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  1. hope to be back next year 34,36,37 had my r/h done yesterday should be good next year carpel tunnel
  2. I would like to attend but I am out of town that weekend. peter cld
  3. I wanted to get some feed back from the other drivers on the track design. I know this is just my 2 cents but I really liked it. There was not a long open stretch that allowed more power full cars to pull on you. This made every driver grind out a win. This weekend was a lot of fun it was competitive we all stuck together on the track and battled it out. At the end of the enduro, I let Al get by me, I know it would be too crushing for him to lose to me. j/k Al, Just to keep Al in the rear view mirror for anything more than two laps was a win for me.
  4. We picked up two $25 tim Horton cards so if some one else has another card with felt pen writing double check your card. We picked them up in Gimli. Let us know if there is a issue. If they screwed up one they may have screwed up the other. thanks Peter CLD
  5. Hi Don Sorry about this, it looks like this may be from our side, can you call Marlene at 795 7233. She will double check her receipt. Will get this fixed up. Thank you to the volunteers, this would not be possible with out your time.
  6. If things go ok Saturday, I should have a set of BR\s for fronts and primes fro the back if someone from RTI wants to run the enduro on sunday. You might as well break that cv shaft now instead of first race next year.
  7. will be there with our luxury on ice accommodations, just finished a chimney inspection on the RV. We will keep an eye out on the cars overnight if racers wanted to leave the cars.
  8. you look like your ready for a 20 point front end inspection.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdmlSMVHm74 here is a well done video from saturday
  10. The temperature will be just right, Gimli is always colder than any where else. We will be giving rides out afterwards no problem. car 34,36,37. As usual we will be camping on the ice in our "high end camper", fell free to leave your stuff on the ice, we will watch it. Also Gimli is a pretty safe town. From our group, I want to thank, all the volunteers for giving up your time to do this. Sincerely Peter car 36
  11. Yes, he is a failure not a option kind of guy.
  12. made todays Winnipeg sun web page http://www.winnipegsun.com/videos/4767622826001
  13. So are we in agreement and changing this, speak now or forever hold your piece. lol
  14. 1380Km sounds interesting, my camper would probably go thru a cord of wood to get there?
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