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  1. I don't think a paid service is the answer. What I think should be stressed is: a: The importance of course walks. b: If you're a rookie, it should be in your best interest to drive the track slowly to ensure that you don't DNF, and recollect the course from your walks. Over the years I recall seeing so many rookies come out, thinking "I got this", then hit the course hot-dogging it only to DNF every run. No rookie is ever going to set a record or impress the veterans right off the hop... So take it slow, and you won't need a "taxi", so to speak.
  2. Do a better job so you don't have so many complaints. Done and done.
  3. I think I'll also come out to the 2nd Gimli event to see what all the fuss is about, and see if that end of the runway (which was crap 12+ years ago) is as good as you all say it is now. And I'll destroy you all with my FTD in the process.
  4. You can't compare a drive to work on public roads to racing on a crappy (or not crappy) surface. You can actively dodge potholes and other junk on city streets, and you're not driving balls-out on city streets where a bumpy surface would cause the most damage. Apples and oranges as far as I'm concerned. I think what Nish is getting at is that if you destroy a dedicated race car, you still have another car to drive you to work in the morning. Destroying your daily driven street car on a shi!tty surface while racing would be a much larger and costlier inconvenience.
  5. I'm strongly considering this... AutoX on a nice big lot with no marshaling?! What's not to love? I'd also love to do the HPDE/lapping. Brainerd looks like a really nice circuit. If we can get a convoy from here heading down, that would be awesome.
  6. Sooooo is anybody interested in a spring drive this year? Has anybody thought about this or considered a route (Pete or Jim perhaps?)
  7. Frankly, I think marshaling is to blame for this accident. Dead car on the track, basically on the racing line, and everyone is still going full-tilt around it. Why were there no yellow flags well in advance to slow down the traffic? Who's the hell was running that race?
  8. Keeping #68 please. Kosta F. Renewed and paid, Member #1622
  9. I read about that this morning. I don't blame him for not wanting to drive that piece of sh!t Honda-powered McLaren...
  10. Yeah, that unused part of the runway is pretty brutal. Haha nice classic video, Nish.. I'm holding on for dear life in that video. Somebody last year used a drone to take aerial video of one of the drift days at that section. I can't find right now, but I recall it looked in pretty bad shape too, and that was just last year. I may be wrong, and that section might be sufficiently rubbered over now. Here's hoping.
  11. Pfffft. I used to get FTD all the time when I had my Civic with a rack full of amplifiers filling up the entire trunk. And you guys are worried about a tire iron & jack?
  12. I'll be showing up to the Gimli event (if there is one), and the RRX event (if there is one). My usual two-event appearances these days, get FTD and embarrass you all like I always do when I show up, then go home a winner.
  13. Agreed. Great weather, great roads. Fun drive as always.
  14. I remember reading about this a couple of years ago actually. It's strict German laws that BMW (and the other automakers) have to follow when recycling unsold cars. Something about how if a model year passes, they are no longer allowed to sell these cars, and they must be recycled. The have gigantic facilities and huge workforces that are strictly for dismantling and recycling unsold cars. They were basically legislated into doing this.
  15. Wtf's wrong with that Fiat?