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  1. Mr.Plow

    Our 2018 Title Sponsor announcement

    Good to hear! Good luck this year...
  2. CLD security will be a little more organized this year. Thought we lost a car last year. But the thief hit snow bank on way out and got stuck. We ask you to leave keys in all cars, just encase a pursuit may be required.
  3. Mr.Plow

    Update: Jordan

    Team CLD wishes you speedy recovery! Get well soon and get that rocket fixed up.
  4. Mr.Plow

    2017 Licence Renewal

    Oh yeah! I remember now. Thanks
  5. Mr.Plow

    2017 Licence Renewal

    Can the MSR Licence be renewed online or mail in only?
  6. Looking for place to renew Membership/License for 2017 ice racing season. What are the steps to be taken? Thanks
  7. Mr.Plow

    Great Gimli Weekend

    Great video! Thanks for sharing! on that note is there anybody who might have video of car 34 passing car 36 for the second place finish! Car 36 really should re-live the footage! Lol Great weeken to everbody involved Huge thank you from team CLD! .
  8. Mr.Plow

    Oh I Understand Now!

    I love the "Theres a race going on but your not in it"! Lol
  9. Mr.Plow

    portage event

    Was a awesome weekend. Great job to everyone involved.
  10. If anybody has some scrap fire wood kicking around, please bring some to the races. We always have a warm up fire pit going for all to use and enjoy. But were running low on wood! Neighbours caught me cutting their bush up. The more wood the bigger the fire! Thanks all Team 34,35,36,37,06
  11. Mr.Plow

    2016 Championship Points!

    Car 34 was not second in race 2 Just a question on the way scoring is. Why not earn 1 point per spot? If 10 cars race and you finish fith, you get 5 points. Same for every other position.
  12. Mr.Plow

    Shark Fins

    Car 34 as well please. Bases and number plates for 34,36,37 Thanks
  13. Mr.Plow


    Got it. Thanks All good!
  14. Mr.Plow


    Yup, its getting closer by the day! Any chance of getting a tire rule settled?