't need a "taxi", so to speak.
  4. Best solution to handling complaints

    Do a better job so you don't have so many complaints. Done and done.
  5. Event #4 at Gimli

    I think I'll also come out to the 2nd Gimli event to see what all the fuss is about, and see if that end of the runway (which was crap 12+ years ago) is as good as you all say it is now. And I'll destroy you all with my FTD in the process.
  6. Event #4 at Gimli

    You can't compare a drive to work on public roads to racing on a crappy (or not crappy) surface. You can actively dodge potholes and other junk on city streets, and you're not driving balls-out on city streets where a bumpy surface would cause the most damage. Apples and oranges as far as I'm concerned. I think what Nish is getting at is that if you destroy a dedicated race car, you still have another car to drive you to work in the morning. Destroying your daily driven street car on a shi!tty surface while racing would be a much larger and costlier inconvenience.
  7. Brainerd MN AutoX June 16 + 17 2017

    I'm strongly considering this... AutoX on a nice big lot with no marshaling?! What's not to love? I'd also love to do the HPDE/lapping. Brainerd looks like a really nice circuit. If we can get a convoy from here heading down, that would be awesome.
  8. Sooooo is anybody interested in a spring drive this year? Has anybody thought about this or considered a route (Pete or Jim perhaps?)
  9. Ugly F4 crash

    Frankly, I think marshaling is to blame for this accident. Dead car on the track, basically on the racing line, and everyone is still going full-tilt around it. Why were there no yellow flags well in advance to slow down the traffic? Who's the hell was running that race?
  10. 2017 Permanent Number List

    Keeping #68 please. Kosta F. Renewed and paid, Member #1622
  11. Alonso to contest the Indy 500

    I read about that this morning. I don't blame him for not wanting to drive that piece of sh!t Honda-powered McLaren...
  12. 2017 Season-Changes

    Yeah, that unused part of the runway is pretty brutal. Haha nice classic video, Nish.. I'm holding on for dear life in that video. Somebody last year used a drone to take aerial video of one of the drift days at that section. I can't find right now, but I recall it looked in pretty bad shape too, and that was just last year. I may be wrong, and that section might be sufficiently rubbered over now. Here's hoping.
  13. 2017 Season-Changes

    Pfffft. I used to get FTD all the time when I had my Civic with a rack full of amplifiers filling up the entire trunk. And you guys are worried about a tire iron & jack?
  14. 2017 Season-Changes

    I'll be showing up to the Gimli event (if there is one), and the RRX event (if there is one). My usual two-event appearances these days, get FTD and embarrass you all like I always do when I show up, then go home a winner.
  15. 2016 Fall Drive

    Agreed. Great weather, great roads. Fun drive as always.