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  5. Josh Peters - 6326 Renewing number 25
  6. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO RESERVE A NUMBER FOR 2018 YOU MUST FIRST RENEW OR APPLY FOR A WSCC ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP ON MOTORSPORTS REG. Instructions on how to renew or apply for an annual WSCC membership can be found at the below link: 2018 Permanent Number Rules: Every year we allow WSCC members to reserve a "permanent" number to use while competing in autoslalom. Once you get a number, you have the opportunity to renew your claim on it every year before it is released. This is the official claim-your-number thread for 2018.Here are the rules: You must be a CURRENT 2018 WSCC member to reserve a number. If you have not renewed your membership for 2018, please do so before requesting a number ( See instructions above ). Only numbers 1-99 can be reserved. All holds (in italic) will be released on April 28, 2018. Numbers will be available on a first come first served basis to anyone holding a valid 2018 WSCC Membership. (no calling dibs for numbers pending renewal) Unused numbers (those without a name beside them) can be claimed at any time. If you don't plan to autocross this year it would be appreciated that you do not reserve a number since we are running low on numbers for participants that do not have reserved numbers. Remember! Reserving your number will now allocate it to you for all events. Your number will not be available to other competitors even if you are not at the event. How to claim a number: Renewals: Post your membership number and full name with your intent in this thread. First Timers: Post your full name and/or WSCC member number along with your desired car number. 2018 Permanent Number List Entries that have been confirmed will be bolded. All entries in Italic not claimed by April 28, 2018 will be released. Please PM me if you have any questions. 1 - William Malenki 2 - 3 - Ben Vander Zaag 4 - Garrett Wisnewski 5 - 6 - Derrick Pelletier 7 - Shawn Clarke 8 - Zachary Clapa 9 - Nathanael Moir 10 - Lawrence Baltus 11 - Noel Mattson 12 - Brian Turko 13 - Corey Matthews 14 - Tim Robinson 15 - Dale Kemp 16 - Jeremy Sparling 17 - Nick Hybschmann 18 - 19 - 20 - Andre Lussier 21 - 22 - Leo Chkouro 23 - JT Letkeman 24 - 25 - Josh Peters 26 - Beau Maryniuk 27 - Maxim Ialivciuc 28 - 29 - 30 - Faik Avdirramani 31 - Anthony Tarnowski 32 - 33 -Jeremy Choy 34 - 35 - Charles Friesen 36 - Keith Buffie 37 - 38 - 39 - Stefan Ozog 40 - 41 - 42 - Chris Deacon 43 - Korey Patey 44 - Marc Normandeau 45 - Carlos C. 46 - 47 - Chris Magne 48 - 49 - Jeff Couch 50 - Joe Premecz 51 - 52 - 53 - 54 - Hendrix Deleon 55 - John Du 56 - 57 - Chris Boettcher 58 - 59 - 60 - Curtis J 61 - 62 - 63 - Devin James 64 - Jeff Munro 65 - Brian Wiebe 66 - Jim Antosko 67 - Ross Hesom 68 - Kosta Fliangos 69 - Mark Sawatsky 70 - 71 - Allan Ball 72 - Karl Schnablegger 73 - 74 - 75 - Brendon Rebillard 76 - Matthew Vosper 77 - Michelle Price 78 - Mike Woo 79 - 80 -Jasvir Ghattora 81 - Robert Reynolds 82 - Trevor Burtenshaw 83 - 84 - 85 - 86 - 87 - 88 - Nishanna Gunasekera 89 - Chris Taggar 90 - 91 - 92 - Matt Foderaro 93 - Corey Dyck 94 - Graham Kurbis 95 - Peter Muangxong 96 - 97 - 98 - Ryan James 99 - Wayne C
  7. I'll likely be available for at least one day but not quite sure which one yet.
  8. Write off ratio

    Sort of depends on the vehicle/situation. If the cost to repair (minus the value of salvage) is higher than the ACV (actual cash value) of the vehicle just before the loss, it will in most cases be written off. Other factors include parts availability and loss of use costs.
  9. Jared, please direct those who need memberships to the following link The one posted is out of date
  10. 2018 Membership Process - MSR

    I'm going to ask we keep this thread for questions and feedback for the MSR registration process. I'll create a thread in the exec section where we can discuss further.
  11. 2018 Membership Process - MSR

    Yes, this was discussed at both the September and October meetings when I went over the MSR registration system.
  12. As some may already know, for the 2018 season the WSCC has consolidated its purchasing and renewing of memberships onto the Motorsportreg.com (MSR) platform. This is an online management system that we will use to manage both memberships and event registration. We have discontinued all other forms of renewal/registration, all new memberships and renewals will flow through MSR. The idea behind this consolidation was to make the registration process easier to manage for our members and our executive, while allowing integration with the platform the WSCC is now using for all event registration. I hope you will all find this to be quick and easy to use. The system is quite simple and has the ability to notify you of upcoming events both from the WSCC and with your geographic area. It will also store your personal, vehicular and payment, information if you choose to do so. The membership purchasing and renewal steps are as follows: 1) Log on to www.motorsportreg.com using your internet browser or smartphone. 2) If you already have an MSR account, click "Sign In". If you do not have an account, click "Create Free Account". Both are located in the top right hand corner. 2a) If you do not already have an MSR account and clicked "Create Free Account" - Complete the account creation pages making sure to fill in the required fields marked with a red asterisk. You should see two pages, the first taking your name and email, the second collecting some additional useful information for your MSR profile. Hit the continue button at the bottom to complete your account creation. 3) You will now be on the "Dashboard" page of your MSR account. The "Upcoming Events" section automatically list events that are within your geographic region. This is the default landing page when you log into your MSR account. Locate the event "WSCC Annual Membership - 2018" and click that link. 4) You are now at the membership renewal event, hit the red continue button until you arrive at the box where you can enter your current WSCC membership number. If you are a new member and do not have a number, leave this blank. Hit continue once again at the bottom. 5) Enter the required information as noted by the red asterisks down the page. Choose either new membership or renewal and enter your existing WSCC membership number once again if applicable. Select "Membership Fee" for $50. If you are a lifetime or honorary member, please select only the "Lifetime or Honorary Member" option. Check the boxes under the privacy statement and the acceptance of the cancellation terms and conditions and hit the red continue button once more 6) This screen will ask you to confirm your payment. It should display $50 for regular members and $0 for lifetime/honorary members. Enter your credit card details if applicable and hit the red complete registration button. 7) You are now complete and have registered for the 2018 season. Your credit card may not be charged right away as all registrations must be reviewed and approved by the membership director. Once reviewed your card will be charged and your status will be updated to reflect the valid registration. If you do not have a WSCC membership already, you will receive a membership number at this time. Direct link to the membership event - https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/wscc-annual-membership-2018-winnipeg-sports-car-club-498077 If you have any issues with the membership process or any questions, please contact me at - membership.wscc@gmail.com. Pictures will accompany these instructions later on in December when I have some time to put that all together. FAQ's about the new process: Will I receive a laminated membership card? No, we are no longer issuing these as membership information and numbers are now stored digitally on MSR. What about walk up or paper registrations? We have discontinued both of these options. With the prevalence of smartphones and being able to register digitally on site, we are asking everyone to utilize the MSR webpage via a smartphone or laptop and register there. You are able to register from a smartphone while on site at Gimli. Should a individual not have access to an internet enabled device, they can purchase a daily membership for $10 or ask to borrow a smartphone from another person on site. Further questions and answers will be posted as they are asked.
  13. Event #17, Sep 30

    That's not the only thing Corey struggled with yesterday...
  14. Promoting autocross

    I get what you're saying here and agree with the idea of not wanting to turn away racers we need, but this isn't our biggest issue. I've turned away at most a handful of people for being late the whole season and when I do I make sure to explain why and encourage them to come back for the next event. One of the things I'm going to propose we try next year is implement a late fee and do a bulk late registration at say 10:30. This allows me time to get my car prepped and manage late entrants at the same time.