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  1. It's not the car. Driving better + better tires = the secret to better times at AutoX. Save your money.
  2. Damn, good turnout. Can't wait for the spring drive now.
  3. So how was the drive? I so badly wanted to go, but life/kids took priority in the end. Any photos?
  4. Awesome. Nice to see it revived. Gonna try and make it... One last hurrah before the winters go on the car.
  5. Haha I'm not so sure about that, boys... In 5 or 10 years time, that puts us near 2030. By then, I bet driving fossil fuel-powered cars will be prohibitively expensive because governments will continue to shove electric cars down our throats.
  6. So they finally released the details on it... https://driving.ca/chevrolet/corvette/features/feature-story/motor-mouth-mid-engine-corvette-c8-stingray 0-60mph in under 3 seconds, mid-engined V8 for less than $70,000 CDN? Why would anybody bother with Boxsters and Caymans now, when this thing has Lambo Huracan performance? This thing will be a game-changer. I can totally see dealerships having huge wait-lists and massive dealer markups on price. But still, that price-vs-performance point is ridiculous compared to any of the competition.
  7. Spring booster = huge increase in fuel consumption (allegedly). I don't have one myself, but from everything I've read (for BMWs at least), you eat fuel like crazy since the car is constantly revving so high, from the illusion of it being faster under your right foot.
  8. I'd be down for a drive like always. We have a great time every year. Hopefully we get a few more cars out this time. The past few years it's been just a few of us, which is fine of course, but the more the merrier.
  9. The other thing that just occurred to me, is that the original poster says that the car is fairly new... Pretty much all newer cars have side and/or curtain airbags as standard. I can see a roll cage getting in the way of the airbags functioning properly. Not sure if that factors into MPI's reasoning, but I can understand it if it does.
  10. Nish's GT-R ran in the 10's when we took it to the drags... Some stock cars can do those times.
  11. Oh man... a blow-through turbo on a carb? I can see that being a complete jetting/fueling nightmare to get running properly.
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