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  1. piston_honda

    April 29 commentary

    Lesson learned today: - Running into the wind for cones really sucks. Awesome event. The Club is about 10x more amazing than what I recall from 2007! As always, great volunteer group, good equipment, well organized, etc.
  2. piston_honda

    2018 Permanent Number List

    Scott Amano Membership 7062 Number 8 Thanks
  3. piston_honda

    Oct 1

    Great to see everyone on Sunday! Especially those I started out with! I recall the club being well organized and operated when I left Winnipeg in 2007. Now I see it has evolved in a very positive way since then. Even the forum! I wish my return from "retirement" was more "John Wick" like but I'm happy and had fun.
  4. piston_honda

    Car Classing Guide + Help Thread

    LOL. I'll do my best to represent. The nut behind the wheel is a little rusty.
  5. piston_honda

    Car Classing Guide + Help Thread

    None. Pure stock Honda goodness.
  6. piston_honda

    Car Classing Guide + Help Thread

    Hello All, after a four year absence from autocross, I am planning an appearance this Sunday. I have a 2017 Honda Civic Type R and I think it is D Stock but I'm not 100% sure. I've done some searching but was unable to find anything conclusive. Is DS correct? Thanks
  7. Sorry more folks from Winnipeg can't make it. I was hoping to reconnect!Plus I wanted to see Tim demonstrate this strange concept called tork?
  8. piston_honda

    Direzza ZII

  9. piston_honda

    Direzza ZII

    Locally, the ZII seems to be fast right out of the box on other cars. If they get better, I think I bought the wrong tires!
  10. piston_honda

    Direzza ZII

    Mounted my BS RE-11As on Thursday. Autocross today. 6 runs on a 50 second course. Dusty concrete parking lot surface. The first few runs (and 100+ km drive to Red Deer) I think would have taken most of the release agent off.I have run Dunlop Starspec and Hankook RS-3 in the past and my car was always a touch loose even with the front end set to full stiff. With the RE-11A, after a few runs, I found the car was pushing all over the place. It was weird. The back end felt quite planted and the front end understeered. It was weird behavior I have not experienced in my S2K. Kind of like a FWD. Could be related to the "newness" of the tires.I started softening the front bar and shocks and experienced less understeer but it was noticeably there. I may try the next event with the front end at full soft to see what happens. Weird.
  11. piston_honda

    Direzza ZII

    Just had a set of RE-11A's installed on my STR S2000. Fingers crossed that they like the cold pavement of Alberta.
  12. piston_honda

    Direzza ZII

    Um, Wray I will believe this statement if you actually show up for an autocross this summer.
  13. piston_honda

    Direzza ZII

    Whoa, I am late to this thread. Magner - thanks for posting the comments from Lugod. I haven't replaced my RS-3s yet but looks like I have some great choices.I wonder if the BFG and BS work well on Alberta's cooler pavement with a single driver car?
  14. piston_honda

    Runaway Lexus kills 4

    http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/744307Here we go again!
  15. piston_honda

    Runaway Lexus kills 4

    More likely Sikes decided not to sue when his lawyer informed him of all the holes in his account. Way to take the high road, Mr. Sikes!