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  1. Keep in mind the autopac positions in brokerages are usually very entry level and can be staffed by people fresh to insurance. I'd recommend calling MPI directly with any questions.
  2. Not an MPI rep but this is correct that a vehicle with wheels on the ground needs a plate if being on a tow dolly or flat towed. If on temp insurance it should be "safety-able" but they don't really enforce this from what I've seen.
  3. Haven't tried everything on the list but here's my input
  4. http://wscc.motorsportreg.com/ Should be the first link on that page Let me know if that works for you
  5. Josh Peters 6326 Renewing #25 Thanks for taking this on Brian
  6. Nhil

    Used harness

    Awesome, I'll grab it at WOW. Thanks!
  7. Nhil

    Used harness

    Looking for a used harness, 4 or 5 point, can be expired. Just something to be occasionally used for a passenger seat.
  8. I have had a few questions about where to find your membership number which is now included in the FAQ. Where can I see my membership number? Go to "My Profile" at the top right of the MSR page. Click on your name and scroll down to see a list of all memberships and your associated membership number.
  9. I had a good experience with RE71's on my S2000. Multiple hot lapping days with 20+ laps per day, plus some autoslalom. I ran them for 2 seasons, probably 150-ish laps on the old Gimli surface and a dozen or so autoslalom events. Now the car was rarely street driven other than driving to and from events and it's a fairly light car to begin with so your mileage might vary. They did not like the heat as much as I would have liked, which I imagine would only get worse on a heavier car. They had about 5-7 laps in them before they needed to cool off. I switched to Maxxis VR-1's and liked how those handled heat. Good amounts of grip when hot but they really lacked the cold bite the RE71's had, not sure I'd recommend them for autoslalom. I think you'll end up needing to make a compromise as I've yet to see a tire that excels at both autoslalom and track driving.
  10. Jim, do you know if this will be incorporated into safety inspections?
  11. If anyone hasn't seen this, NASA has a link to an online calculator which makes confirming class pretty simple. https://form.jotform.com/drivenasa/st-tt-car-classification-form
  12. Updated, thanks for catching this
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