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  1. May be out for this year as I have bought a house in southern Ontario and have a lot to do to get my house ready to sell. I may be able to get a couple of events in.
  2. For small jobs I have used the shop on Logan across from Cantor's a couple of times. They have a huge assortment of remnants and offer very good prices. Did you know there is a variety of granite called Lac du Bonnet?
  3. Yes, Coldspring Granite in Lac du Bonnet. They installed my counters and then had to pull them out again due to a mistake make by the cabinet installer. Did a perfect job both times. You can choose your slab onsite too.
  4. Check this out! https://www.facebook.com/UMSAEFormula/photos/a.138188869583367.26424.137659042969683/1128347750567469/?type=3&theater
  5. Sold!
  6. Details here: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?requestSource=b&adId=1215465938
  7. Made in Wisconsin by an outboard drag boat racer. Very accurate and lightly used. Was US$165 new. $100 OBO.
  8. I have a plan for the ladder, ground spikes (already have 'em) plus a safety cable from the frame to the lowest rung. Joe, that is why the case is distorted, no doubt.
  9. Pretty meaningless given that: Were both weights the same? No qualifier or testing shown. What is the alloy used in those two tubes? It mentioned mild steel but there are a lot of different mild steels. Depending on the alloys used the manufacturing processes for each would result in different amounts of work hardening during processing. And harder is not always better!
  10. Their website has been dead for at least a month. Any inside info?
  11. The blox I supplied are the best there is. They contain a dessicant that stop the mice from smelling once dead so don't worry about that. The batteries were almost fully charged according to my hydrometer and were not at all low on water, meaning they were not at all overcharged. I do think that they may be getting hot as there is no ventilation at all in their enclosure. If anyone knows someone with a louvre die perhaps we could add some ventilation to the box.
  12. I have a partial pail of Contract Blox I will give away. Edit: Just checked and they have gone rancid. I will bring some Final Blox, they work the best.
  13. I can be there by 10.